The Truth of this Secret

Serenity is a young student whp falls in love with her teacher, Jayce Maddison. She realize how forbidden it is yet slowly finding out the truth of her life, she was born to be an angel and to watch over her dying sister until her death. Her fate changes, and she must find the missing piece of time and save mankind before the raise of the devil.


3. Chapter three

A week goes by without warning and the way things are at home remain the same. I sat on the couch doing my English homework like I normal do. My mother was busy asking my sister what she wanted to do after her home schooling. She showed any interest in what I wanted to do. Maybe I should be envies but beside the ache in my heart, there was nothing.

            It was a cold day out as rain pours from above, I felt alone here. I felt like no one loves me. I should be used to this by now but I’m not. I glance at the time and realize I should probably get ready for work. My job is a waitress at a local diner. I hate the job so, but it beats being home. I closed my binder and got up.

“Where you going” my sisters voice spoke I didn’t look at her. I didn’t want her to see what I was really feeling.

“I have work so I better get ready” I answered going to my new room, the old closet of my parents. Nine by nine and it’s a very tight room with no window. Most of the time I felt like I was being lock up in a cage.

            I secretly saved up $2,000 in over a year time in hopes to move out soon. That was my wish to leave here and never come back. My phone rings and I answer it at once.

“Yes babe” I ask my friend Sage. We talk about work until we both had to leave. When I arrived I walk in my hair down curls perfectly set. The dim lights in this place make me dizzy and already have begun. I never understood why this place smelled like paper. The bar in the middle of the diner, tables on each side of me covered in a cream color table cloth. I took of my jacket, my uniform stuck tightly to my body.

            I made my way to the back and let everyone know I was here. I was already to handle the next four hours. Taylor my boss was about in her mid thirties three kids, divorced four times and she was mean to the bone. She hates me; she hated the idea that I’m beautiful at least that’s what I have heard.

“Hello Taylor” I said sweetly to her. She didn’t look at me but I was used to that by now.

“Get to work Serenity” her voice was filled with annoyed.

“Yes ma’am”

            Just before break he walks in alone, dripping wet from the rain. I watch as he takes a seat and I go to him.

“Hello I’m Serenity and I’ll be your waitress today” he looks up at me his face lights up.

“Hello Serenity I didn’t know you work here” I frown.

“Rather here then at home” I answer back at him. “Any ways I have my break soon, so what can get you to drink?”

“A coke, why don’t you join me” I nod at him getting his drink.

            He was reading through some English work we have done.

“What would you like to eat” I answer back to him.

“Chicken parm please” I write it down quickly.

“Kay I’ll be back” I put his order in and sat down at his table. My heart was racing and I felt like this was perfect just him and I.

“I haven’t seen you here before” I broke the ice.

“I don’t eat out much’ I nod his eyes trace my face. “Would you like anything” he asks drinking his coke.

“No thanks I um…” I blush looking down. He touches my face lifting it up.

“You what” his touch was everything I ever wanted at that moment.

“I don’t really eat that often or at all”

            I felt ashamed to tell him this secret. Sage walks by me and I knew my break was already done.

“Sorry my break is over” I whisper he let go of my face and I look super sad. “I’m sorry” I cried out and I went back to work. Soon I brought out his food and he thanks me. I told him that my break is short because Taylor doesn’t like me and I thank him for allowing me to sit with him.

            I gasp suddenly around him my eyes widen I turn by the bar. I knew what was to come. Images wraps around me sucking me in. It all comes to a stop at an image of Taylor and I, it played. I saw what was about to happen.

“Serenity” her voice spoke. I look at her.

“Yes miss Taylor” I knew then what all of this came down to.

“I hate you, I hate that I even gave you this job, you’re fired” she screams.

            My heart stops. I felt ill to the bone. “Yes ma’am” I whisper telling myself not to cry. I took off my apron and place it down. She throws my jacket and purse and of course I didn’t catch them.

“That’s no way to treat a woman” he spoke to her and he picks up my stuff and gave it to me.

“Thanks” I whisper and I walk out.

            Tears fell from my eyes as it pours onto me I get into my car. It’s an old Chevy that barely works but I love it so. I cried so afraid of what is to come. I felt sorry that I made her hate me so but I knew I had to get over it. Get over disappointment, realizing that this life of mine will be filled with many challenges and disappointment. All my life at least so far that is all it has been. I always faced a hard time with my parents. They really weren’t around when I was growing up. I don’t blame them tough but now they forgotten everything about me. I plan to leave this life here, because my dream of becoming an artist and a writer doesn’t fit here.

            I sigh I notice the rain had stop, and Mr. Maddison was in his car watching over me. I pull out finally and he dares not to follow. I drove and drove until my car made its way home. To my luck no one was home so I pack a bag and began making plans to leave this place.

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