A Promise Is A Promise

*Sequel to What Are The Odds* Hailey and Sam have been away from the boys while they were touring Europe when the boys decided to surprise the two girls by flying them out to London after their tour for the summer, what will happen to Hailey and Harry? Sam and Niall are as strong as ever but will Harry live up to protecting Hailey? Will he keep his promises to Hailey and her friend/ex-boyfriend Jake? What happens when the girls have to leave and start college?


5. Chapter 4

“I’m ready Harry!” I called as I hoped down the stairs. It took me forever to get the mud out of my hair and I was pretty sure there was still some stuck in my hair, but it would have to do for now.

“I’m in the kitchen love!” Harry called back. I rounded the corner passing the living room where I noticed Harry had neatly folded the sheets and stacked them off to the side of the room. Walking into the kitchen I couldn’t help but smell pancakes.

“Mmmmm, smells good.” I hummed putting my arms around Harry who was slaving over the stove. I buried my face in his back taking in his minty cologne. “You smell good too.” I mumbled

I felt Harry softly chuckle “Well thank you m’lady.” Harry replied in a very posh tone before plopping the pancakes on a plate. I let go of Harry taking a seat at a stool by the counter. I watched Harry take down another plate from the cupboard dividing the pancakes; three on one plate and three on the other. He opened the fridge taking out a carton of strawberries, washing them under the tap then proceeded to cut them onto the pancakes, he then walked over to the counter where I was sitting picking a banana from the bundle that was sitting in the middle of the counter, he pulled it off holding it up so I could see. “Would you like a banana on yours?” he asked with a cheeky grin.

My face heated up remembering his reference to the bananas in the grocery store. I thought about saying no but I was the one that said yes to them in the first place. “Sure.” I said putting my face in my hands trying to cover my face that I knew was beat red by now.

Harry pulled my hands away from my face his face was only inches away from mine as he leaned over the counter. “I was only kidding.” Harry said in a low voice. “but in all honesty do you really want a banana?”

I smiled nodding my head. “Yes Harry I will have a banana.” Harry smiled tapping me on the nose before standing up straight and proceeding to peal the banana. I looked down at the counter not wanting to make eye contact but I knew very well that Harry had his eyes on me the whole time. Moments later a plate was slid over to me full of pancakes with strawberries, bananas, syrup, and topped with whipped cream. Just as I looked up Harry had placed a dab of whipped cream on my nose.

“Hey!” I laughed.

“Hey is for horses.” Harry smiled.

I scooped up some whipped cream in my finer tapping Harry on the nose, leaving a glob on his nose too. “That’s better.” I smiled before licking the extra whipped cream off my finger.

Harry pulled his phone out of his jean pocket looking at his reflection before smiling to himself. “I think I can pull this look off.” He commented.

“Oh yeah?” I smirked

“You bet!” Harry smiled. “Now you smile!” he said. Instead of smiling to made a funny face at Harry’s camera Harry laughed snapping the photo “There, done.”

“Wait… you didn’t…”

“Oh but I did.” He replied turning his phone. His twitter app was up and he had just posted a new tweet.

‘@Harry_Styles: Pancake time! http://twitpic.com/ak328yb5v4v5...’

Under the tweet was the picture of me; my eyes were crossed like I was looking at the dab of whipped cream on my nose and my tongue was sticking out. I shook my head chuckling to myself. “You look really silly with whipped cream on your nose.” Harry commented before kissing the tip on my nose getting the whipped cream off.

I giggled whipping my nose with my hand. “You don’t look much better.” Harry smiled at me and I lifted my hand whipping the glob that was on his nose off with my finger. Harry grabbed my hand in his putting the finger that had the whipped cream on it into his mouth and sucking it off. “Eww.” I laughed pulling my finger away and whipping it on the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

“Hey that’s a new jumper.” Harry complained. I stuck my tongue out at him and he returned it.

"Shut up and eat your pancake."


"Hey mate, how's it going?" Liam asked giving Harry a hug as we entered his house, Liam's house looked much bigger than Harry's but unlike Harry's Liam's house felt more like a home, like someone actually lived here, Harry's looked like he didn't spent much time in his house, and I mean he probably hadn't, I could just about imagine having such a big house for only one person, it would get pretty lonely which would cause him to be at other people's houses, at least Liam didn't Have to live alone all the time.

"it's been good, Where's Danielle?" Harry replied

"Oh she's been practically living at the studio the past few weeks working on so new dances." Liam sighed

"Oh it's alright Liam!" I smiled "You have me!"

Liam smiled pulling me into a hug "Thank you, but I think Harry would be a little jealous." Liam chuckled.

"Oh he'll live." I shrugged

"Hello, I'm standing right here!"  Harry called.

"Oh hey there Harry, I didn't see you there." I said playfully shoving Harry.

"Hey have any of you two heard from Niall or Sam today?" Liam asked.



"No I cant.... no mom I don't have the money to... well you need to figure out a way to pay for it this time." I hear Sam said from the other room. I walked into the living room, Sam was sitting on the couch her back facing me "Well why don't you get dad to help out for once." she said coldly. I came over taking a seat next to her without a word. "I need to go..." she said before hanging up the phone. she tossed the phone onto the coffee table before burying her head in her hands. we sat there in silence for a while. "I need to go for a run." she said before pulling herself up from the couch and walking out the door.

I sat there on the couch for quite sometime, I knew it wasn't my fault that she was upset but for some reason I made myself believe it was all because of me. I wanted so bad to go after her but knowing Sam she just needed some time aloe, she would be back in no time.

it was now one in the morning, I stood pacing around my flat, she's been gone for three hours now and it was beginning to rain. I ran my hands through my hair for the millionth time before grabbing my jacket and leaving my flat. I got out into the chilly street of London shit witch way did she go I mumbled to myself.

"You looking for the girl who left here?" I man asked from behind me.

I turned around and there stood a man who looked like he hadn't slept on a few hours, he was dressed in a trench coat and I right away spotted who he was when I noticed the fancy looking camera in his hand. "Yes, do you know where she went?" I asked calmly.

"I sure do." he nodded.

"Well will you please tell me witch way she want?" I asked a getting a little annoyed.

"Well all I can say is she went in One Direction" he joked

"this is NOT funny, now please tell me witch way she went." I said clenching my fists.

"I will tell you when you tell me the scoop." he said stepping a little closer to me and flashing his camera in my face.

I continued to walk closer to him as he took a few steps back "I don't know the scoop, something happened at home, she left to go for a run, she has been gone for three hours now and I am here to look for her, now don't make me repeat myself. witch way did she go." I asked, the guy was now backed up against the side of my flat as I stood over him.

"S-s went t-that way." the guy stammered pointing to the left.

"Was that so hard." I growled before backing away and turning in the direction he pointed me to.

it was three in the morning and the rain was now pouring down. I had been wandering around London for the past two hours and was having no luck. I sat down on a bench in the park just outside my flat, I was now drenched from head to toe, I ran my hands through my hair once more before spotting someone sitting by a tree a few meters away from where I was. I stood up making my way over to the figure, the closer I got the more I could make them out, they were sitting here with their face buried on their knees, I noticed it was a girl by her ponytail, she was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt I figured out who it was by their knee brace. "Sam I have been looking everywhere for you." I said kneeling down in front of her, she was freezing and soaking wet. I embraced her in my arms. she was shivering and letting out little sobs. "We need to get you home before you catch a chill." I said picking her up. she buried her head in my chest and began to bawl. "Shh... its ok we'll get you home." I cooed. we were literally just around the corner from the flat, if I had just stopped here first we would have been home and out of the rain so much faster. we reached my house and I brought her into the bedroom setting her on my bed where she curled into the warmth of the blankets. "We need to get you changed or you'll get sick."

"No, too tired." Sam mumbled.

my face flushed what was i supposed to do now? we haven't done anything before and I really didn't know what to do. well if I had to I guess I would. I took a pair of sweatpants from my drawers and grabbed a jumper from my closet. I took a deep breath before coming over to Sam. sitting on the side of the bed, I felt her forehead her whole face was hot but the rest of her body was cold. Sam sat up and I helped her take her shirt off. I pulled the jumper over her head rubbing my hands up and down her arms to worm her up.

"I got this." Sam sniffled. I handed her the track pants and she managed to stand up. i watched her slip into the sweatpants noticing cuts on her upper thigh.

"Um..." I said clearing my throat. "W-what is that?" I asked softly.

"Nothing, I-its nothing, just... I just fell." she stuttered.

"Its not nothing." I said coming closer to Sam and putting my hands on her hips. Sam looked at me with pain in her eyes. when did this start? she didn't have these when I was at the beach with her last summer. I ran my hand over the material where her cuts were. Sam hissed in pain. "When?" I asked.

"A few months ago." Sam shrugged looking down at the ground.

we sat there not saying a word for quite some time. "C-can I see." I asked. Sam hesitated for a minute before nodding. I sat on the edge of the bed pulling Sam onto my lap. when she showed me the cuts on her thigh my breath caught in my throat, I swallowed hard as I looked at the slashes etched in her skin. I gently traced each line just barely touching them. Sam clanked her eyes shut when I reached a much larder, much redder gash.

"Stop." Sam whispered grabbing ahold of my hand and pulling it away from her thigh.

"Are these infected?" I asked. Sam just shrugged looking at he lap. " We need to get these checked out." I said pulling Sam off my lap and going into my closet to change into some dry cloths.

"No Niall please." Sam begged

"This could get worse Sam and I hate seeing you hurt. I... I love you Sam." I confessed. this wasn't how I had planed on telling he I loved her but it just came out, Sam need to know that I loved here and that a really care for her. I cupped her head in my hands "I love you Sam." I whispered before placing my lips on hers. "Now lets go." I whispered, intertwining my hand with hers and leading her out to the car park.


"Where have you been Niall? I have been calling you all morning." Liam exclaimed over the phone.

"I know I'm sorry mate something came up, Sam and I are at the hospital." I sighed running my hand through my hair, I hadn't gotten any sleep, we got to the hospital around seven and it was now past noon, Sam was finally being checked out and I was waiting just outside her room.

"YOU TWO ARE WHERE!?" Liam shouted.

"Calm down, everything is fine."

"FINE! FINE? stay there, we will be over soon."

"No, its okay do-..." I was cut off when the other line went dead. I sighed shaking my head running my hands through my disheveled hair again.

"Mr. Horan you may now go in, I will be back later with medication for the infection, everything seems fine, but she just took some medication so she should stay here for a while so we can monitor the swelling." the doctor said

"Thanks Doc." I said before entering the room. Sam was sat on the edge of the bed her feet dangling over the side. I took a seat next to her. "How're you feeling?" I asked

Sam rested her head on my shoulder "Sorry I'm such a fuck up."

I chuckled lightly shaking my head. "No your not." I had heard her dad say that to her before, I guess he had said it enough that she was beginning to actually believe it.

"Yes I am, my mom called last night." she chuckled coldly. "She wanted money, they cant pay bills this month, if it wasn't for me we wouldn't have a house to live in, they take my paychecks to pay for their stuff. my dad tells me I'm just a money grabber, that I am the reason why they have no money cause they have to feed me. can you believe it I'm being blamed for eating! and its always all my fault, they have no problem paying for stuff for my sister but when it comes to me its such a big deal. its never my sisters fault, its always mine." Sam explained

my heart sank, how could someone be so selfish? "Well I'm here, if you need help I can always help you out." I suggested.

Sam lifted her head from my shoulder. "What am I, some charity cause?"

"N-no not at all."

"I don't need your help." Sam said before running out of the room

"Wait Sam!" I called running out to the hallway but she was already around the corner.

"Let her have her pace." someone said from behind me. I turned around to see the boys and Hailey.

"Let me talk to her." Hailey butted in stepping past me.

I grabbed her wrist turning her around. "Tell her I didn't mean what I said, and she is not just some charity cause." Hailey nodded in understanding. "oh and did you know she has been self harming?" I whispered.

Hailey's eyes widened in shock "I'll talk to her." she said before slipping from my grip and running around the corner. I whipped the tears from my eyes taking a deep breath before turning to ace the boys.



"Wait Sam!" I heard Niall call after me but I continued to walk around the corner. I slouched down to the ground pulling my knees to my chest and burying my head into my knees. the strong scent of Niall filling my nostrils from Niall's Sweatpants that I was wearing. I was completely exhausted.

"Sam!" someone called. immediately I knew it was Hailey. should have known Niall would call them. I sighed resting my head against the cold wall. I whipped my tears from my eyes. I had to keep it cool, I always tried to hid my feelings around Hailey, I always had to stay strong for her, she already had enough to deal with and I didn't want to put more on her. "sa-" Hailey paused when she came around the corner spotting me.

"What happened back there?" she asked taking a seat next to me.

"I'm just Niall's charity cause."

"No you're not Sam, Niall just cares about you, he didn't meant it that way, he was just wanting to help out." Hailey explained.

"Niall tolled my he love me." I mumbled.

"Really? that's great!" Hailey said excitedly

"I know it is but its just hard to believe I mean what would you do if Harry tolled you he loved you?"

"its still hard to believe that Harry and I are ever together."

I nodded in agreement. "I do actually think I love him I... I just panicked back there." I sighed

"Well get out there and tell him! but first we need to have a really serious talk." she said moving to sit in front of me. "When did that all start?" she asked.

this was what I had been trying to avoid "a few months ago." I mumbled.

"Why didn't you ever talk to me about this?"

"I didn't want to put that on you, you are already dealing with things with Blake and I didn't know how to tell you." I said looking at the ground.

"But why? why did you start?"

"I hate it back home, things suck, I have wanted to get away ever sense I moved there, I want to go back to the city, my life was so much better when I lived in the city. Hailey I'm sorry you are my best friend and you were the first real friend I made when I moved, I just cant take it anymore, believe me if my dad wasn't such a jerk I would love to stay there, but you don't know what its like to come home every night and have to listen to your dad tell you how much of a mistake you are, its hard." I said my voice breaking on my last word. I looked up to see Hailey tracing the white tiles on the floor. "I'm sorry Hailey." I said breaking into tears. "I have felt so guilty, I thought I lost you when you ended up in the hospital, ever sense then I just couldn't handle things, and I didn't want to tell you, I'm so sorry." I whispered.

"Sam I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. if I had know I would have..."

"It's not your fault... you didn't know." I cut her off "I have been brushing everybody off because of my stupid family. but I just cant live where I am right now, which is why when you go back home I'm staying here." I said trying to wipe the tears from my eyes with the sleeve of Niall's hoodie.

"No, what?" Hailey said lifting her head, her eyes were filled with tears.

"I cant go back there."

"No but we had so much planned, what am I supposed to do?"

"You'll be fine without me Hailz I know it, you'll go off to school and I'll see you, we can visit. but I just cant go back home, I always said I wanted to move as far away from home as possible, I'll go to school here, and become an English teacher and teach here like I always wanted. if I go back there I will just become more depressed, we both knew we were going to go our separate ways at some point." I explained. "At least let me try and figure things out here, if it doesn't work out I'll move back there."

"If you think its best, I cant hold you back, it's just hard you know, you got me through so much, we have gone through so much together in the past few years. its hard to just let that all go." Hailey said trying to hold her tears in. "I just... I don't know what to do..."

"Don't do anything.... I'm fine, and I will be fine as long as I don't have to face my dad." Hailey nodded in understanding. "I just don't understand how my mom is still with my dad, he doesn't do anything, he's gone most of the time and when he is there they just argue and he just gets mad all the time."

"its hard to let go of someone you once lived." Hailey said, the tone of her voice wasn't just referring to my situation. "and sometimes it's too late." I nodded knowing exactly where she was coming from.

"I hope my mom doesn't wait till it's too late." I mumbled.

"Your mom will be ok... but you need to stop worrying about her and start taking care of yourself." Hailey said.

"Thank you so much Hailey. you really are such a great friend, and I don't know what I would ever do without you." I said holding back a fresh set of tears.

Hailey stood up from the ground giving me a sad smile and offering me a hand. "I think there is someone over there who is truly worried about you and wants to apologize." I took Hailey's hand and he helped me to my feet. I could feel the burning on my skin as my sweatpants rubbed against my leg I hissed a little in pain trying to ignore it.

"Thank you for being here for me Hailz." I said embracing her in a hug.

"What are friends for.." she said patting me on the back. we let go and I whipped some of the stray tears from my eyes I took a shaky breath "You can do this." Hailey whispered "You're strong."

I nodded before turning the corner. all the boys were standing by the door talking to Niall, I slowly made my way down the hall when Louis tapped Niall on the shoulder pointing towards me. Niall turned around and I started sprinting down the hall towards him. when I reached Niall he embraced me in a hug, I wrapped my legs around his torso and a fresh set of tears spilled from my eyes as I buried my head in his neck. "Sorry..." Niall whispered.

"No, I'm sorry, I should have tolled you this earlier... I love you Niall." I mumbled

"W-what was that?" Niall asked I lifted my head meeting his eyes, they were all red and puffy, probably exactly how mine looked too.

"I love you too." I whispered before putting my lips to Niall's. his grip tightened around me and I tangled my hands in his hair that was still slightly damp from the rain.

"I love you so much." Niall said against my lips.

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