Love at first sight

When Lilly moves to London with her best friend Maggie they meet one direction and some romance happens......


3. Swimming Problems

Lily p.o.v.
After Zayn grabbed my hand he ran with me to his car and drove me to his house. We sat by his pool and he splashed me with water and I splashed him back and he shoved me and I shoved him back a little to much and he fell in! I jumped in to grab him cause I knew he can't swim. I pulled him out and realized he needed help! He needed CPR! I had taken a class and knew how so I started CPR! He came back and was ok. He thanked me for saving his life I said it was nothing. He gave me his number and asked for mine! Of course I gave it to him he said thanks and drove back to the concert. All the boys were there but Niall and Maggie were missing! Louis said they left and never came back. I thought it would be nice to invite them over tomorrow. So I did and they all said yes so they all gave me there numbers and I said I would text my address and what time. They all said cool an Zayn gave me nails number. I said thanks and bye to them. But then I remembered Maggie wouldn't have a ride and Liam said he would drive her home if she needed him to I said thanks and drove home.
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