A Promise Is A Promise

*Sequel to What Are The Odds* Hailey and Sam have been away from the boys while they were touring Europe when the boys decided to surprise the two girls by flying them out to London after their tour for the summer, what will happen to Hailey and Harry? Sam and Niall are as strong as ever but will Harry live up to protecting Hailey? Will he keep his promises to Hailey and her friend/ex-boyfriend Jake? What happens when the girls have to leave and start college?


7. Chapter 6


“You’re late.” Liam said when Niall and I walked into the studio; he was sitting on one of the couches looking at his mobile. He didn’t even look at us when we walked in.

“By like five minutes.” I scoffed sitting on the couch.

“Niall you’re recording when Zayn gets out.” Louis said. Niall nodded but didn’t say a word. He looked like he hadn’t slept for hours. He took a seat on the chair across from us running his hands through his hair and down his face.

“What’s up mate?” Liam asked him.

“Hm, oh nothing.” He mumbled.

“Niall.” Liam urged.

   “It just…” he took a deep breath. “I’m scared.” He said looking down at his green Supras. “I mean about Sam, well I’m just more worried about her.”

“Niall she’s fine.” Liam assured him.

“No she just really scared me and I don’t want her feeling like she has nobody. Why didn’t she tell me?” He asked.

“I don’t think she meant to keep it a secret Niall.” Louis spoke up. “She probably just didn’t know how to tell you, and she didn’t want you to worry.” I had never seen Niall this upset over something, well I mean I have seen his upset and I’ve seen him cry, but never over something that’s causing him to loose sleep.

“She’s moving in with me.” He finally blurted out.

“Well that’s great.” Louis said.

“Yea.” He said with a half-smile.

“But?” Liam questioned.

“I know she wants to but I just don’t know if she’s really ready, I would love for her to move in but I at least want her to go back home, and talk with her parents first you know?” He explained.

“Sounds reasonable.” Liam nodded

“I think I’ll take her home the week Hailey leaves and we’ll stay for the week to make sure she really wants to come back.” He nodded more assuring himself.

“Your year is coming up soon isn’t it?” Louis said with a smile.

“Yeah.” He said now he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

“So do you have anything planned?” Louis asked wiggling his eyebrows.

Niall shrugged. “Sam isn’t someone who would get dressed up and go out so I’m thinking movie night in, or just a casual.” It’s weird how Sam and Hailey were best friends but in some ways they were completely different. Sam is very outgoing and can talk to anybody buy Hailey is quieter and keeps to herself. It would be a chore to get Sam to wear a dress but Hailey would wear one all the time. Sam seems more like she would rather go out clubbing and have a few drinks but Hailey would much rather just stay at home.

“I think you should do the casual.” I said. “Simple dinner, maybe go for some drinks after.”

Niall nodded like he was taking in what I had just said. “Where should I take her for dinner?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“Oh come on you take girls out all the time you should know a few places.”

“Used to Niall, I used to take girls out.” I corrected. “And I don’t know some place nice but not classy, just casual.” I shrugged and Niall thought for a moment. “And not Nandos please don’t go there.”

Niall let out a laugh. “I guess I have some looking around to do.” Zayn came out of his recording session clutching his water bottle in his hand.

“Niall.” He called taking a seat in an empty spot.

“Are you singing or playing?” Liam asked Niall.

“Playing I believe, I don’t know I brought my guitar cause I couldn’t remember what I was doing today.” He shrugged picking up his guitar case.

“So have you made plans for Hailey’s birthday next week?” Zayn asked when Niall left.

“Not entirely sure yet but I was thinking we’d go out and do something.”

“Do you have her present yet?” Liam asked

“I have half of it.”

“What is it? Can we see?” Louis asked leaning in just a little bit closer

“You can’t see because it’s not here yet and I can’t tell you.” I said.

“You’re not fin.” Louis joked.

“So are we all recording today?” I asked changing the subject.

“No.” Liam said tapping away at his phone. “I’m not and you’re not.” He said.

“Then why am I here?” I asked

Liam shrugged I think we have like a meeting sort of thing I don’t really know.”

“So I got up early for a stupid meeting that is probably this afternoon?” I groaned

“Yeup.” Liam nodded “So why were you late?” he finally asked.

“I slept through my alarm.” Liam chuckled and shook his head. “And Hailey was sick.” I added.

“Why?” Zayn asked.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “She’s just got like a cold right now.”

“Ah I know why.” Louis butted in. he was scrolling through his phone before he turned it around showing a news article. The photo at the top was of Hailey and me yesterday morning covered in mud from head to foot. She was slung over my shoulder, mud smeared across her face. The title read Harry Styles and Girlfriend Hailey Have a Cheeky Fight in The Mud. I smirked as a skimmed through the article about the story of us playing around.

“That may have been the reason.” I smiled

By the time lunch rolled around Zayn, Niall and Louis had all finished recording and we were all sitting around waiting for this so called meeting.

“I’m so bored.” Niall complained. He was laying on his back on the couch with his feet up in the air and his head dangling off the other side. Zayn had fallen asleep in one of the comfy chairs and Liam was still typing away on his phone, Louis we in the corner kicking a ball in the air trying to beat his record. I was sitting on the couch with my arms crossed over my chest and my feet up on the coffee table, I was starting to get a bit annoyed and just wanted to go home. “I’m hungry.” Niall whined. “When can I go home?” he asked. “Uggh!”

“Will you shut up.” I finally snapped. “It’s getting real annoying.” I said standing from my seat.

“Why are you so grumpy?” Niall asked sitting up properly.

“I’m tired, I haven’t eaten all day and I want to go home just as much as you do, but you are getting annoying.”

“I think you need to go for a walk.” Liam suggested.

“Gladly.” I said walking out the door. I took a deep breath and walked down the long hallway to the front doors. Once I was outside in some fresh air I could finally calm down, but that didn’t last long when a group of girls noticed me. I tried my hardest to take photos with them and be friendly, but I really just wanted to be alone. The group of girls left after a while and I was finally able to breath, just before I was about to go inside I spotted a little girl with her mum, they were on the other side of the road and the little girl was clutching onto her mother’s leg as her mum spoke to her the little girl was shaking her head and not letting go. The mum bent down to her level and talked to her fixing her shirt, in the distance I could see my face on her shirt. I smiled and walked across the street to see the little girl. Her mum was trying to get her to come and talk to me but she wouldn’t. “Hey there.” I smiled bending down to her level. “How are you doing?” I asked

“Good.” She said nervously picking at the bottom of her t-shirt.

“I like your shirt.” I said pointing to my face on her shirt. “Who’s on it?” The little girl smiled.


“Me!” I exclaimed and she nodded. “Well who am I?”  


“I’m Harry?” I asked. “Well who are you?”

“Annabel.” She answered with a nod.

“Well Annabel.” I stated. “That’s a very pretty name.” the little girl giggled and hid a little more behind her mum. “I’m not going to bite.” I chuckled. “Would you like a picture?” I asked and she nodded with a bright smile. Her mom stepped to the side and her daughter nervously walked over to where I was bent down. It was like she was in total shock, like this was something that would definitely her day a lot better, I never understood how something so simple could make someone’s day, I’m constantly told that the boys and I have saved people’s lives, but I don’t know how we could impact someone that much, we are all young guys just doing what we love, I never imagined id become someone’s idol.

“Well I think we should leave you, you probably have other things to do.” The little girls mum said after she took our picture.

“I don’t mind really.” I shrugged shoving my hands into my pockets, I looked across the road to the recording studio just as a sleek black car was pulling in and someone from the label was getting out.

“It looks like someone very important is going into that building you came out of.” He lady said.

“yeah.” I sighed. “I guess that’s my queue.” I looked down at the little girl standing beside her mum. “Come here you.” I smiled banding down so I was at her level again. I opened my arms and she ran into them I gave her a big hug lifting her in the hair and spinning her around. She giggled and held on tight. I stopped spinning and looked at her, her blonde hair had fallen in front of her face and she tried to wipe it away. “I want you to promise me one thing.” I said to her. She nodded. “Never give up on your dreams, don’t let people hold you back from what you love, got it?” I said.

“Got it.” She smiled an adorable little smile.

“Good.” I smiled back. I gave her one last hug and put her back on the ground. “I should be going.” I sighed. “It was nice meting you Annabel and you too.” I nodded to her mum. With one last wave I ran across the street and back into the recording studio.

“There you are!” Liam shouted when I walked through the door.

I mumbled a sorry and sat down beside Zayn on one of the couches. The man in the suit began to talk.

“Okay, so we have a few things happening this week.” He started. “First interviews, just one mostly to promote your new album, then probably the usual banter. Next a meeting about upcoming tour dates.” That caused a stir between the boys as they began to mumble to whoever was next to them, tours were great I had loads of fun and the traveling wasn’t half bad, but the planning was just so boring. “And last there is a golf tournament this weekend with some of the record label, you are welcome to come.” He nodded closing his black planner. Liam, Louis and Zayn all had excuses not to go golfing. I looked over at Niall who already had a mysterious smile on his face. I knew that smile, I knew it very well.


“Hailey!” I shouted as I walked through the door.

“She’s in the washroom” Sam called, Niall and I walked into the living room where Sam was sat on the couch, the television was paused on a movie and an empty blanket was beside Sam where I presumed Hailey was sitting. Soon enough Hailey walked into the room, she looked like she was not feeling well at all.

“How are you feeling?” I asked when she said in the empty spot on the couch. Niall was sitting on the armrest next to Sam and I sat myself wont on the empty spot next to Hailey. He rested her head on my shoulder.

“Like shit.” She mumbled. “How was your day?” she asked

I shrugged. “Boring.”

“What did you do?” she asked

“Louis, Zayn and I recorded today.” Niall spoke up.

“And I sat in the same stuffy room with Liam all day.”

“Liam’s not bad.” Hailey said.

“No he’s not, but I had to get up in the early hours, to sit in a room till after noon for a stupid meeting.” I said. “And to top it all off Niall over here wouldn’t shut up.” I aid glaring at Niall

“I can’t help it I was bored.”

“And hungry, I know you announced it every five minutes.”

“So what’s going on for the week?” Sam asked.

“We have an interview tomorrow afternoon.” Niall said. “And then a meeting for our upcoming tour on Thursday.”

“And Niall and I have a game of Golf on Saturday.”

“And I’m going to kick your ass.” Niall smiled.

“Keep dreaming.” I mumbled. “So what are you two watching?”


After the movie was over the four of us were was crammed on my couch that could barely hold the four of us. “Hey Niall you know Spanish right?” Hailey suddenly asked.

“I know a decent amount, yes.” He nodded. They both exchanged glances like they were secretly talking to each other.

“So would you understand if I told Harry this?” she said before saying “Quiero montarme en tu velero ponerte de sombrero y hecernos eso ay, ay, ay, ay.”

“Where did you learn that!” he exclaimed.

“I may have learned if from a Spanish student at school, and when I went to Spain last spring.” She shrugged. Sam shook her head so she obviously knew what is meant, I think I was the only one out of the loop

“What did you just said?” I asked and Hailey smirked.

“You’ll have to figure it out.”

“Hailey that is so bad it’s funny.” Niall laughed.


Harry was really getting confused as to what I had just said and he kept asking me to tell him. “If you want to know ask Niall.” I said

Harry got up and went over to Niall and begged him to tell him what I said. “Should I tell him or leave his hangin’?” Niall asked.

“I think he’s had enough.” I said

Niall leaned over and whispered what I had just said into his ear, I watched as Harry’s face want from confusion to understanding, to amusement. “But dint take the meaning literal.” Niall said out loud and Harry shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.

“Well two can play at thins game cause voo lay voo coo shay avec muah siswa?” He said.

“So original.” I said rolling me eyes. Harry smiled and sat back down next to me.

Not long after Sam and Niall left and it was just Harry and I sitting on his couch. “So.” Harry said and I looked up at him. “Question time.” He smiled, oh joy this is the part where Harry sits here and asks me a ton of questions.

“Shoot.” I said.

“Hmmm.” He said tapping his chin. “Favorite pie?” he asked

Without hesitation I answered. “Lemon meringue.”

 “Your most favorite item in your room?” he asked

“I have this little wooden box that my grandfather gave me for Christmas; on the front of it there is a photograph of him and my grandmother on their wedding day. It’s really sweet and I love it.” I said trying not to get emotional, truth is my grandmother died when I was in grade five, she had lung cancer, not long after my eleventh birthday she passed away, I think the hardest part about seeing her with cancer was seeing her just a few days before she left, sitting in that hospital bed, all the color drained from her skin, I had seen her almost every day for all those years and even from the months leading up to her last she always still looked so lively, but this time she didn’t, her skin was pail, her body looked fragile and weak, she was running a fever that day and they had placed cold cloths on her to keep her cool, before my brother, sister and I walked into her room I remember my mom saying. Don’t be upset if she doesn’t remember who you are. I knew she was ill and I knew this was probably the last time I would see her, I think we all knew. I remember walking into her hospital room, other members from my extended family were there, and the room was quite like everyone was afraid to talk, as if talking would ruin the moment. I remember not knowing what to do; I didn’t know if I should walk over to her, so I didn’t. I just stood there like the rest of the room. Mom didn’t want us to be there for long, I think she just didn’t want us to see her the way she was. After a few minutes my sister and I walked up the her bed, I remember her sitting there she turned to look at us and gave us the best possible smile she could, I leaned over and game her a hug and she tried to hug me and my sister back but with the little energy she couldn’t do much, she hadn’t said a word the whole time we were in there and I was beginning to think she couldn’t remember us I whispered a goodbye grandma and that’s when she said it, she said my name, and my sisters, and my brothers, I couldn’t believe it, the remembered. I didn’t know what to do I just turned on my heal and followed my sister out of the room. I stood on the opposite side of the hallway from my mom when my sister began to cry, watching her cry made me cry and soon enough all three of us were crying in my mother’s arms.

Harry asked another question and I snapped out of my thought. “If someone was to ask about the type of guy you are into how would you describe them?” he asked. “I won’t be offended of course.” He chuckled

“Like their physical appearance or personality.”

“Start with physical.” He smirked.

I was going to be completely honest. “Someone who is fit, has Tattoos.” I began and I saw the hope in his eyes. “And I find piercings really hot too, if they suit the guy though.” I shrugged and then saw a little bit of disappointment in his eyes. “Kind of like a you know, Zayn.” I shrugged and then came the fury. “But I like you.” I finished. “I like you because I like your personality, I like how you are outgoing, how you can always make me smile, I love both sides of you, the dark and protective side; the side I saw when you saw Jake on my door step. But I like your kind and shy side; the side I saw when you were too afraid to go on the rides at Wonderland last summer.” I said. “I like you because of you and even though you aren’t three for three you’re still very attractive and very fit, just the way I like it.” I smiled.


I shot out of bed in the early hours for the morning and ran to the bathroom emptying whatever was left in my stomach from the very minimal food I ate yesterday. I got up once I was finished and washed out the disgusting taste in my mouth. “Hailey?” Harry’s groggy voice said from the other side of the door. I opened the door and Harry was standing here his hair sticking up in all directions. “Are you alright?” he asked I didn’t answer instead I just wrapped my arms around his torso and buried my face in his chest.

“I feel like utter Shit Harry.” I mumbled. Harry pulled away and placed the back of his hand on my forehead.

“How about I take you to the doctor?” he asked.

“It’s just the flu.” I said. “It’ll be over in a few days.”

“But maybe he can give you something to help.” Harry reasoned.

“What time is it?” I asked

“4”45” Harry answered.

“It’s too early for the doctors.”

“The doctor’s office opens in an hour.”

“I’m fine.” I demanded I was used to having the flu my mom never took me to the doctors unless it lasted more than a few weeks, and that only happened once when I was very little.

“Please.” Harry pleaded.

“Fine.” I sighed.

“But I’m not getting dressed.” I said I was wearing a t-shirt and track pants and it was going to do, because right now I didn’t really give a damn what anybody thought of me.                  


“It’s just the stomach flu.” The doctor announced after a short while.

“Told you.” I half gloated; I would have rubbed in in Harry’s face if I had the energy to.

“All she need is some rest and plenty for drink, you’re getting sic because you’re dehydrated, I suggest you just go home and take it easy for a day or two, you should be fine.” He smiled.

“Thank you.” Harry chirped

“I told you.” I said again once we were back in Harry’s car.

“Yes you were right and I was wrong.” Harry sighed.

“What time do you have to go for your interview I asked.

“A few hours.” Harry shrugged; I should be leaving the house around ten incase traffic is bad.

By the time we made it back to the house it was after eight and I headed straight to back up to bed. Doctor’s orders Harry insisted. Harry came up a few minutes later with a cup of tea and a large glass of water. I didn’t bother moving from the comfortable spot I was already in. Harry placed the two glassed on the end table and crawled into the other side of the bed, we were facing each other and none of us said a word for a while. “It’s going to get pretty lonely in here when you go back to Canada at the end of summer.” Harry finally spoke.

“It’s going to be hard leaving.” I agreed. “But my life is in Canada; well my school is in Canada.” Harry understood that the only think keeping me from staying here was school, he know I really wanted to go to school, and that I wanted to get a job. I would drop everything in Canada to stay in London not just because of Harry but I’ve always had a fascination with London, it’s to do with the history behind the old buildings that intrigued me. “But I promise to come back.” I nodded

“Promise?” Harry asked with hope.


“A Promise is A Promise.”


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