I'm...different. Most people are out to kill me.
And not in the classic cat-fight way.
Like, with a knife, or gun.

Jake is my only friend.

I trust no one.

This is what the mark (#) has given me.

The group of people I belong to are hunted, killed for things we do not know. Just because you possess special powers doesn't mean you are evil, right?

I sure as heck hope not.

This is what I am.

I, Fire Rose, am an Allure.


11. Chapter Eleven

Okay. Sorry, Cali/Sher. You were wrong.(;



April fools?

Does that even count anymore? BAHAHA. Whatevs.






As soon as Zak shuts and locks the door, we hear the familiar sound of hooves on the trail.

"Jake are we close to the trail to camp?"

"I don't know." He mumbles.  I sigh and Zak looks between us.

"Uhh, something going on?"

"We're being hunted by Demietree and his gaurds. Nothing big. Been avoiding it for as long as I remember." He nods. Suddenly the hooves become closer.

"They can't be that close..." starts Zak. Suddenly, a branch snaps to our right. We all freeze. I feel Jake and Zak both grab my arms. I pull them out of their grasp and hear another branch snap. "Shit." Whispers Zak. I whack his arm and he flinches.

"Stop right there!" Demietree comes out of the trees on his horse. Jake and I instantly put our hands up. Zak just lets out a small laugh.

"Zak? Jake?" Zak grins at me.

"Yes Lady Fire?"

"You know him?!" Squeals Demietree. Zak glares at him.  He glares back.

"Of course...he...he saved our lives..."

"Saved your lives? He is the enemy!" I look at Zak,  then back at Demietree.

"Run." I whisper. Demietree's eyebrows V in confusion.

"Wh-" But I've already bolted. Jake and Zak quickly catch up, just as I pick up my pace. I hear Demietree yelling orders through the woods.

"Where do we go?!" Yells Jake over the sound of hooves and brush breaking.

"I have a few ideas!" Yells back Zak. He pulls ahead. After about two more minutes, he makes a sharp right.  I skid and then follow. I watch as Zak moves up a tree easily. Branch after branch. I follow, and Jake comes up behind me. I look up to a massive basket in the tree. Zak jumps into it and instantly disappears. He reappears when he hears Demietree shout another order. He reaches out to grab my hand and hoists me up into the basket. Then he helps Jake in as I take in my surroundings.

It's a tall woven basket that is covered in brush to blend with the tree. A girl sits in the corner, my age, staring at us. We all sit in silence, staring at each other, until the hooves die down into nothing, headed in the opposite direction. I scrape a few more pieces off of a slingshot I've been working on from a branch above me with my knife. It falls to the basket below.

"Alright. Why are you hear and who are you running from?" Asks the girl. Her fiery bright blue eyes glare at Zak. He grins.

"Nice to see you again too, babe." Something inside me stirs at his comment. Almost like I want to punch him. What is that?!

"Now's not the time for small intorductions. I need to know if I can trust your friends or not." I tie on a large piece of rubber to the slingshot.

"You can trust them."

"How do I know that!?"

"I trust them." He mumbles, staring right at me. I grin small and stare down at the slingshot in my hands.

"I'll talk to you about it alone later." The girl mumbles. Zak looks back at her. I set the slingshot down and try to make conversation with the girl.

"I'm Fire. Nice to meet you." I hold out my hand. She glances at it for a second, thinking, then takes it, shaking slowly. I observe her face for suspicion. All I see is freckles.

"You too. Destiny."


There's another memory flooding into my head.

In the cafe from an earlier flash, is a girl, sitting in the corner, watching. Something in my mind registers her as one of my really close friends. She must be exactly like me. I look back to Zak talking to the waiter, then take another glance at her. She puts the paper down a small bit. Just under her nose. Her blue eyes and freckles flash at me.


I jolt back to reality. Jake is talking to Zak about food. Destiny stares at me, like she doesn't know what to do next.

"You've been up here  this whole time?"

"I wake up every morning and hike four miles out here from camp. I keep watch for guards. And people like you. And that dirtbag." She motions towards Zak. I grin.

"I feel like I know you from somewhere." I mumble.

"What? No I've never seen you before." I know she's lying.  There's a nervous flicker in her eyes. It lasts only a split second, but I spot it. I'm good at those things.

"No. You know me."

"I swear, I've never-"

"What are we going to do about shelter?" Asks Zak, moving towards us. He holds out his hands and pulls us both up. Jake scoffs.

"I don't know."

"I'm going back to camp. You aren't welcome." She whispers the last part, just loud enough to hear.

"I know I'm not welcome. Does that mean I follow the rule? Come on Destiny, you know me better than that." She rolls her eyes. I shove the slingshot into my pocket.

"I can get you past the gates. That's all I'm helping you with. You find your own tent. You find your own sleeping bags. You find your own food. That's it, and I mean it." She stares at him, him staring back. He grins after a few seconds.

"Of course." She pushes past him, bumping into his shoulder as she walks by. She swiftly cat-jumps out of the basket and swings to the branch below us. Jake follows. I'm about to jump over when Zak grabs my arm.


"Don't ask questions."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" I ask frustratingly. He grins, dimple showing.

"Figure it out." Then he's over the basket wall. I sigh and follow.






We enter camp with our weapons drawn. Destiny punches in her code into the gate system. It's a tall bronze gate with a large eagle perched on the top. It's a statue.  I have no idea what it signifies. The tall gate swings open to a small town with tents. There are large tents that appear to have meeting places in them, small tents for restrooms, medium sized tents for shops and housing. I look around at all the bright colors and wonder how they keep this place a secret. Destiny walks to Zak, staring, mouth open. She pushes his chin up and he grins.

"Got bigger since I left."

"Well you've been gone a while." His eyes flash.

"I better go. I'll catch up with you later. I need to ask you some questions." She starts to walk away when he grabs her arm and pulls her into a hug. He mumbles something into her hair and she nods against his chest. Jealousy runs through my veins.

That's what this feels like.

When she finally releases she walks away wiping one of her eyes. Then she straightens and pushes back her shoulder blades, walking into a tent. I look at Zak. He is looking around at our options.

"Guess we all better find an empty tent."






We find an empty tent, farther off the main trail and off away from all the rest of the tents. We all huddle inside the small tent and look around. There's a bin with two sleeping bags and stuff to make a few sandwhiches. Zak pulls out his cellphone as he sits down, munching on a piece of bread. He scrolls through something and stares at it for a while. Jake grabs a sleeping bag and announces he's taking a nap. I sigh and make myself a sandwhich. I stuff it into a ziplock I find in the bottom of the bin and shove the whole thing in my backpack. Zak looks up at me as I zip it up and grab my knife and new slingshot.

"Where are you going?" I meet his eyes.

"To look around." We stare at each other for a few seconds.

"Be careful." He mumbles looking back at his phone. I shrug my backpack on and walk out the door, zipping it up and quickly behind me. I walk on hunters feet towards the edge of the forest, near the back of the tent-town. I take one last look at our silent little tent, before sprinting into the woods, not looking back.






Sorry it took forever for me to finish.

It's kind of going no where.


Comment on who you think Destiny is? And who was the girl at the cafe? And what does the memory mean? And why did Zak hug her? And what did he say on her head? And where is Fire going?!

Answer as many as you can!


It gives me good ideas.


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