It was you all along

Scarlett is a 15 yr old girl who's dream is to meet one direction, and it seems that dream is right around the corner!


3. Valentines day


Rose and I walked to school today-I'm lucky she lives only a street away from me so we can walk together, then Ali meets us half way and we all walk together- we were talking about roses boyfriend Nathan and how he asked her to go out for dinner on valentines day! They are so in love with each other! It's the cutest thing.

When we got to school, Nathan came up and kissed rose while Ali and I stood back and laughed; rose hates attention on her especially with this kind of stuff. We liked seeing rose with Nathan because he brought the best out of her! He hung out with us today and he would not stop looking at rose, he is truly in love with her and he made it so obvious.


Masons P.O.V
today because its valentines day I spoke to Sasha-the hot girl in science-and turns out that she doesn't have a boyfriend, we spoke for a while and after class she sat with me at lunch. We have HEAPS in common, she actually reminds me or scar! I really like her.. We are going out for dinner tonight! I wonder what scars doing tonight?

Scarlett's P.O.V
I haven't spoken to mason in ages, I'm going to call him.
"Hello?" He sounded really rushed. "hey mase it's me Scarlett" "oh hi, sorry I thought it was Sasha" " ooh, who's Sasha?" "Hahaha the girl I was scared to talk to in science, I spoke to her today and had lunch with her and now I'm about to go out to dinner with her!" "Oh my god!!! See I told you, I'm such a good best friend hahaha" " YOU ARE SCAR!" " hahahah" "how was school today?" "It was good, Nathan hung out with us all day and occupied rose while Ali and I spoke about going to the concert, turns out she's sitting a row behind us! We can go with her" " hahah Nathan's got it under control I see, oh sick yeh we can go with her as well" "hahaha well I better let you go on your date, call me after eh?" "Course! See ya scar" "bye".

He sounded so excited! I'm so happy for him! I'm spending my valentines day with my headphones, computer and one direction hahahah

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