One Little Mistake

(Harry Styles FanFic) what happens when your mom dies and your brother leaves to fallow his dream? what happen when your lame excuse of a dad just comes to ruin your life? when yu leave your house a night do u expect to run into harry styles or evn run into his party just looking for food well when Bellas life goes from normal to completely weird the only thing you can tell her is good luck.


1. A/N

sorry guys just wanted to say because this is my first story i don't mind your comments please don't send hate.I will update every chance i get i just wanted to say i'm not the kind of writer who will leave notes. I'm still learning English so please don't get to worked up about my grammar. 


 I do have a quick CONTEST for you guys because the main character is gonna need a roomie so if you guys want to be in the story with the guys you can leave a comment below with your 



eye color~

personality ~

and one thing that makes you different~

and if you have any questions or concerns u can kik me at-boo722bear my profile picture is of an ad i made for Zayn. 

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