Love at first sight

When Lilly moves to London with her best friend Maggie they meet one direction and some romance happens......


2. Backstage Passes

Lily p.o.v.
We drove to the concert and when we got there we ran inside to our seats! We watched the concert and Zayn actually TOUCHED MY HAND!!!! It was almost the end of the concert so we went and showed the security guard our passes and we went backstage. We were so excited!!! Finally we heard a knock on the door and Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall walked in!! But then I said where's Zayn? Niall said " I don't know, Let me look." He went out and me and Maggie said hi to them. But then Niall came in with Zayn and Zayn was in a carrot costume! I asked why he was in a carrot costume? Zayn p.o.v.
Well first Louis and I was watching the video diaries and Louis said if I wore the costume he would give me 50 bucks, so I wore it and he still hasn't paid up!!!
Lily p.o.v.
Well I think the costumes cute. And Lois why won't you pay Zayn the money? And Lois said " I like GIRLS who eat carrots, not BOYS!" So I said that's not very nice and we all laughed so Zayn took off the costume and he wasn't wearing a shirt underneath the costume! And the boys all sorounded him and were whispering. Then they stopped and Zayn grabbed my hand and ran out!!!
Maggie p.o.v.
Zayn grabbed Lilys hand and ran out then the boys laughed and I laughed an awkward laugh and Niall said " let's take some pics!" So me and the 4 boys took a ton of pics and we told jokes and laughed and Niall started flirting with me!!!! Then..... HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!!!!! The boys then all left and Niall just looked at me. His eyes sparkled like a big blue ocean! We stood there and asked for my number so I gave it to him and he said he'd text me!!!!!

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