One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


8. He finds out you're ticklish.

Niall: He moves his hand to your knee, just to give it a reassuring squeeze when you let out a giggle. You both look into each other's eyes in shock. "No, no, please no!" you protest moving away from him, but his grin tells you he won't back down as he moves towards you, lunging towards you to find any other ticklish spots you may have.

Harry: The two of you had just gotten home after a long night of trying to resist each other in public. The moment gets very heated and once you get to the bedroom he grabs your sides to throw you onto the bed when you break away from the kiss to let out a laugh. He stops immediately and repeats his actions until he has you in tears, begging for mercy.

Louis: He never knew for sure whether you were ticklish or not so one day he snuck up behind you, attacking at your sides. He has you writhing on the the ground begging him to stop and when he does he kisses you on the nose and you take this chance to return the tickling. 

Zayn: "Babe, are you ticklish?" he asks you randomly one day. "No," you quickly lie. He moves to grab at your sides and you jump, giving yourself away. You run around the house trying to escape him but he eventually catches you and pins you to the ground to tickle your sides. 

Liam: You're watching a movie together and he wraps his arm around your waist, accidentally touching the most ticklish spot on your body. You tense up and let out a giggle, he repeats this action just once saying "That'll come in handy later." as he continues to pull you in to cuddle. 

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