Love at first sight

When Lilly moves to London with her best friend Maggie they meet one direction and some romance happens......


1. The Concert

Maggie p.o.v.
I yelled upstairs and told Lily to get up. Today we were going to the one direction concert! We won backstage passes on a radio station! I had brown hair , brown eyes and i had turned 19 in july. She got up and got ready then she came downstairs
. We ate and got in the car.
Lily p.o.v.
I heard Maggie yell at me to get up, today we were going to the one direction concert!!!! I got up threw on my one d shirt some jeans and put my hair in a braid. I had blonde hair and blue eyes. I had just turned 18 last month. I ran downstairs and ate breakfast, then we jumped in the car and we drove 2 hours to the concert.
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