A Promise Is A Promise

*Sequel to What Are The Odds* Hailey and Sam have been away from the boys while they were touring Europe when the boys decided to surprise the two girls by flying them out to London after their tour for the summer, what will happen to Hailey and Harry? Sam and Niall are as strong as ever but will Harry live up to protecting Hailey? Will he keep his promises to Hailey and her friend/ex-boyfriend Jake? What happens when the girls have to leave and start college?


2. Chapter 1


“Hailey… Wake up.” Harry whispered.

“No, go away.” I grumbled.

“Hailey its past noon and we haven’t been doing anything for the past week! Now let’s go do something.”

“Fine.” I huffed pulling the covers off.

“Great, now get ready we are meeting the boys and Sam in an hour.” Harry said walking out of the bedroom.

I sighed rolling out of bed heading to my suitcase taking out a pair of cuffed denim shorts and a white crop top with the words Music Is The Answer written across the front. I striped out of my cloths that I slept in changing into my new cloths. I walked into the bathroom brushing my hair and throwing it into a messy bun. On my way out of the room I slipped on a pair of black TOMS and grabbed my purse. I felt so disoriented when I walked out of Harry’s room, I had no clue where the hell I was going, this place was bigger than mine. I looked to the right spotting a staircase leading down to the ground level, having no clue where I was going I decided to go down the stairs in hopes Harry would be down there. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed Harry sitting on the sofa in the family room his back facing the doorway. I crept up behind him as I noticed he was talking on the phone.

“Yes she is here… no I don’t know when… soon… yea… ok…” he answered the person on the other side. I smirked to myself as I jumped over the couch onto Harry’s back. “Ahhh!” Harry yelled dropping his phone on the ground. I couldn’t stop laughing as I rolled off of Harry and on to the floor with a thud.

“Oh, ouch.” I grumbled

“Good that’s what you get.” Harry chuckled picking his phone up off the ground to reply to whoever was on the other line. “Sorry, I dropped my phone.” Harry said smiling at me. I sat up cross legged on the ground facing Harry crossing my arms over Harry’s knees resting my head on my arms. “Yea we will see you at some point…” Harry said taking a hold of my hand and playing with the ring on my finger; it was the ring he gave me. It was a simple gold ring with a bow. I looked up at Harry he seamed focused on what he was looking at like he was really thinking about something. “What? Oh, yeah I’ll ask… ok… ok you too… alright bye.” Harry said before hanging up the phone.

“Who was that?” I asked

Harry smiled. “My mum.” He replied before standing up. “Come on, we have to meet the rest of the lads.” Harry said helping me up off the floor.

“And Sam.” I pointed out.

“Yes, and Sam.” Harry smiled.


“Are we there yet?” I complained.

“Almost, now stop complaining.”

“Well we have been driving for almost two hours, and you said that the last time.”

“Well if you didn’t ask every two minutes I wouldn’t have to give you the same answer, and we are stuck in the middle of traffic of course it’s going to take a while.”

“I hate this; it takes forever to get anywhere!”

“Yeup, well that’s London for ya love.” Harry chuckled.

I huffed sitting back in my seat while looking out the window. “I’m hungry.”

“Maybe you should have gotten up sooner” Harry chuckled.

“Maybe you should have gotten up sooner.” I mimicked. “Well I didn’t.”

“You sound like Niall.”

“Shut up.”

“We are turning off now. We’ll get something when we meet with the rest of the group.”


“Aren’t you guys a little late?” Liam asked as Harry and I got out of his vehicle.

“Yea, well we got stuck in traffic.” Harry shrugged.

“Don’t you know by now that when we say 2:30 you should be leaving the house by 12:00 at the latest?” Liam explained

“Yeah, well tell that to little miss doesn’t get out of bed.” Harry said

“I did no such thing!” I gasped.

“Harry, don’t blame this on Hailey.” Liam said putting his arm around my shoulder. I looked at Harry and smirked, Harry just stuck his tongue out at me.

“You guys are mean!” Harry pouted.

“Get over it.” I called over my shoulder. “Liam, I’m hungry.” I complained.

“Does that boy not feed you?” Liam chuckled.

“He does.” I laughed. “But I haven’t eaten today; I did actually get up late.”

“I know you did, I was just bugging Harry, we are just waiting on Niall and Sam and I’m sure Niall is going to want to eat something so we will get some food when they get here.”

“Good because I have hade nothing all day.”

Not long after Niall and Sam pulled into the lot. Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and I were sitting in the middle of the field waiting for the two to show up. Niall and Sam came walking up side by side, Niall kicking a soccer ball across the field with him.

“Good, you guys are here I am starving.” I complained.

“Oh stop complaining.” Zayn argued.

“Shut up Malik, I haven’t eaten all day.” I retorted.

“Come on love, let’s get you some food.” Louis says standing up and helping me up.

“I’m coming!” Niall shouted.

“See, tolled you he would want to eat.” Liam laughed as the rest of the guys got up to join us.

I walked beside Sam who looked like she was exhausted. “You look tired.”

“I am tired.” Sam chuckled. “I have barely slept.”

“Ohhh and why is that?” Louis said nudging Sam in the shoulder.

“Niall does not sleep… he keeps me up till like two in the morning.” Sam said.

“Oh, I see how it is.” Louis replied.

“Louis! Not like that, god why do you all have a dirty mind?”

“Well have you two…” I whispered.

“No! God.” Sam said shaking her head.

“Hey, I was just asking.” I defended. “Wait, we were just around the corner from a food stand and you guys wouldn’t let me get food?” I asked as we walked up to burger and chip truck.

“I tolled you we had to wait fro Niall and Sam to get here.” Liam repeated.

I rolled my eyes as I walked up to order food.


“So what is the Soccer ball for?” I asked as we got back to the open field.

“To play football of course.” Niall answered.

“Ha, yea right. I can’t play soccer worth shit.” I chuckled.

“To bad love, you made me ski when I went to visit you, now you are going to play football.” Harry said with a sly look.

“You suck.” I mumbled.

“Aw I love you too!” Harry chuckled.

“Okay so it will be Harry, Niall and I on one team.” Liam instructed. “Hailey, Sam and Zayn on the other.”  

“Wait, where do I go?” Louis questioned.

“You will be our first trade off.” Liam shrugged. “When one of us gets tired you will take their place.”

“Great, I’m already tired, now you can go in.” I said walking over to Louis.

“Oh no you don’t…” Harry said picking me up and carrying me over to the other guys. “You will be the last one to do the trade off.” He said putting me back on the ground

“That is not fare.” I said stomping my foot on the ground.

“Sure it is babe.” Harry smiled.

“Ok, I want a good game, and I want a fare game, got it boys?” Louis said holding the ball. Liam and Zayn were up for the coin toss.

“Heads!” Zayn called out.

“Sorry bud its tails.” Louis said.

“Fine by me.” Zayn shrugged walking back over to Sam and me.

“I have no clue what is going on.” I confessed.

“Players call for heads or tails, winner chooses their side loser gets first kick-off.” Sam explained. “How many of my games have you been to?”

“Does it look like a pay any attention?”

“Apparently not.” Zayn chuckled. “Ok, so I’ll go in net, Sam you kick off, and Hailey, just try to get the ball.” Zayn ordered.

“Yes sir.” I joked.

“Good luck.” Zayn said patting me on the head before heading to the net. I turned to look at who Sam and I were playing against. Harry was in net and Liam and Niall were kicking.

“Okay Sam here you go.” Louis said placing the ball on the ground in front of her. “And game on!” he shouted.

Sam kicked the ball to me and I was immediately guarded by Liam “Oh Come-on!” I shouted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy.” Liam chuckled. I decided that Sam would do a better job so I kicked it over to her. “What you scared?” Liam chuckled.

“No, she was open.” I say nudging Liam in the side. Sam retrieved the ball making her way to Harry, Niall following close behind.

“Damn you’re fast.” Niall said almost out of breath before picking up a little more speed, he grabbed Sam by the waist throwing her over his shoulder before kicking the ball over to Liam who caught onto what Niall was doing, next thing I knew I was over Liam’s shoulder as the two boys kicked the ball back and fourth to our side.

“This is so not fare!” I screamed.

“No, but it is more fun.” Liam laughed.

“Dude, this is not fare, it’s two against one!” Zayn argued when the two boys reached our net scoring on us.

“Sucks to be you!” Niall hollered as he put Sam back on the ground. “Sorry babe but I just couldn’t resist.” Niall winked

“Yeah, you are just afraid that I can kick your ass!” Sam scowled.

“Liam, Put me down.” I said hitting him on the back.

“Sorry love.” Liam said putting me back on the ground. Every thing was spinning for a moment as the blood that rushed to my head settled. I looked over to the sidelines and spotted Louis talking to two teenage girls not much younger than me who were clearly fans because the smiles on their faces were so big, I would know because I was exactly the same way.

I jogged over to Louis “Louis! What are you doing? You’re supposed to be reffing the game” I said coming up to Louis and the girls.

“Hailey get your butt back here it’s not your turn to go off yet!” Harry called.

“I’m not going off yet hold on!” I hollered back. I turned around facing the girls again who were looking at me oddly. “Hey.” I smiled.

“Hey.’ A girl with long brown hair said. “Louis why aren’t you playing?” she asked.

“They won’t let me play!” Louis said disappointed.

“I would let you take my place but they won’t let me change off.”

“Hailey! Hurry up!” Harry called.

“Wait are you that Canadian girl?” the other girl with wavy blonde hair asked.

“I am Canadian yes.” I nodded. “Sam is here…” I trailed off pointing in Sam’s direction.

“No way!” they both said together.

“Sam!” I called waving her over.

Same looked at Niall who shrugged and walked over with Sam. “What’s up cheka?” she asked.

“I thought these girls would like to talk to you.”

Sam gave me a look, I knew that look, it was the why did you drag me into this look. “Hello, I’m Sam.” She said cheerily. “What are your names?” she asked, the one thing I liked about Sam was how she could make friends and talk to people with no problem.

“I’m Meghan.” The girl with brown hair said. “And this is Lizzie.” She said pointing to her friend. I could tell Meghan was exactly like Sam because she talked more than Lizzie who would say a few things but never really said much. I jumped when someone put their arm around my shoulder I looked to the right the see Harry leaning on me. “You’re heavy.” I commented.

“What are you thinking about?” Harry asked. I looked at Harry confused. “You are looking at those girls like they remind you of something.” He stated

I smirked man did he ever have that right. “They just remind me of Sam and me.”

“How so?” Harry asked looking at both girls.

“See the brunette; she right away started talking to Sam and Louis. Exactly like Sam” I said gesturing to Meghan. “And the blonde girl is a little more to herself, she talks only when someone is directly talking to her, kinda the same way I am.” I stated.

Harry nodded. “I guess you’re right.” He said. “But you’re better than the blonde.” He winked.

I nudged Harry in the side trying not to blush but both of us knew I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. “Be nice.”

“Are we still going to play?” Liam asked finally coming over to our group with Zayn by his side.

“In a minute.” Sam replied.

“Actually, Hailey and I have something else to do.” Harry added.

“But we just got here!” Sam whined coming over to my side.

“Well I have other plans and because traffic was bad on the way here it’s going to be just as bad on the way back, don’t worry you two are here for two months! And you got to see her every day I don’t get to see Hailey often.” Harry argued.

“Fine.” Sam sighed.

“We’re leaving?” I asked.

“Yes we have to get ready for tonight.” Harry answered.

“What’s tonight?” I questioned.

“Something, I can’t tell you.” Harry winked.

“Ok…” I trailed off “I need to get my bag hold on.”

“No, I’ll get it, you go wait in the car.” Harry said tossing me his car keys.

“Alrighty then…” I said turning towards the boys who just shrugged; looks like nobody else knows what is up with that kid. “Well I’ll see you all later.” I smiled.

“It was nice meeting you Meghan.” I nodded

“You too!” she said cheerily.

“Hey Lizzie, I hope you have a good day.”

“Oh I already have.” She smiled brightly.

“Well I’m glad you have.”

“Thanks for getting the rest of the guys to come over and Sam.” She said.

“Oh it was no problem.” I answered “They love it when fans talk to them, I should know I was one.”

“Are you and Harry together?” she asked.

I looked over at Harry who was coming closer to us “It’s not official.” I blushed.

“It should be, He is head over heals for you.” She commented.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Face it; he has stayed out of the public eye for months after he got back from Canada just before Christmas. Its like he took lessons from Liam or something; only being out in public for simple things, and the way he looks at you tells it all.” She said just as Harry came over.

“Glad to see you made it far.” Harry said nudging me in the shoulder.

“Well thanks Lizzie.” I smiled completely ignoring Harry’s comment.

“Wait, can I get a picture with you two?” she asked I looked at Harry who shrugged his shoulders.

“Sure I smiled.” Lizzie handed her phone to Meghan who took a picture of us.

Lizzie took her phone looking at the photo with a huge smile “Thank you guys so much.” She smiled

“No problem love.” Harry said

“Well I guess we should go, yes?” I asked.

“Yes we should, it was great meeting you two.” Harry nodded. “Bye lads!” Harry called to the boys who all said bye back “Bye Sam.” Harry called

“Bye Harry.” Sam called back as Harry and I mad our way back to his car.

“Hailey I’m going to need my keys back Harry said holding his hand out.

“Oh yea, here.” I said plopping the keys into his hand Harry grasped the keys before tossing them in the air and returning them back to his hand. “So where are we going?” I asked Harry as we got into his vehicle.

“Home.” Harry smiled.

“That’s it?” I asked.

“No we are getting ready to go out.” He finished.

“And what am I supposed to wear if you don’t tell me where we are going.” I asked.

“I’ll help!” Harry smiled.

“Alright.” I sighed dramatically. Harry smiled to himself reaching his hand over to turn on the radio. I wasn’t really concentrating on what was playing as I sat there fiddling with the paper plane pendent hung around my neck that I never took off. Harry reached his hand up taking the hand that was playing with the pendent in his, my hand compared to his was so small and looked so fragile like if he wanted to he could break my hand with one simple aggressive squeeze, thinking about that made me shiver. Harry noticed this as he frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked concerned.

“Nothing…” I said shaking my head chuckling to myself. “Just thinking stupid things.” Harry looked at me oddly but nodded not saying anymore, he didn’t pull away either, he still had me hand in his and he subconsciously twirled the promise ring on my finger. I never brought up what our status was right now, I was just waiting for Harry to bring it up, but I was beginning to think he wasn’t ever going to bring it up.


“What about this?” I asked trying my third outfit on. It was a short strapless red dress that was fitted at the top and flowed out at my hips and went just above my knee.

“Mmm, no.” Harry said as he circled around me.  I sighed looking at Harry annoyed.

“Well I don’t know Harry.” I said falling onto his bed. Harry walked over to where some of my cloths were now hung in a closet or sitting on the shelf.

“Here, try this.” He said dropping some articles of clothing on top of my head.

I sighed as I got up and walked into the Ensuite. This outfit seemed so simple it was a teal button up tank top with a collar, and a darker teal high-lo skirt with a gold belt; the front went to my knee and the back went to my ankle. I let my hair out of the messy bun it was in combing out the knots leaving my hair straight.

“This?” I asked as I walked out of the bathroom. Harry got up off the bed circling around me; he paused when he came back around to my front.

“Perfect.” He smiled.

“It’s so simple.” I commented.

“Which makes it perfect.” He repeated.

“Shoes!” I thought out loud as I ran over to my shoes.

“How many pares of shoes did you bring? Harry chuckled “You’re like Niall and his SUPRAS or Snap backs”

“I like my shoes, don’t be surprised if this doubles by the time I leave.” I laughed picking up a pare of Silver flats.

“No, you are never leaving; I’m going to hold you hostage!” Harry said picking me up over his shoulder and throwing me on his bed.

“What is it with you guys putting me over your shoulder?” I asked as Harry hovered over me.

“I don’t know, it’s funny.” Harry smiled showing off his prominent dimples, I reached up poking his dimple. Harry lowered his head “Why do you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked

“That, you know… poke my dimple… you don’t even realise you do it now.” Harry chuckled

“I don’t know, it’s funny.” I mocked.

Harry chuckled leaning down to kiss my forehead. “You need to work on your British accent love.” Harry whispered before hopping of the bed. “We should start going.” Harry said helping me up. I didn’t notice that Harry had changed out of his outfit from earlier into a pair or black jeans, a white t-shirt and a black blazer.

“When did you change?” I asked.

“When you changed.” Harry shrugged. “Now let’s go, if we leave no we may not get stuck again.” Harry said checking his watch as he grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys on his way out of the room with me following behind.


“What are we doing?” I asked as we walked into a building that was playing music, we rounded the corner going into a large room full of people.

“Dancing!” Harry said excitedly.

I gave Harry an odd look. “You’re kidding right? I can’t dance; I have two left feet for God’s sake!”

“Me too, this should be great!” Harry chuckled pulling me into the middle of the room.

“When did you decide to take up dancing?” I laughed as we fumbled around on the dance floor trying to follow the instructor’s orders on how to tango.

Harry shrugged “A few hours ago.” I could tell Harry was having a hard time following along as he kept looking down at his feet.

“Up, chin up.” The instructor said lifting Harry’s head. “Look into your partners eyes, connect with your partner.” She said as she placed a thin piece of paper between us. “You stay this close, if you can keep paper between you two you are moving in sync; you drop it you fix it.” She said before moving onto the next struggling couple.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the lady, not the way she acted but the way she talked with a heavy Italian accent with a mix of North London. “What are you laughing at?” Harry asked.

“Nothing.” I giggled.

“No what?”

“I just find her accent funny.” I laughed

“Maybe she finds your accent funny.” He commented.

“No, I have a normal accent.”

“No you don’t love.” Harry chuckled. We clearly were doing something wrong as we had a hard time keeping that paper between us. “Whose great idea was this to go dancing?” Harry asked.

“Hmm let me see, maybe the dork standing right in front of me.” I said sarcastically.

“Who?” Harry asked looking behind him. “Is it that guy?” he said pointing behind him to some random guy who looked like he was a professional.


“No, no, no, no, all wrong.” The instructor said. “Chin up, both of you, chest together.” She said pushing us closer this time there was nothing between us. “Elbow up.” She said propping our elbows up. “Hand here.” She said moving Harry’s hand to the small of my back. “Good, good, now move together like this.” She said guiding of together “You lead.” She said to Harry. From my perspective it went; Left foot up, right foot up, right foot to the right and together, right foot back then together, left foot to the left then together, then repeat. “Good, good, now do it!” she said backing away. I couldn’t help but laugh; it just gets me every time she talks.

“Hey, we are doing it!” Harry cheered.

“Good, now dip!” she instructed.

I looked up at Harry. “You better not drop me.”

“I got this.” Harry said confidently before dipping me. “See!” He smiled

“Now up.” She ordered. Harry smoothly brought me back up our faces close to each other as I looked into his eyes. “Fabulous!” she cheered, “now repeat your steps.” She said clapping her hands together before moving around the room to check the other groups who clearly got a grasp on the dance before Harry and me.

“Why did you stop?”  I ask Harry who stopped as soon as the instructor left. He didn’t say anything for a while he just stood there; it looked like he was going to say something but he stopped himself. “Harry?” I asked.

“What? Oh sorry… Um Hailey?” he asked with hesitation.

“Yes…” I answered with uncertainty.

Harry hesitated for a bit as he looked down at his feet like they were something special. “Hailey, the moment I saw you and Sam when I opened that door almost a year ago I couldn’t take my eyes off you, I promised not just to you but to me that I would do anything to show you that I’m not what the world puts me out to be…” Harry trailed off still looking at the ground.

“Harry, get to your point.” I chuckled.

Harry looked up meeting my eyes “Hailey… will you be my girlfriend?” I couldn’t get any words out; I was so excited I couldn’t help but smile as I nodded my head excitedly. “You will?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” I finally answered.

Harry hugged my picking me up and spinning me around then placed me back on my feet “Yes!” He shouted excitedly causing everybody in the room to look over at him “She said yes! Hailey is my girlfriend!” he explained Happily. "I won't mess this up, I promise."

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