It was you all along

Scarlett is a 15 yr old girl who's dream is to meet one direction, and it seems that dream is right around the corner!


5. What should I do?

Scarlett's P.O.V
so there is this new guy call James at our school and he seems really nice but I haven't really spoken to him yet, but he's sit next to me in English and history. He's super cute too!
Today as I was walking down to my locker I bumped into him and I just stood there gazing into his big hazel eyes like a total freak while he looked down at me and said sorry and asked me where to go, the poor guy was so lost I could tell! Here's how the convo went..
"Oh god I'm so sorry!"
" um, no no it's fine!"
"Here let me get your books at least since I made you drop them"
" uh, yeh thanks"
"I'm James by the way"
"Yeh your new right? I'm Scarlett"
" yeh um, sorry for asking but I don't know where I'm going do you mind helping me?"
"No it's fine! Yeh sure what do you have next?"
"Um, English in room 9/47"
"Oh, I have that class too, I just need to get my books, you can come with me yeh?"
"Yeh sure, haha thanks"

Yeh so we walked down the corridor to my locker and he was leaning against them so perfectly, I was just standing there staring at him when he turn around. I nearly bashed my head into my locker, luckily I didn't and then I got my books.
We started along the corridor talking about all types of things but I was just amazed by his image, he was tanned with wavy golden hair, well built and those big hazel eyes twinkling when he looked at me, great since of fashion and was tall but not to tall! He was perfect. I wasn't really paying attention when we passed our English class when Mr Witchet called my name, I stumbled turning back but James just followed.

I saw Rose and Nathan at the back waiting for me- they sat together on one table and I sat next to them on another, but no one sat next to me.. Well until now.
Mr Witchet told me to show James to his seat(next to me) and we sat down. He became really quiet and wouldn't talk to Rose, Nathan and me for some reason so I just spoke to them. Then a the end of class James asked me if I wanted to sit with him but I promised Ali that I'd sit with her so I had to turn him down, he went and sat alone when Shanae came to him and flirting! She is such a skank it makes me sick!!
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