My Father's Daughter

Ty Warren is an orphan, always babied, always taught to be considerate. He's sick of this trapped life. He wants to do something. He wants to become something. He runs away. Whitney Patterson is the good girl. She always listened to her parents, never strayed. Her mother and father were divorced when she was very young, and her mother remarried twice. Once her new stepfather and brother die in a horrible accident, her mother and her are left alone. When her mother remarries again, Whitney is sure nothing will go wrong this time. But it does. And Ty and Whitney, after an unfortunate sequence of events are brought together, eventually possibly falling in love. But will either of them accept it? Or will they finally realize their true feelings when it's too late?

This story only has three chapters because it is being entered in the Sony Young Movellist Of The Year competition.(: wish me luck!

and leave a bunch of feedback or what you think should happen next!!


2. Ren

"How old are you, Ty?" Ren looked at me with his big brown eyes.


I smiled. "I'm 16. How old are you?"


He paused and closed his eyes, concentrating. His brown hair desperately needed trimming, but there was no one here to do that here, so it fell in his eyes and his thin hand desperately pushed it away.


"Am I sixtween?" He stumbled over sixteen.


I laughed and messed with his hair. I saw Michael, just behind Ren, shoot me a dirty look. I returned the favor and then focused my attention back to Ren. "No, try again."


He frowned, thinking again. "I'm six." He said more confidently.


I pulled him onto my lap. "That you are, Ren."


He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled my head close to his. Then he whispered in my ear, "Ty, when is my mommy coming back?"


I bit my lip. Ren's parents had been drug addicts, both of them, and had been abusive. The neighbors next door to them heard Ren's screaming and called CPS. They brought Ren here, and locked up his parents for not providing a safe living environment for their children. However, Ren told me that he forgave his parents, and that they were sweet people, they just made a bad mistake. I smiled at the memory. He was so confident they'd return for him. It had been two years. I remember how confident I had been that my dad would come back for me. It's been nine years. I'm still sitting here.


I looked back at Ren. "Ren, I don't know if your mommy is coming back."


He pulled away and frowned. "Yes, she is." He crossed his arms and pouted.


"No, Ren. She isn't." I felt my temper rising. "No matter how much you believe your parents love you, they were just disappointments and couldn't give a crap about how you're doing or what you're doing. They hate you, and if they did still have the slightest bit of compassion for you, they'd be here now wouldn't they?" I was yelling.


Ren's big brown eyes overflowed with wet tears and he ran away.


I put my head in my hands. "Great." I muttered.


"Smooth." Michael commented, patting me on the back as he walked to the window in the cramped bedroom.


Two seconds later, Connie burst through the door. "Why is Ren crying?" She asked, her hair wild, her eyes flicking directly to me. "Ty." Her tone became accusing. "What did you do?"


"He told him that his parents are douches and aren't ever coming back for him. Crushed the kid's spirits." Michael called from the window, pushing it open and lighting a cigarette.


"Michael!" Connie gasped, and ran to him, knocking the cigarette of his hand. "You know how Ms.Drew feels about those!"


He frowned at the poison now lying useless on the ground. "Total waste." He muttered and stomped it out.


"Ty, please tell me you didn't do that to Ren." Connie sat next to me and placed her hand on my leg.


I paused before responding, choosing my words carefully. "I was thinking of my dad. I don't want him to have false hope. It won't end well." I stopped, looking at Connie's face. "Believe me, I know what that feels like."


"Ty..." Connie grabbed my hand. "Ren may be different..."


"Connie!" I exclaimed. "How can you even say that? They've ruined their lives, locked in jail for crimes against children! Even if they wanted to come back for him, they wouldn't be able to! Never would the CPS allow them to take him back. And by the time that they could get approved, Ren would be old enough to understand, and he wouldn't want them anyway."


"He's only six..." She whispered.


"And he should start facing the facts as soon as he can." I stood up. "Now if you'll excuse me."


Then I walked out. I needed air. I needed a break. I needed to understand.

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