I'm...different. Most people are out to kill me.
And not in the classic cat-fight way.
Like, with a knife, or gun.

Jake is my only friend.

I trust no one.

This is what the mark (#) has given me.

The group of people I belong to are hunted, killed for things we do not know. Just because you possess special powers doesn't mean you are evil, right?

I sure as heck hope not.

This is what I am.

I, Fire Rose, am an Allure.


4. Chapter Four

I sigh and look down at my worn boots, mud caking them. I hear horses hooves clicking towards camp, taking the hills to the west. I sigh, thinking about Jake on Demeetrie's horse, mad that I let him take him.

I'm almost mad at myself for letting him trick me into it.

I'm sorry Jake.

I hope he's not out of range, hope he can hear me.

I'm sorry too.

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm sorry for believing you wouldn't let him trick you.

I sigh, not having an answer for that, and knowing we can't carry out a conversation when we will be out of range and moment now. I pick up my backpack, and my knife, still covered in Jake's blood.  And then I look to the west, remembering camp. Hoping Jake will know where to find me. I pull out my phone and take a snapshot of the map, and shove it back into my pocket.  I attach the map to a tree and circle the place I'm headed with my knife, drawing an arrow of where I am standing now.

Let's hope that's enough of a hint for him to find me when he escapes.




I push another branch to the side and keep walking, hoping nothing can hear me moving through the brush.  I have felt someone's, or something's, eyes on me the whole way.  I just brush off the feeling of danger and keep moving forward. That's all I can do at this point.

After walking for three hours,  I decide to take a rest.  I check my phone for a call or message from Jake, with no luck.  I then choose a good looking tree and climb up. I perch my backpack on a branch and then sit down on the one next to it. I sigh and lean my head back, listening for any sound of movement.

I secretly hope I hear footsteps, wondering if I'll see the boy again. Or maybe a deer I can shoot with Jake's bow and arrows he left behind. But a piece of me just wants to be alone. I haven't been unwatched since I was three, when they first found out I was an Allure.

My fingers graze over The Mark on my arm. It burns under my touch.  I am used to the pain my now, with the many people wanting to see it, or touch it.  They don't believe me when I tell them I am Fire Rose.

Because no one wants to meet Fire Rose.

I could run away right now, keep The Mark covered for the rest of my life, and start all over. But there's a problem with that. I have the eyes. The dreaded eyes that keep everyone I glance at away from me.

One green, one blue. Both dark as they can be without turning black. The eyes that can kill someone with one look.

My hand travels down the the ring around my finger on my right hand. It twirls it around, wondering if it actually works, as I have many times before. Jake gave the ring to me when we were younger, and I have never taken it off.  He said it would keep me safe, from anyone who wanted to hurt me. I was scared then. I am not even near as weak as I was back then.  I can uproot a tree if I wanted to now, and I'm getting stronger everyday. By the time I'm in my sixties, I should be able to knock one over with a breath of air.

I don't know why I was so scared.  I have accepted now that I am different.  I have Jake, and that's all I need. Besides my horse, who is now on top of this lonely piece of land. That makes me wonder where I am.

I didn't see any trees when we jumped.  Just water. Did I swim to the bank of a cave? No, trees don't grow in caves. I must have swam to the other side of the bank, where I couldn't see on the cliff. But how did Demeetrie and his guards get to us? They couldn't have traced us all the way down here when we jumped.

A tracking device?

He wouldn't have gotten away with it, Jake would have heard it.

Did I mention Jake is different too?

Jake has supersense. And he's fast. Superspeed. He hasn't figured out any of his other powers yet, but he will eventually.

Yes, Jake is a male Allure.

Male Allures are called Beguile.

If you look Allure and Beguile up in the dictionary as we did in Dread School, they mean to attract.

And trust me, Jake is attractive.

Jake is the last of his kind, and so am I. We have been hunted for years. Our kind is almost extinct, and we are the last. The last hope, the last seed. Last chance.

I hear a branch crack down below, a few feet away.  I pull my knife and swing down onto the branch below me. 

The boy.

We stare at each other, both holding knives, both waiting for the other to make the first move.  Then he does something I completely didn't expect. He puts his knife away and holds his hands up, grinning at me.

"What are you doing?" I growl at him.  He grins wider.

"Fire Rose, pleasure to meet you, finally."

"How do you know my name?" What a stupid question.  Everyone knows who I am.

"I think we both know the answer to that question."

"What are you doing following me?"

"Is that another one of your amazing powers? You can sense when someone is following you?" I narrow my eyes at him and lower my knife a bit, his hands still in the air. His cockiness frustrates me.

"No, it's human instinct."

"Ah, but you aren't human now are you?"  Alright, I have to admit, that pissed me off. I lunge at him, and he flips down.  He grips the branch I'm standing on, and spins, flipping in a barrel roll to land right behind me.  It lasts two seconds, I don't know how he can move that fast.

"How did you do that!?" I squeal, flipping around carefully on the branch.  He just shrugs.

"Human instinct."  I raise an eyebrow.

"Oh?" He just smiles that cocky smile.  That's when I notice the dimple on his right cheek. Right next to a tatto, half the size of a pea.

The Mark.

No, it can't be. It has to be a tattoo. It has to be. Only one way to find out.

Can you hear me?

Why would it matter? Human instinct remember?

I flinch at his deep voice in my head, almost falling off the branch, completely taken by surprise.  The tip of the right side of his mouth curls up, giving me a sinister smile. I narrow my eyes.

He's tricking you Fire. Don't believe him.  You're dreaming. A hallucination.

Oh trust me, it's not a hallucination, as much as I wish it was.

I jump again and this time fall off the branch.  I'm just about to flip to land on the branch below stabily, when he grabs my hand.

I'm suddenly back on the branch.

Less than one second.


I turn to confront him, but he's gone. All that's left is a knife, sitting at the base of the branch.




Yes, no, maybe so?


Hey babe.

Where are you!? You have to be close! Please tell me you're close.

Close, but not close enough. You up in a tree somewhere, nice and safe?

You know it. Where are you?

I have been walking for about an hour from the place you left the map.

Walking? Then how are you close enough to talk?

Alright, you're dreaming. I've been trying to reach you for hours on end now! What have you been doing?!

I might have...met up with our little friend in my tree.

The boy?! From the castle?!

It's not the same boy.

How do you know?

I don't remember him being this hot.

I mentally face palm. Idiot. Jake will obviously hate him now. And they haven't even met yet.


Sorry, that came out wrong.

Nawh, I get it. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I'll try and catch up. Walk slow?

Can't. I need to find that boy.

Be safe.

I will.


I shut my eyes again and go back to sleep.




Do you like it my Owlz?


I luf it.

It's awesome. And you will figure out what that boy is. . .

Could he be Beguile?

Or maybe there's another super race of people?


Lol Just kidding I can't remember what I wrote.

I wrote this a long time ago in a very old notebook.

That is almost ripped to shreds thanks to my dog. :P

Guess you'll have to find out.


Luf Yewh My Little Owlz(x
~$WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@

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