The Touch

During Volleyball practice I hurt my knee and had to wear a knee immobilizer and crutches. I was having trouble getting a paper out of my binder. Then he came up to me and helped me. Our hands touched...


2. School

  On Monday, I had some trouble getting on and off the bus. I thought I looked pretty funny. My best friend, Catherine, carried my book bag and I had to go to the office to get a key for the elevator. When I walked into the gym I was bomb-barted with questions.As I told when happened, friends told me to get better like they thought I was dying. As the day progressed, I became tired. Being on crutches is hard work! At the end of the day, I ended up with some homework. I had already opened my locker and put my books away. I grabbed my binder and thought about how I was going to get my homework. I couldn't set it on the ground or balance it on my knee because I couldn't bend it. That's when Carter came over and asked if I needed help. I accepted. I handed him the binder and opened it. I put my hand on the bottom because of habit but I actually put my hands on his. I didn't even pull away. In stories, the character talks about the connection you feel by touch. I actually felt that. Like his hand was sending vibrations through mine. I didn't pull away till I had the paper and had to put it in my binder. I closed it up and put it in my locker. I looked back at him and thanked him. He smiled this adorable smile at me. That's when I knew I had my first real crush. 

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