Another Chance

All Brylee wants is a second chance.


1. Brylee

I'm Brylee. I'm 17 years old and my life is probably the most fucked up world you'll ever experience. My mom is kinda a hoe. She sleeps around with guys for no goddamned reason. My mom is 29. She had me when she was really young. My dad, married my mom when she was 20. They divorced when they she was 23. I'm an only child, no brothers or sisters. My dad I'm pretty sure does cocaine and ecstasy. I'm not pretty sure I'm completely sure. He looks like he's 40 when he's only 31. 

Where do I stay? I sleep under the bleachers of my high school. There are multiple reasons why.

1. My mom brings a new guy home every night and I don't want to hear them have sex.

2. My dad does drugs and I don't want to smell them.

3. It's quiet.

I have a phone. My mom pays for it since she makes 'so much' money from'job'. It's the original IPhone. I have my school books in my locker and I do my homework at the library. I have a blanket and 2 pillows. One for my head and the other for my back. 

My best friend is Dylan. He's knows about everything. 

It's May, and prom is coming up soon. Guess who doesn't have a date?



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