A Promise Is A Promise

*Sequel to What Are The Odds* Hailey and Sam have been away from the boys while they were touring Europe when the boys decided to surprise the two girls by flying them out to London after their tour for the summer, what will happen to Hailey and Harry? Sam and Niall are as strong as ever but will Harry live up to protecting Hailey? Will he keep his promises to Hailey and her friend/ex-boyfriend Jake? What happens when the girls have to leave and start college?


4. Chapter 3

"Will you hurry up and turn that off?" I asked as I watched Harry try and wave down the fire alarm that was now going off in the kitchen because someone forgot they were cooking.

"I'm trying!" Harry huffed. "But my arms are hurting." He said putting the tea towel in his other hand and resting the other back at his side. He hummed and hawed before throwing the towel to the ground and grabbing a chair where he pulled up to the fire alarm standing on top of the chair so he was closer to the irritating noise. "Success!" he cheered when he pushed the off button on the alarm.

"You couldn't have thought of that five minutes ago?" I asked as Harry lowered himself from the chair and back onto the ground.

"Well I didn't hear you suggest anything hmm, now did I?" Harry asked putting his hands on his hips. I rolled my eyes as I turned to look at the now burnt food sitting on the counter, at this point I couldn't even tell what it was supposed to be, I shook my head as I picked up the dish and tossed the burnt food into the trash. "You have a really bad habit of rolling your eyes." Harry commented... again, like he hasn't already told me that before.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Blame that one on my sister." I commented. "So what are we eating now?" I asked. Harry shrugged as he looked around the kitchen before walking over to the fridge and grabbing the box on top.

"I have these." Harry smirked showing me the box of cheerios.

I walked over to Harry taking the box out of his hand and opening it up. "This is what I think of your cheerios." I said before pouring half of the box onto his head, I watched as they rolled down his face, some of them getting stuck in his curls while others went down his shirt or onto the floor. Harry looked at me with a mischievous smirk as he shook out his curls making the cheerios that stuck in his hair fall to the ground along with the others.

"There will be payback." Harry said as he glared at me.

"Oh, I'm so scared." I said teasingly as I reached into the box, taking out a handful of cheerios and putting them into my mouth. "Well I know why Lux threw them on the ground." I commented as I swallowed what I had. "These things are stale and taste like cardboard."

"Karma." Harry said as he took his shirt off making more cheerios that were stuck in his tucked in shirt fall to the ground as he walked over to the phone, picking it off the receiver and walking into the living room.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Ordering Chinese." Harry said before disappearing around the corner. I shook my head as I grabbed the broom and dust pan and began the sweep up the mess on the ground for the second time today. I swept up the last of the cheerios and threw them into the trash along with the rest that were in the box when Harry walked in. "Done, now we have food." Harry smirked.

"Great, I'm starving." I complained as I walked into the living room.

"I'll be right back I'm going to bring some blankets down." Harry called as he jogged up the stairs. Moments later Harry returned with a pile of blankets and all sorts of pillows.

"Wah, enough supplies?" I asked.

"No, we may have to go and get some more." Harry smirked. I looked at Harry oddly; was he kidding? What were we doing with all these blankets and pillows? Harry put the stack on the ground before running to get the stools and chairs from the kitchen. Ok now what was this boy really up to? "Go get changed." Harry said shoeing me up the stairs.

"Um, ok..." I said unsure.

"Oh just go." Harry laughed. I turned and jogged up the stairs still wondering what Harry was trying to do. When I reached the bedroom I noticed that all the pillows were gone along with the blankets on the bed. I shook my head and chuckled to myself as I stripped out of my clothes from today and put on a pair of grey track shorts and a green/teal sports bra along with a grey long cardigan. As I was coming down the stairs the doorbell rang.

"I got it!" I called as I bounced down the rest of the stairs.

"There is money in the bowl on the stand by the door." Harry called back.

"Gotcha." I replied as I opened the door. There stood a guy who looked to be around mine or Harry's age with shaggy blonde hair holding a box of Chinese food. "Hello there." I smiled politely.

"Uh, h-hello." He boy stuttered as he looked at what I was wearing.

I looked down at myself then returned another friendly smile before handing the guy some money. "Here you go, that should do, correct? You can keep the change." The guy fumbled with the money as he tried to put it in his pocket and handed me the food.

"Have a nice night." He smiled as he regained his confidences.

"You to!" I said happily as I closed the door and hurried off to the living room where Harry was now standing on the outside of a massive fort. I stopped in my tracks as I took in the view. On the ground there was the blanket from Harry's bed along with the pillows, white sheets were put up as a roof and hanging from the white sheets were thin blue sheets, one wall was rolled up so you could see inside, along the top of the fort were a string of stars that light up, in the inside of the fort Harry had placed his laptop with a stack of movies, an old pilloried camera was sitting on a pillow along with extra film, there were papers with lyrics and notes written all over them and a little red banjo sitting in the corner. "You play the banjo?" I asked.

"I do all this work and you ask me if I play the banjo?" Harry commented as he took the Chinese food out of my hands. "And a little bit... well I mean I'm learning on the guitar, this can't be any different right?" Harry said as he took the little Chinese takeout boxes out of the bag and placed them inside the fort.

"I wouldn't know." I joked "I couldn't play an interment if my life depended on it." I admitted.

"Well we'll just have to test that one out now won't we?" Harry said as he crawled into the fort sitting in the middle and patting the spot next to him. I laughed as I made my way into the fort taking a seat beside Harry. I was amazed at how well it looked from the inside. Harry lowered the wall that was raised to enclose the whole fort.

"I haven't built one if these in ages, my sister and I used to sleep in them all the time." I admitted.

"My sister and I used to spend hours making them." Harry said

"This is really amazing, ours never looked like this though, half of the time we would wake up and half of it would have fallen." I laughed

"Well I am the master at making these things; this isn't coming down any time soon." Harry said with a cocky grin as he opened one of the boxes full of noodles. I watched as Harry opened each takeout box looking at what was inside before settling on a box of chicken balls. "Ah-ha!" Harry said to himself as he took out a pair of chopsticks and tried to pick up a chicken ball, at this point I couldn't control my laughter as I watched Harry try to attempt the eat with chopsticks. "Oh I give up." Harry sighed before stabbing the chicken ball with one of the chopsticks. "Now this is how you use chopsticks." Harry said with a mouth full of food.

"Oh God Harry! Close your mouth." I laughed. Harry looked at me with a smile as I reached in his box and grabbed a chicken ball.

"Hey! Get your own!" Harry said swatting my hand away.

"That's the only box!" I argued as I took a bite out of the chicken ball before handing it over to Harry "he you can have it back." I smiled

"Keep it now." Harry grumbled. I laughed as I finished it, taking out the chop sticks and settling is box of noodles. Harry grabbed the pilloried camera that was sitting on one of the pillows and snapped a picture, I wouldn't say it was a horrible photo, but I was in the middle of putting noodles into my mouth, it was more of a silly photo. I took the camera from Harry taking a photo of him, the photo came out and reviled a picture of Harry, his trademark smile and his well-known dimples showed prominently on his face, his curls resting on his forehead, his bare shoulders, you could just see the top of the wings on his bird tattoos before the photo cut off.

"Fabulous!" I said turning the photo so Harry could see. He took the photo and the camera from my hand as he smirked at the photo.

"Smile." Harry said pointing the camera at me I looked into the camera with a Flirty smile. Harry snapped the photo and the film rolled out of the bottom where Harry grabbed it giving it a shake as he watched the picture develop, his smile grew wider when the picture came into full view "Beautiful." Harry said before handing me the photo, my hair was up in a messy bun with some shorter Pisces hanging down from the sides on my face, this was the first photo in a long time where smiling came naturally, this moment being with Harry felt so natural, it felt like everything I had ever been through was gone, like it never happened. I crawled over to Harry sitting in his lap putting my arms around his neck pulling him into a hug. Harry wrapped his arms around d my back pulling g me in closer to him.

"Thank you so much Harry, for everything, Thank you for being there for me, Thank you for all this, Thank you, and all the boys for everything you have done for Sam and me." I sniffled as I tried to hold back my tears.

"It's alright love." Harry said running his hand up and down my back soothingly. "It's because we care about you guys. I care about you Hailey, I do so much, and I would do anything for you." Harry whispered. I lifted my head off of Harry's shoulder meeting his eyes, you could tell he said what he meant and meant what he said by the look in his eyes, it was one of those looks when you just know, you can just believe that they are telling the truth. Harry cupped my head in his hands, whipping a tear that had fallen down my cheek. "Don't cry, you’re beautiful, there is no need to cry, and I will always be here for you no matter what." He said before placing his lips on mine for a moment, Harry rested his forehead on mine like he always did. "I Promise you, I will be the best that I can be and then some, got it?" Harry said I closed my eyes and nodded taking in a deep breath. "Good." Harry said before putting his lips on mine once more, this time there was a click and I flash and I knew exactly what Harry had done, I smiled against Harry's lips as I felt him tighten his grip around my waist. We pulled away as I smiled at Harry looking to the side of him where the camera sat; I pulled out the picture and watched as it slowly developed reveling the photo of Harry and me; my hands tangled in his hair, our bodies pressed against each other creating as little space between us as possible. I smiled as the picture.

"Oh I'm keeping this one." I said showing it to Harry.

"Oh alright." Harry smiled I slid off Harry's lap onto the space next to him noticing Harry's pout, I pouted back teasingly befitting sticking my tongue out at him. Harry leaned over grabbing the red banjo from the corner and a page of sheet music as he started the strum out the chords.

"Oh I know this song!" I cheered happily. Harry looked up at me with a smirk. I couldn't hold it in as I started to sing along to the song “Well you dawned on me and you bet I felt it 

I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted 

I fell right through the cracks, now I'm trying to get back." I sang aloud. By the next verse Harry had joined in, and by the end We had lost all track of keynote as we started to sing off tune, it turned into a who could sing the loudest competition resulting in both of us laughing so hard none of us could even get a word out.

"OK, ok." Harry said taking deep breaths as our laughing died down. "So, I have some films." He said grabbing the stack of movies from beside his laptop. "Let's see, I've got... Love Actually, Titanic which by the way we are going to watch at some point while you are here even if you don't pick it now, and I've got The Notebook, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Oh and I have all the Harry Potter series." 

"Deferentially Harry Potter." I said without hesitation. 

"I thought that might have been your pick." Harry smiled.

"We are starting with the first one, you can't just start half way through, nope gotta watch the first." I said excitedly.  


We were about halfway through the second Harry Potter film when I started to feel drowsy. "Hailey? Are you asleep?" Harry asked.

"No." I grumbled. My head was resting on my pillow as I lied on my stomach facing the laptop. 

Harry turned on his side facing me as I turned my head to face him resting my head on my arms that were folded on top of the pillow. "This is the best night I have had in a long time, I forgot what it was like to just spend the night in with the people who make your life worthwhile." Harry whispered while he tucked a piece of hair that had fallen out of my bun behind my ear.

I turned onto my side propping my head up with my hand like Harry had done. "I haven't had this much fin in a long time, I mean sure I had fun with Sam and Jake, but I have never had this much fun with someone since, well before Blake happened." I confessed.

"Well I Promise you form here on out things are going to get better." Harry smiled before pulling me closer to him and placing his lips on mine. It felt like the first time all over again, my stomach erupted in butterflies and I couldn’t help but feel all giddy. I yelped when Harry tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me on top of him. I sat up straddling his waist. “You know I think I could get used to the look of this.” Harry said with a cheeky grin.

“You sicken me.” I scowled crossing my arms over my chest. As much as I tried to keep the smile off my face I couldn't help but not smile.

"You know I'm funny, and that was funny just admit it." Harry joked.

"Nope." I said shaking my head. Harry gave me a mysterious look. "No... No, no, no, no." I quickly said struggling to get off Harry who only tightened his grip.

"What?' He asked innocently.

"I know that look." I stated. "You are up to something."

Harry chuckled softly as he shook his head. "Fine, you got me." He smiled loosening his grip, he left his hands on my hips and I could feel the heat from his hands on my bare skin where he began to trace circles with his thumbs on either side of my hips creating Goosebumps. We were silent for quite some time. Harry was lying on his back his hands still resting on my hips, his knees bent slightly. I was still sitting on him as I analyzed the sparrow tattoos etched on his collarbones. I reached up tracing every line of detail on the bird on his right collar, once I had finished tracing the tattoo my hand drifted off to the other side where the other sparrow was drawn. I was so focused on the tattoos that I didn’t ever notice that Harry had stopped what he was doing. I looked up to see that He was already looking at me. He smiled when our eyes met and I leaned down giving him a kiss when I pulled away Harry began to pout. I smiled in triumph before putting my face close to his; our noses just touching. “Will you quit teasing me?” Harry groaned.

“What’s the fun in that?” I questioned.

“It’s not fun for me.” Harry pouted again before putting his hand around my neck pulling my head closer to his before placing his lips on mine again. I smiled when Harry tried to deepen our kiss and he let out a groan. “Stop.” He mumbled against my lips. I couldn’t help it; the way he got annoyed and begged was the best part, how I could have total control over him. Harry began to take the other hand that wasn’t tangled with the hair that he had now taken out of my hair elastic and trail his fingers lightly up my back under the thin cardigan that I had worn over top of the sports bra that I had on. Harry groaned again in annoyance and I smirked before pulling away. “Hailey.” Harry frowned

“Yes Harry.” I replied innocently. Next thing I knew Harry had my pined to the ground, my legs were still wrapped around his torso. His hands on either side of my head.

“My turn.” Harry smirked before kissing along my jaw, down my neck and right to the spot he had found when he had come to my house. I moved my head allowing Harry to have more access to the spot just behind my ear where he first started placing little kisses before finding the right spot where he began to leave his mark on my skin. When I let out a throaty moan I could feel Harry’s smirk against my skin before replacing his little bites and sucks for a gentle kiss. “Much better.” Harry mumbled when he put his forehead on mine. My breath hitched when Harry moved his hand placing it on my side just below my breast where the elastic on my sports bra was his thumb grazing just below my breast whenever he began tracing circles with his thumb I didn’t know I was looking down at where his hand was till he began to speak. “Hailey, look at me.” He whispered my eyes shot up to meet his, the faint light from the star lights he had hung playing on his green eyes that were looking into mine. “I won’t hurt you.” He whispered softly almost as if he wasn’t just telling me but reminding himself.

I took in a deep breath closing my eyes for a moment, feeling my heartbeat race against my chest. “Harry, I’m not ready.” I sighed opening my eyes to see he was still looking back at me.

Harry leaned down placing his lips gently on mine. “I know.” He mumbled against my lips before pulling away. “And I’m ok with that.” He said. His thumb was still tracing circles where it was before. I don’t know why but whenever he traced circles on me it felt calming, I felt myself start to relax as I moved my hand taking ahold of his hand that was on my side and intertwining my fingers with his. Harry’s hand was much bigger than mine but stereotypically they seemed to fit just right. Harry was propping himself above me with one arm on the side of my head as he rose my hand that was in his, kissing my knuckles right below where his promise ring sat on my finger his lips lingered on my knuckles for a while before he pulled away, he kept his eyes on my hand as he fiddled with the ring for a bit.

“I think we should head to bed.” Harry whispered as he lowered himself to place a kiss on my forehead before taking the spot next to me and pulling my close to him. Our bodies lied close to each other. I wrapped my arms around Harrys puling myself as close as possible, nuzzling my head in his chest and intertwining my legs with his. I took in Harry’s minty scent that still lingered from his cologne.

“Good night Harry.” I mumbled into his chest.

“Good night love.” Harry whispered while he calmly ran his fingers through my hair.


“Hailey, get up.” I heard Harry wine.

“What?” I mumbled not wanting to open my eyes.

“Get up silly.” Harry teased while he shook my like a little kid would do to their parent.

“Mmmmm.” I groaned.

“We are going to Liam’s today, get up and get ready.” Harry explained. I opened my eyes and noticed that the roof from the fort was taken down but the blankets were still just lying on the ground in a heaping mess.

“What’s the weather like?” I yawned as I sat up stretching out my arms and legs.

“Umm, I don’t know…” Harry said looking up to the window that was covered from the blind. “Guess we’ll find out.” Harry said quickly before standing up and swiftly swinging me over his shoulder in one swift movement.

“Harry put me down.” I demanded. I cool breeze hit me when I realized the front door was open and we were now standing on his deck while rain poured onto the ground. Harry walked down the steps out from the sheltered area where the rain was now pouring down on us.

“Looks like rain love.” Harry said in an amused tine.

“I know now put me down.” I asked squirming in his hold.

“If you say so.” Harry said placing my on the cold grass in his yard. Before I knew it Harry was taking off towards the house I tried catching up but Harry had reached the door first slamming it behind him locking the door.

“Harry you idiot!”  I shouted banging on the door. Harry tapped on the window from the living room I stomped across the deck to the window he was at. “Let me in.” I said un-amused.

“Payback.” Harry shouted through the window with a smirk playing on his lips.

I banged on the window impatiently “It’s not funny anymore, now let me in I’m getting cold.” I shouted I was really starting to get cold out here, what with only a pair of soffy shorts and a sports bra, I had obviously taken off my cardigan at some point in the night so I didn’t even have that to maybe keep me a little worm. Then if it wasn’t bad enough I was forced to turn around to a swarm of Paparazzi. Now this was something a wasn’t use to and they weren’t like the 247Paps that I watched on YouTube from New York at least that guy would have tried to lighten the mood, or even offer me some help I thought to myself. No instead you have the ones who are constantly shouting questions, then you have the ones whose finger runs on the shutter button on their camera, then you have the sneaky ones hidden in or behind cars and bushes.

“Hailey.” One shouted I turned to look at who was speaking crossing ,y arms over my chest, not because I was mad or annoyed but because I was pretty sure I was showing how cold I was under the thin fabric. “Is it true you and Harry are dating?” they asked.

I wasn’t sure if harry had actually tolled people we were dating or not, and I didn’t want to conform anything if he hadn’t. “Um…” I trailed off. I didn’t get to finish what I was saying before another interrupted, then it just became a slew of multiple questions being shot at me all at once. I smirked to myself “Harry.” I shouted taking a step off the deck towards the Paparazzi “I am going to tell these people your dirty little secrets!” I taunted.

“You wouldn’t dare.” I heard Harry tease from behind me. I turned around noticing he was standing right behind me, taking my chance I bolted for the door only to find out that it was locked. I turned glaring at Harry who shook his house key in his hand. “Come and get me.” Harry winked as he started jogging in the opposite direction. I huffed as I took off after him.

I came to a halt when I saw what happened to Harry, it was like it all happened in slow motion, one minute he was running and I was right behind him and the next minute he was on the ground in a big puddle of pure mud. Taking my chance I ran over to Harry snatching the key out of his hand “Ha, Karma!” I said before getting back to my feet.

“Oh no you don’t.” Harry exclaimed grabbing ahold of me and pulling me into the mud with him. “Now let’s give these Paparazzi a front page story.” Harry said taking his muddy hands and cupping my face before placing a kiss on my lips. Well if they didn’t already know we were together, they sure as hell did now. I smiled thinking up my next plan. I put my hand in the pile of mud scooping up a handful and plopping it onto Harry’s head, our kiss was still going on, and in fact it had turned into more than just a simple kiss. Harry smirked against my lips shaking his head slightly, some of the mud falling from his hair and dripping down his face. When we pulled away I couldn’t help but laugh at the streams for mud rolling down his cheeks and the pile of mud in his hair. Harry smirked before he too took a handful of mud and smothering it all over my face. I gasped  whipping the mud from my eyes before opening them.

“Oh you better run Styles.” I taunted picking up mud in both of my hands. Harry did the same before standing up and bolting across the yard.

We chased after each other on the pouring rain throwing mud at each other, by now we were both out of ammo and not wanting to go and get more. Harry sauntered over to me holding his hands up in surrender. “Ok, I give up, you win.” He said stepping closer to me. “This time.” I smiled grabbing ahold of my waist and pulling me closer to him “You look like a mess.” Harry joked tapping me on the nose.

“Yea, well you don’t look any better.” I smiled. Harry smiled down at me his eyes momentarily flickering to my lips then back to my eyes before lifted my chin with his finger and placing his lips on mine. I wrapped my hands around his neck playing with the soaking curls at the nape of his neck. Harry wrapped one arm protectively around my back before picking me up bridal style like I simply weighed nothing. We broke our kiss and I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck. “Harry I’m cold.” I said now shivering in his arms.

“We’re going inside now love.” Harry whispered to me before turning to the Paparazzi. “Sorry boys, shows over.”

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