It was you all along

Scarlett is a 15 yr old girl who's dream is to meet one direction, and it seems that dream is right around the corner!


1. Back in the day

Leave me alone Mason!" I screamed in laughter, but he wouldn't let in. I was sprinting around corners trying to get away from my best friend but he was just too fast! I ran into my bedroom and hid under my bed, my breathing really heavy. I tried to stay as quite as possible but just as I turned around I saw him lying right next to me! I screamed and then hit my head "crap are you okay babe?" He said, worry taking over his facial features but I just laughed. We got out from under the bed, he picked me up and spun me around "hahahah, Mason!" I untangled myself out of his arms and ran upstairs. I collapsed on the couch and soon enough Mason came up and sat beside me. I turned the t.v on and one direction came up on the screen "here we go" he muttered but I just ignored him, my eyes and ears glued to the t.v. "Do you want one direction tickets the adorable boys asked on the t.v screen "YES" I screamed " oh shut up they can't hear you scar" I put my hand on his mouth so he would be quite but he bit my hand! "MASON IM GONNA KILL YOU AFTER THIS!" I screamed but still listening to the t.v, the boys read out a number and I grabbed the phone and called it right away! "Hello this is the one direction ticket add" the English girl said calmly " AHHHH OH MY GOD! Hi" " would you like some tickets and a backstage pass love?" All I did is scream and drop the phone but luckily for me Mason picked up the phone and said "yeh sure when's the date of the concert? and we need two tickets" From what I could hear we got the tickets but I was in shock I couldn't even move!
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