One Little Mistake

(Harry Styles FanFic) what happens when your mom dies and your brother leaves to fallow his dream? what happen when your lame excuse of a dad just comes to ruin your life? when yu leave your house a night do u expect to run into harry styles or evn run into his party just looking for food well when Bellas life goes from normal to completely weird the only thing you can tell her is good luck.


2. Just Great

Bella's P.O.V

Hi my name is Bella Rose Dee ever since my mom past away a few months ago my life has been kind of hard. My dad takes it as a way of saying he needs to take his life and make it great before that happens to him, my older brother Connor has been rehearsing for a part in a movie because he wants to make our mom proud and me I'm living life how I should I'm only seventeen so I need to find a way to prove to my family i can stay strong with out my mom. Me and my mom were so close i couldn't live with the fact i had to let her go, she was my every thing the only thing i had to keep me strong now shes gone. my best friend Stacy is the only one who knows how hard it is on me, shes also has a tight relationship with both her parents.

 Connor's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it this was the best day ever I had just gotten a script to a role that can change my life forever. Now I need to tell my family the role is played in Australia. I know i want to make my mom proud show her even when shes gone and watching down on us i am gonna do what i was born to do, as i was walking down the stairs to tell my dad about the moving out the house part of my arrer to be i could here jim rying to the sky i " i cant beleive you left me like this with these to stupid children i ant take care of them on my own i need you back". then he turned and saw me he threw me against the wall and gave me a death glare, " how much did you here me say" nothing i swear i was thinking to my self i swear i didnt here you say any thing. when he releasd me i told him how im old enough to take care of my self and im moving out of london and to austalia he did not take it to well but by the end i was of to the air port saying good bye to my friends and family and going one step forward in my rollar coaster i call my life 

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