I'm sorry

After being heartbroken I write these poems... Only during the moment when I think of the person that I can write...I'm sorry... I'm sorry sometimes it hurts too much...


2. memories of you

You left me long ago

you probably have forgot me

but baby, I still remember you

the joy of those amazing days


we used to be fit for each other

like how dark fits for night

but now I'm all alone

you may be gone

but my feelings for you havnt


I loved you for so long

My memories of you are so clear and fresh

one day were in love with each other

The next day,you left without a sound

and left me shocked.


For so long,I was broken hearted

Everyday when darkness fall,

my thoughts of you flow back to me

you,my treasure,left a scar


You are so far away from my reach

even if u hurt me this much

and suffocate my heart,

I cant help but love you forever...


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