I'm...different. Most people are out to kill me.
And not in the classic cat-fight way.
Like, with a knife, or gun.

Jake is my only friend.

I trust no one.

This is what the mark (#) has given me.

The group of people I belong to are hunted, killed for things we do not know. Just because you possess special powers doesn't mean you are evil, right?

I sure as heck hope not.

This is what I am.

I, Fire Rose, am an Allure.


3. Chapter Tree. Ha. Tree. :]

I have ten minutes to type as much as I can before dance. Good thing I wrote it down before. :]



When we reach the sight, I take a look at the map directions.

"This is where it ends?"

"Yeah." I whisper. I look over the cliff to my right. There is something important here. I know it, and I'm going to find it.

"Well there's nothing here. Let's g-" Jake starts.

"No!" Jake turns to look at me. "I mean. . .look at how pretty it is!" I say with an unconvincing look.

"Let's go." He mouths.  I sigh.

"Okay." Even though we leave today, I know I'll be back. Then it hite me. "Wait Jake." He looks down at me from his horse, me having jumped down.

"Yes Lady Fire?"

"Don't call me that." I shrug off my jacket and throw it at him. "Tell Sire Goat that I'll be back in a few days."

"No!" He shrugs off his jacket and hangs both on a tree. "You know I'm coming." I smile as he jumps off his horse, tying her to the tree next to mine. I grab his hand. We stand on the edge.


"We're jumping?!"

"No fear, no worries right?"

"Right." He gulps.  I grin.


"Two." I close my eyes and Jake puts my hair behind my ear, a common gesture for him, used to calm me down.

"Three." I whisper. Before I know it, I'm off the cliff, freefalling before we hit the water witha  huge splash.




"Fire?! Fire?!" My head pops above the water. Jake keeps yelling.

"Jake?" I swim in circles, searching for his head. Then I hear the sound of a horses hooves, clicking against the rocks.


"Jake! We need to get out of here! They heard the-"

"The splash I know." He pops up next to me. I squeal and fall back in the water.  He chuckles, swimming to the bank.  I follow. When I get there, the hooves are closer. Jake grabs my face in his hands.

"Are you okay? You alright?"

"Yes, Jake! We don't have time for this!" I whisper. He nods.

"Right." I grab his wet hand and run towards the trees, my sopping wet clothes dragging me down. I hear the hooves speed up, hearing our footsteps in the brush.  I sprint faster, pulling Jake behind a rock and hold my breath.

"Don't move. Don't." I whisper. Jake nods and squeezes my hand. When the hooves stop I slowly close my eyes, feeling the men close. They jump down and I breath out slowly.

"Spread out. Find the Lovebirds. Bring them to me." Demeetrie.  I hear all of his guards mumble as they spread out. Jake turns to me and I smile.

"ou wish." I whisper. He rolls his eyes at the thought of being Lovebirds. Suddenly there's a rustle in the bushes to my right. Jake taps my shoulder and a shiver runs through me.

"I know." I whisper. Jake closes his eyes and we both hold our breath. I slowly roll my head to look at where the noise came from. A pair of bright green, yet dark, eyes blink at me from the brush. I gasp and suddenly the eyes move slower. I feel Jake release my hand. A boy, our age, with black hair and those bright bright eyes, is suddenly sitting next to me.

"Who are you?!"

"Do you want to die today?!" I shake my head, his deep voice sending a weird sensation through my stomach. The same I got when Jake touched me. "Good. Then shut up."

Oh, boy.

I hear Jake laugh a little from my left. I elbow him and we fall silent.

"I'm going to get you out of this." The boy whispers. "Stay safe Angel." The next thing I nkow, the guards are screaming and the boy is gone.


I stand and Jake scouts the perimeter.

"Clear." He yells. I follow his voice back to the beach. He is half in the water, cleaning something off his shoulder. I move closer and he spins around.

"Are you okay?"


"You're hurt." I mumble.

"It's nothing." By this time, I had waded back out and was inches from his face. I pull down his sleeve and groan.

"That's bad Jake." His whole shoulder is raw, and his shirt bloody. He smiles.

"Falling off a cliff isn't as bad as when you fell off that ten story balcony."

"It was 12. And I jumped Jake."

"Ah." He says with a wink. I roll my eyes and grab his unhurt arm.

"Just let me fix your damn shoulder."




After I get a fire going and grab the fabric I had in my backpack to wrap around his wound, I sit next to Jake.

"Will the guards see the fire?"

"That's the whole point." I answer. "We will be gone before they get here."

"Alright." He sighs as I pull out one of my knives. "Are you going to cut out the gunk?" I laugh.

"No I'm just going to cut away your shirt."

"Why don't I just take it off?"

"I'll feel uncomfortable."

"Like you haven't seen my abs." He says with an eye roll.

"It's stuck to the blood.  I'll cut it free then you can take it off. I don't care."

"Yes Lady Fire." I hold up the knife and he flinches.

"Don't be scared."

"I've seen what you can do to someone with one of those." I look down.

"I wouldn't do any of those things to you. You're my best friend. Alright?" He is grinning when I look up.

"I'm proud to be it too." I push him playfully, smiling.

I start to cut away the shirt. After I cut it off his shoulder he tries to pull off the shirt. I can only imagine how bad it hurts. He doesn't complain once, keeping a straight face though. I lean against the tree and close my eyes. The wind blows the hair into my eyes and the grass is soft and warm against my skin.

"Should I wash it off?" I look up, opening my eyes. Jake is rubbing his shoulder.

"Don't do that!" I yelp, jumping up. I grab his arm hear his unhurt shoulder and he grins.  I roll my eyes and grab his shirt.  I quickly run to the lake, watching my step, and watching for horses. About an hour has passes since they were here last and since I saw the green eyed boy, but I still need my precautions.

Who was that guy anyway?

I had been thinking about it a lot lately, but can't get any leads as to who might want to help me. I am feared. And he called me Angel.

I've never had a nickname before.

Well, not one that I've liked at least.

But I don't like this nickname either, I didn't even know the kid!


I rub the blood off of Jakes shirt, hoping he took the hint to clean off his shoulder without me watching. I might have killed several people, tortured a few, but I still don't like seeing the people who are close to me hurt.

And the only person close to me is Jake.

So more worrying for him.

I jog back and set his shirt down.

"Does it hurt?" I ask as I turn back towards Jake. Luckily, he realized what I was implying. The shoulder is cleaned. As well as it is going to get anyway.

"No Fire. It feels great." I grin at his sarcasm and grab the cloth from my backpack.  I wrap it around his arm. It's bright white and will stand out in our surroundings. 

Almost as bright as that boys eyes.

Stop Fire, it was nothing. He just didn't know you and acted out of kindness. Probably some hobo who lives in the woods. Maybe he didn't finish Dread School, or got caught for something. I don't know.

Jake sighs.

"Stop complaining and hand me an arrow." He reaches for his arrows in his backpack and hands me one.  I break the end off, throwing it into the fire, keeping the head. Jake tries to run after the other piece.  I push him back down. His muscle relaxes underneath my touch, and he sits back down on the log.  I grin.

"You ruined a damn good arrow."

"Shut up." I stick it through the cloth to hold it and stand up. "I'm going to put out the fire."

"Can you toss me my shirt?" I throw it at him rolling my eyes.  He laughs a little. A real, genuine Jake laugh. I haven't heard one of those in a long time. I put out the fire and push away the feeling someone's watching us.  I look up towards the sky.  A column of smoke is still hanging up there.

"Jake they're coming."

"You think I care?" I grin.

"What are you thinking about that's more important than your life, enough to make you not care?"

"You." I turn at him with a blush and confusion all over my face. He laughs again.

That Jake laugh.

Get's me everytime.

"I'm just kidding Lady Fire. Well, not all the way. Partly."

"What do you mean?"

"I hear YOU talking to Geo. You screamed at him. Something about 'back'?"

"You want to know why?"

"Yeah, it would be nice." I hear a small bit of worry in his voice. I walk to him and sit down. He puts an arm around me and I lay my head on his unharmed shoulder. He leans his head on mine.

"He asked where we went two nights ago."

"How did he know?! We were more careful than we've ever been!"

"I don't know."

"What did you say?!"


"Ah, that's what that word means."
"Do you remember that boy we met? In the castle?"

"With the dark hair?"

"I think he got away, and came out here. Demeetrie must have though we were using him to help us. Well, he did  help,  but not planned."

"You think it was the same boy? The one that helped us distract the guards the first round?"

"Yes. He looked like it. And he wasn't there the second time we went."

"You mean he wasn't there yesterday?"

"No, that's why-" Jake sits up. I stop mid-sentence and look up. Something comes out of the bushes.

"Just go back to that position. It was cute Lovebirds."

"Give it a break Demeetrie." Jake says through gritted teeth. I grin and Demeetrie winks at me.

"So, who was the boy?"

"Ha! Wow Fire you're good at figuring things out!" Jake laughs. I laugh with him.

"I know!" Then I remember Demeetrie and pause. "We don't know what you're talking about."

"He left." I turn to Jake and hit his arm.

"Really Jake?!"

"What?! We can trust Demeetrie!"

"Not when he's on army duty!"

As I said, our relationship wih Demeetrie is complicated. He practically lives two lives.

I groan and thump my head onto Jake's shoulder. He laughs into my hair. His breath is warm on the top of my head. Demeetrie suddenly grabs my arm.

"What are you doing?!" I yell, pulling my arm out of his grip. He knows not to touch me while he's my enemy.

"Listen to me, Fire. He's bleeding out and you know it." He whispers fast into my ear Jake stands up. "You should let me take him back to camp. He could end up like roadkill, with vultures, and the sun. He won't live long out here. Let me take him Fire." I notice my hands shaking in my lap.  He knows exactly where to hit me. I look at Demeetrie.

"Okay." I whisper. Demeetrie grabs Jake.

"Get off me!" He pushes him away.

"Jake calm down! He's taking you back so you can get better."

"Fire! You know he's lying, deep down I know you know he's lying! Don't let him!" I look down as he carries Jake away.

"Fire! Come on! Fire! You need to let me protect you Fire!" And he's instantly quiet.






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