Love at first sight

When Lilly moves to London with her best friend Maggie they meet one direction and some romance happens......


4. The Bowling Alley

Maggie p.o.v.
Niall and I jumped in his car and drove to a bowling alley. We played a couple of rounds but then Niall got mobbed by a ton of girls so we ran out and jumped in his car and drove to a park. He put a blindfold on me and said " I think I'm in love with you Maggie!" I stood there and all the sudden he said " you single?" I said " yeah." He said " good , I was hoping you would say no." Then his lips crashed onto mine and he started kissing me very passionately! He took the blindfold of and I was amazed! There were candles everywhere and a trail of rosé petals! He ran off and yelled " follow me!" I laughed and followed him. The petals led to a cute little table with 2 candles and a checkered table cloth!
Niall p.o.v.
She LOVED IT! I could tell in her face expression!!!! I then said " Maggie will you go out with me?" And she yelled " YES!" I was so happy!!! I went over to her and kissed her again. This time she kissed back! I was the happiest man alive! Then Maggie got a phone call, it was lily she said. She yelled WHAT and jumped up. She told me " lily saved Zayns life. He was drowning and she saved her. I decided it was time to go back so we went back to the concert but no one was there. She asked if we could go to my place she wanted to check on Zayn. So I said yes and we drove to my place and Zayn was ok. We sat down on the couch and she wanted to watch nemo but I said I always cry so I didn't want to but she talked me into watching it. I cried at the end and she said " man up!" And I said fine.
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