The Truth of this Secret

Serenity is a young student whp falls in love with her teacher, Jayce Maddison. She realize how forbidden it is yet slowly finding out the truth of her life, she was born to be an angel and to watch over her dying sister until her death. Her fate changes, and she must find the missing piece of time and save mankind before the raise of the devil.


2. Chapter two

I spend my lunch period writing and doing homework. I rarely ever eat anymore I know my friends worry but it’s something that I can’t help.

“Serenity” a voice spoke and I look up my friend Adalynn smiles her prefect white teeth shine at me. Her amber eyes sparkle brightly I knew she was worrying.

“Hmm” I answered back at her. I put down my pencil and gave her my full attention.

“When was the last time you have eaten anything?” I hated this question, since my new sister has arrived my parents forgotten me. Her name is Autumn she’s seventeen years old, tall and a pain. She takes control of my parents. They make anything for her, buy anything for her.

“Four weeks ago” I answer finally. Everyone froze.

“Are you insane girl?” they all chirp and I wish I could drown them out. I frown looking down. I knew what is to come with this action that I did. I felt bad but I know I couldn’t help it.

            “Is that the correct thing to say bit if I am please don’t send me to an insane asylum” I felt my face turn pale.

“You do have a point” Avery spoke and I put my work away. “Could you” she had her hand out if she was in dire need. I sigh softly to myself

            “You know I don’t see like that” I took her hand and frowned. Thoughts flicker almost if they were mine to hold well if they were I’ll be so proud. The thoughts all came to a stop at one image. I flinch backwards falling off my chair with a soft scream. I saw her boyfriend Brennan dead. Blood surrounds his head a gun in his hand. He committed suicide. I blink trying to clear that awful thing I saw. I knew I was panting. I didn’t want to tell her but I knew I had to.

            “Are you okay” Adalynn ask while helping me sit back up. My wide eyes could no longer lie. I shut them telling myself to withdraw a breath. I knew I had to speak.

“I don’t know if you’re going to believe me Avery but I saw something that’s going to change everything” I whisper manifesting a state of peace over me. “He’s going to be… he’s…” I open my eyes. “Committee suicide” I heard her scream no, and Adalynn held her back as she burst in tears. That’s when my mind fades. “I’m sorry” I put my head on the table for what feels like forever.

            Who knows how long I was there alone at that table. “Serenity is there something wrong” his angelic voice spoke and my heart stops. I lifted my head and there in front of me he was there.

“If I didn’t see such an event of hell maybe I would be fine but that would be a lie itself so to simply answer your question Mr. Maddison no everything isn’t okay and yes something is wrong” drowning I was lost his baby blue eyes. It was dizzying, a complete mess. All my strength was being used.

“Do you need to talk about it” his eyes hold mine firm.

“Strange, I can’t, um not at this moment I probably should get to Economics before the bell” I grab my bag. I felt ruined, exposed my secrets all unraveling at once.

“If you need to talk my door is always open” he broke eye contact and I nod and hurry on.


Two thirty the clock read. After school may begin. I knock on his door. I was falling apart, peace by peace little by little.  I was born a cursed. He turns from his desk. He look like he was about to leave.

“Serenity” he looks surprise like in a million years I wouldn’t come to talk to him. My hair a mess, my face so pale, heart racing I was a complete mess. “I was about to leave” his shock doesn’t fade and I knew I shouldn’t be here.

“I understand” I turn slightly.

“No stay we can talk on the way out” I walked in my eyes look through the classroom. So perfect so clean and neat. “Where would you like to start?” he ask gently.

            I didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Birth” I answered and he gave a look. “I have never felt normal even when I was little” I stop dead flat in my sentence. I look at him he just got his coat on, a soft gray. “And you never felt normal either” if I could see his past I could answer all the answers I wish to know of.

“Yes” he answered his eyes were wide.

“Let’s just say I know things, some before they happen and some of past” at that moment I knew I had to go and I knew this was wrong.

            “So you want to talk about being different” he ask his hand gently touch mine. His touch was warm and sent a spark through me and just for a moment him and I were connected.

“If I could see all but I can’t” I refer to him and bit my tongue.

“And you can’t” his beautiful tone blew me away.

“No” he tilts his head.

            My eyes trace his face.

“Well then secrets must be kept till its time” I nod and his hand leaves mine, it left a strange cold chill in my body. I understood where he was coming from but that shouldn’t matter.

“Best if we went on our ways” I spoke first he nods. “One question if you don’t mind me asking” his face was calm and soft and all I wanted was to touch it.

“What is it” he answered back a hint of question in his voice.

“What is your name” I look down at the ground pushing my bag up my shoulder.

“Jayce” he answered.

“Simply beautiful” and I gave him a nod and left him.

            Taylor Swifts Red comes on in my car and all I could do is listen. I felt the words come to me, changing me.  ‘Like the colors of autumn, so bright just before they lose it all’ lingers inside my mind figuring out what it could mean it was autumn right now only the beginning. ‘Before they lose it all’ I couldn’t think how it could be related, what it means. What could this life mean? I’m an outsider in this world and I feel used and alone. I could feel my time limited and I know now that I need to figure my life out before the end of this year, and before I go off to college.

            My mind clear from thoughts and I realize I’m still in the parking lot. I reversed my car and off I go back to hell, back to where my life took a turn for the worst, back to where everything I knew in my life change and where I suffer silently.

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