It was you all along

Scarlett is a 15 yr old girl who's dream is to meet one direction, and it seems that dream is right around the corner!


2. School


Scarlett's P.O.V
Today is the first day of year nine, Mason and I don't go to the same school anymore. He moved to the city and now I'm stuck here by myself! I miss him so much but I have to get on with it. We go to the one direction concert this year and I'm counting down the days,there is 56 days left (the 3rd of April).

Mason's P.O.V
This new school sucks I have no friends at all and they are all so freakin snobby what the hell! Because I'm in the city I have to catch the train to school but I have no friends yet so I look like some weird loner in the corner.. I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone yet- because they didn't give me a chance on orientation- But it doesn't matter because my old man said I can move back if I hate it that much.

First day was alright, it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be actually. Some people came up to me and introduced themselves and I got to know some really cute girls (; I wonder how scars doing, I know she doesn't like school as it is because of shanae, I wish I could help her in some way because shanae is always on her case. Scar doesnt really know why though, you see shanae and i used to go out and them two were the best of friends but shanae was the jealous type and used to hate it when scar would hug and play around with me, but scar and i had always been like that. i mean we still are! but thats why i broke up with her concluding the reason why she hates scar. Anyways yeh it was really good I like my classes and i get to sit next to one of the hottest girls in science! Hahahah, speaking about that I need to call scar!

Scarlett's P.O.V
Today was okay... Not the best without mason but I can manage, rose, Ali and I hung out today and luckily rose in a lot of my classes but Ali isn't. We had fun talking until shanae came and kicked dirt into our lunch! I don't even know what I did to her to hate me so much but It annoys the crap out of me, rose got up and dumped her food on shanae and everyone got into a big fight so I wasn't really happy about that but I was happy because rose stood up for me! She is such a sweetie but I would never want to get on her bad side. *phone ringing* "hello?" "Hey babe! It's mason" " oh hi, how's your new school?" " yeh good that's what I rang up about I get to sit next to the hottest girl!!" I don't even know why he tells me about these things but its fine " hahahah cool! Have you spoken to her?" "NO!? Why would I, she's so popular and I'm well... Me" " OHMYGOD mason shut up! You need to, you don't know what might happen! Take a chance babe" he is so self conscious! I know he sounds like a girl but I love him anyway. " thanks scar, I knew you would convince me to talk to her.. Anyways how was your first day?" Should I tell him the truth? Then he might worry about me too much... I better not. " um, yeh it was good I hung out with rose and Ali, they miss you as well hahah." I didn't fully lie, I just didn't tell him what he didn't need to hear... " oh that's good scar! Haha I miss them too, can't wait to see you soon!" " me too, I've got to go. I'll talk to you soon mase, bye" " see ya babe" that's when I knew I just should have told him to get it off my chest, but it doesn't matter.
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