The Truth of this Secret

Serenity is a young student whp falls in love with her teacher, Jayce Maddison. She realize how forbidden it is yet slowly finding out the truth of her life, she was born to be an angel and to watch over her dying sister until her death. Her fate changes, and she must find the missing piece of time and save mankind before the raise of the devil.


1. Chapter one

There he stood his broad self staring out the window. His hair a pale brown cut short that followed his baby blue eyes. His skin shined softly in the light, giving a reflection of softness, almost baby soft. Breathlessly I let myself take a step back from reality. Something wasn’t right I could tell. Was it a figure of my imagination, a simple scheme of my mind? This person who stood in front of me was something different only if I knew what. He turns his eyes meeting mine and no longer was gravity holding us up, something much more, maybe a spell or a curse or maybe fate.  

“Okay class time to begin Chapter two part two” his voice took a hold of the class and brought the class into the world of learning. “Serenity” his voice gently asks.

“Yes Mr. Maddison” my voice spoke looking at his desk. I knew I couldn’t bring myself to look at him no matter how hard I tried.

“Would you mind reading us your poem, I’m sorry class I forgot” I took out my poem. I look back up at him and began.

What you see doesn’t matter

Gone with the wind

Before anyone has spoken


Powerless, floating

Alone tonight

No one to free me

As fate has lied

Nothing tonight

Will be forever

No longer in motion

Say goodbye to trust

Welcome it in

Fade among the faith

Just a touch

Left of your pride


I spoke softly, my voice felt cold as I felt. There was a sad emotion tied to this poem, tied to my life. No one I know could figure out its meaning. They must think I’m so crazy. Well maybe they’re right maybe I am crazy but it doesn’t matter to me. The class clap and we began Chapter 2 part 2. By the end of the chapter I was highly motivated to present the class with anything Mr. Maddison asks of me. His walk was between sinuous and agile but breathless to encounter. He was simply voluptuous. It’s wrong of me, to think of him even just a little. I know there must be a thing between us.

“Serenity” a voice called. As sweet as honey it was, I almost could taste it.

“Yes” my voice answers my friend.

“Do you think love could be hidden” her big brown eyes shined into mine making my vision enter an image of words figuring what to say in return.

“Depends, sometimes its right in front of you without you realizing it” I spoke out of sync, at least for her shake.

“Did you see” her eyes widen and her body language change.

“Just words Avery” I blink and turned back to Mr. Maddison.

He was passing back old work while talking about the chapter.

“Now can anyone tell me what Allegory means” his eyes searched the class looking for a student to answer him. I knew that he knows that some of his students were cheating and he usually picks on them. A tall blonde girl from some country, I forgot look scared straight. I raised my hand. “Serenity” his voice calls. “Do you know what an Allegory is” I smiled I couldn’t help it.

“An Allegory is an object represents another thing, a metaphor”

His eyes smiled into mine if I could almost hear his heart race. If only if we could spend forever staring into each other’s eyes. I knew I was wishing on this make believe star of mine. I blink once human like. It’s odd that I don’t feel human most of the time. It’s a strange thing to talk about let alone share to the world.

My mind flashes back at home. Three weeks ago my family found out that I have an older sister who mistakenly was told she died. My mother was five months pregnant with her and there was a huge mix up. We’re not sure all of the details yet what we know is that the hospital told my parents she didn’t make it and when she did they sold her. It’s a strange thing my new sister looks nothing of us, or at least to me.

When I look into the mirror I see a Burnett with curly hair that seems to have a million colors in it. My face perfectly round, my eyes of sapphire, my skin lightly pale. My lips full and shade of rose petal pink. I stare at myself all in beauty. But just as my mind goes on my mind immediately flashes back to the class.   

I realize I was on auto pilot my notes were completing itself. I could feel the class beginning to get irritated and annoyed. I assume that the plain white walls, long class period and in the fact that it’s almost lunch was getting to them. It doesn’t bother me much I prefer here in this school. If liking school is a crime then arrest me. Take me away, bring me somewhere else. The bell rings silently my eyes I could fine where wide. I gather my items with one solid look over my shoulder I saw Mr. Maddison looking at me with a small smile. I smile back and left.

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