I'm...different. Most people are out to kill me.
And not in the classic cat-fight way.
Like, with a knife, or gun.

Jake is my only friend.

I trust no one.

This is what the mark (#) has given me.

The group of people I belong to are hunted, killed for things we do not know. Just because you possess special powers doesn't mean you are evil, right?

I sure as heck hope not.

This is what I am.

I, Fire Rose, am an Allure.


5. Chapter 5

When I wake up, I grab my bag and walk north to where I know the beach to the lake wraps around the whole stretch of land. I need to cool off, the weather being a lot hotter than yesterday.

Just like the bright eyed boy compared to the boy to the castle.

Shut up Fire.

No time. You're an important piece of your race. You can't be distracted by boys. You were told this.  I strip off my backpack and set it behind a rock, so no one can see it.  I strip off my boots and jeans. I stand in my spankees on the edge of the forest. 

Boy, would Jake kill to see this.

I pull off my shirt but leave my tank top on, and walk to the water.  I grip my clothes harder in my hand when I think I hear a twig snap.  I shake my head and then wade knee deep in the water.  I gently bend down, my legs slightly sore from the past days' workouts. I dip my shirt and jeans in the water, washing them of their sweat. Another snap.

I turn and look at the edge of the forest near my bag. They boy is perched on the boulder, staring at me, holding two pieces of a stick he just snapped. I jolt up and march through the water towards him.  He grins evily at me.

"What the hell were you doing spying on me?! You perv!" He laughs and shakes his head.

"Oh god. You think that's why I was spying on you?! Just stab me now." I narrow my eyes at him and pull short shorts out of my bag, left over from the trip to Jock's castle. He glances past me to the other side of the lake, where the cliff stands. He seems to be staring at something.  I have no idea what.

"What are you doing over here then?" He throws the stick to the side.

"Spying on you."

"Well. That explains a lot." I mumble with an eye roll.

"Good, glad I could help." He jumps down from the boulder and grabs my bag. I snatch for it and he holds it above his head, being taller than me.  "Nice try Angel."

"Give it back! And why do you call me that?!"

"Do you like it when I call you that?" 

"No! Why would I!?"

"Well, guess you have a new nickname." 


"Why are you so full of yourself?! You really piss me off."

"Who said you don't do the same to me?"

"At least I'm not stalking you!" He shakes his pointer finger in my face.

"Nuh-uh! Spying. There's a difference."

"No there absolutely is not!" I hear horses galloping somewhere near. I look to the west side of the lake. Demeetrie sits perched on his horse, looking straight at me. Another hunt. Just what I needed. "Shit."  I turn to the boy to tell him to shut up and hope we aren't noticed, but he's not there.

How does he do that?!

I grunt and throw my wet shirt over my head, sling my bag over my shoulder, and bolt for the forest.  I hear the horses hooves picking up behind me. Now would be a good time to figure out I had the power of super speed.

"Fire! We won't hurt you!" I don't trust Demeetrie on duty, and he knows it. I pick up speed, jumping over a fallen tree.  Suddenly a hand reaches out from my right and grabs my waist, pulling me off the worn trail I was on. A hand cups over my mouth.

Hush Angel.

Let me go! Right now!

You're safe, they can't see you.

What do you mean?! I'm right in the open! How could they not see me?!

I'll explain later. Now stop squirming.

I go still, instantly putting all my trust a strangers name, not even knowing his name. I don't know his name.

I will if you tell me your name.

He considers it for a moment, with the pause in my head. Empty silence.

Zak. Now shut up.

I go still and watch as the horses and men ride by as quick as possible, close enough to touch. They ride by without a glance my way. The hand is lifted off my mouth, but moves down to hold my waist with his other arm. I try and pus out of his grip, but he holds me in place.

"Let me go! Now!"

"Calm down Angel, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Get off me Zak!"

"Nawh, I like this."

"Well I don't, and my boyfriend probably won't either." His grip losens a bit and I break free, spinning on him and slamming him to a tree. I pull a knife from my belt and push it up against his neck. He grins at me.

"That was hot."

"Shut up."

"Boyfriend huh?" I don't know why I said it.  It just happened.

"Yes, boyfriend."

"What's his name." I apply a little more pressure to his neck and he lifts his chin. "Careful Angel. Wouldn't want to hurt me."

"Why not?" I see a gleam in his eyes.

"You never answered my question."

"You never answered mine."

"I asked first." Flirtation. The gleam was flirtation.

"Nice to see you were safe." I turn and see Jake. His wide smile makes me drop my hold on Zak and run to hug him.

"Nice to see you made it out of camp."

"Sorry to break up this beautiful reunion thing happenin' here, but I really have to run, and Fire happens to have the information I need. So if you could just cooperate, we could hurry this along and be done."  I let go of Jake and look back at him.

"You don't answer my question, I don't answer yours." I say with irritation.  The corners of his mouth pull up.

"You'll need me later."

"I don't need anyone but Jake." Zak looks back at him.

"So this is your boyfriend." I do a mental facepalm. Completely forgot I told him I had a boyfriend.

"Yep!" I turn back at Jake. He raises his eyebrows.

Play along.

Am I going to hear about this story later?

I'll consider it.


"You could do better." Zak says with a shrug.  He grabs a bag set to the side of the tree he's leaning against. Jake starts to walk towards him, fists clenched, but I put my hand on his chest.  He stops and looks at me. I raise my eyebrows and he sighs.

Seems more like a pet.

You have no right...

Oh, trust me, I have a right. And I know he's not your boyfriend. That much is obvious.

How do you know!? I just met you!

Correction, you met me a while ago, you just don't remember.

And you do?!

Yes. Everyday.

I look at him. He looks at me with truth in his eyes. His attracting eyes. The same ones that caught my attention the first time we met.

A glimpse of rain and an old cafe flashes in my head.

"How did you do that?"

"Do what?" He whispers with a smile, his eyes still locked on mine. Why isn't he dead?! Why can't he die!? I hate him, why isn't he dead right now. That should be his last breath, his last words. "It doesn't work on me Angel."

"Wh-why?! What are you?!" I feel Jake's breathing stop behind me. I look at him. He is clutching his throat on the ground, choking.  I bend down. "Jake!? Jake!? What's wrong?!" He just keeps choking. I look up at Zak.

"Shit." Jake breaths.  He collapses on the floor, taking deep breaths, hand folded across his chest.

"How did you do that?!" I jump up and push Zak to the tree.

"I di-didn't! I swear!" I pull my pistol from my back pocket.

"You're so dead!" He stares at the gun, recognition gleaming in his eyes.

"You still have it?"

"What?" He nods towards the gun. "I got this from my dad!"

"No you didn't. You might think that, but I promise Angel-"

"Don't call me that." I say through gritted teeth.

"You didn't get it from your dad. I know this is really confusing, but if you would just give me time to explain-"

"You tried to kill Jake! Do you honestly think I would give you a chance to explain?" He looks right into my eyes.

"The you I knew would." He whispers.

"We've never met!"

You need to try and remember, Angel. Try and remember me. You can do this, I know you're in there.

Stop talking to me! You're nuts!

No I'm not.

Yes you are!

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. I push the gun against his head and he freezes.

I'm not nuts Angel.

Stop calling me that!

You thought it was cute.

I never told you that!

Yes you did. I promise.


When you were the girl I knew.

And who was she?

A pause.

My girlfriend.










Alright, luf yewh. :D


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