The Touch

During Volleyball practice I hurt my knee and had to wear a knee immobilizer and crutches. I was having trouble getting a paper out of my binder. Then he came up to me and helped me. Our hands touched...


1. The Injury

 My first injury ever, and it had to be during Volleyball. Our practice started out as usual. Our routine of stretches and then five laps around the gym. Then coach Darcy had us line up to do "2" or "4" spiking. Basically it goes if your in the middle of the court you shout "2,2,2,2!" So the setter will set the ball to you. If your on the edge of the court you shout "4,4,4,4!". I toss the ball to Jamie and shout "4,4,4,4!" She sets it to me and i jump up. I feel a pop in my knee and it starts hurting. It popped again! I fall to the floor but not before I hit the volleyball. When I hit the floor I grasp my knee. My gosh does it hurt! Everyone rushes over and someone gets a rolling chair and they help me up. Coach Darcy won't let me put weight on it. So then I had to ask if the ball I spiked went over. Sadly, it didn't. I had to wait for my dad to pick me up, but it would take over an hour. I had to sit through practice and couldn't do a single thing!

  When my dad arrived I was rolled out and had to get into the truck without putting weight on my left leg. At the hospital my dad pulled up into the drop-off area. He helped me get out and set me on the bench. He told me to wait and he would go park the truck. Once again he told me to not put weigh on my leg. A hospital guard came over to me and asked if I needed a wheelchair. I replied with a yes. She used her walkie-talkie to order a wheelchair. A moment later a man walked out with a wheelchair. He helped me in and rolled me in the hospital. He saw the huge ice packs on my knee dripping and got me a towel. I thanked him and then my dad came in. I spent my Friday night at the hospital. I was told I tore me MCL, and that I would be wearing an immobilizer and crutches. I would also have to have physical therapy to heal my knee. I wasn't happy but I thanked the doctors and the gentleman that wheeled me into the hospital.


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