It was you all along

Scarlett is a 15 yr old girl who's dream is to meet one direction, and it seems that dream is right around the corner!


6. Best friend time

22nd of FEBRUARY
Today mason came over! I haven't seen him in so long, when I saw him I ran up and jumped on him giving him the biggest hug I can give! He's become more built since the last time I saw him!! We talked and talked and talked, I told him about James and his expression was actually really weird he almost seemed really 'dad' protective over me! He started saying not to rush into anything and like gave me a lecture on boys! I know crazy right? I just changed the subject so we didn't get into a fight and luckily I did my face was going red and I was about to burst! We spoke about the one direction concert and I spoke about what i was going to wear and stuff, he sorta tuned out on that bit hahahah I don't blame him I could go on and on and on about those five boys AND clothes!
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