My Father's Daughter

Ty Warren is an orphan, always babied, always taught to be considerate. He's sick of this trapped life. He wants to do something. He wants to become something. He runs away. Whitney Patterson is the good girl. She always listened to her parents, never strayed. Her mother and father were divorced when she was very young, and her mother remarried twice. Once her new stepfather and brother die in a horrible accident, her mother and her are left alone. When her mother remarries again, Whitney is sure nothing will go wrong this time. But it does. And Ty and Whitney, after an unfortunate sequence of events are brought together, eventually possibly falling in love. But will either of them accept it? Or will they finally realize their true feelings when it's too late?

This story only has three chapters because it is being entered in the Sony Young Movellist Of The Year competition.(: wish me luck!

and leave a bunch of feedback or what you think should happen next!!


1. Introductions are overrated

When I was five, my mother was mercilessly taken from me. She was sick, diagnosed with brain cancer. It hurt, losing her, and I was left with my dad. I don't remember much of my time with him. When I was six, he sent me off to an orphanage. He told my caretaker, Connie, that I reminded him too much of my mother, and looking at me was painful.


I remember crying a lot that day. Knowing that he was never coming back for me, only a measly year after my mother had passed. Now, left in a new surrounding, I began my new life. Connie acted as my adoptive mother, giving me advice, helping me to learn the essentials and preparing me to escape.


Connie was only an employee at the orphanage, simply someone to watch the kids, though many-a-night she did stay next to me, comforting me when I woke up startled, my reoccurring nightmare disturbing my sleep. She would hold me and whisper to me, reassuring me that the nightmare was not reality and that I was safe with her. It would only be a matter of time until I fell asleep in her arms, no longer terrified by my dream gone wrong.


I would wake up the next morning, alone and cold. I slept in the boys' room, my only companions being my best friend Michael and two other boys, to whom I never spoke to. Michael and I would always find ourselves getting in trouble with the owner, Ms. Drew, but Connie would always be there, defending our mischief. Of course after that, Ms. Drew would threaten to fire Connie, and then send us off to our room. Nearly ten minutes later, Connie would return and scold us for misbehaving. I'd apologize, because I had never really meant to make any trouble for anyone, but Michael would never budge. He'd be stubborn and walk away, never apologizing for threatening Connie's job. I never understood him, he completely shut everyone out. Of course, I always thought it had something to do his dad, a person of which he never spoke but once.


I remember sitting on the swings that were just next to the orphanage, a small little park that Connie often took us to. Michael had glanced at me, then looked away.


"What it is it, Michael?" I asked, noticing his quick movements.


"Nothing," he answered shortly. "I mean... it's just, your eyes are just like my dad's..." His eyes looked sad, then he looked away, cutting me off from his feelings. He always had to be the tough guy, never showing emotion.


"What about your dad? What happened to him?" I asked, and as I swung closer to the dirt, I had dug my feet into the ground, stopping my momentum and giving Michael my full attention.


"I don't remember much of him. He was really mean to my mom and me." He paused, thinking. "He killed her."


I froze at his words. "Killed her?"


"Mhmm." He said, unmoving. The sadness that had once been apparent in his eyes not five minutes ago vanished, no trace of feeling remained. "I think he shot her. All I know is that he's in jail now."


I swallowed my fear. "All locked up?"


"All locked up." He repeated and a smile slowly formed on his face.


He hadn't spoken of him since that encounter, and I never bothered to ask, as I didn't really want to know about his locked up dad.


I remember one thing that I still look back to today and think about. I had been seven, recently enrolled into school and I had discovered I had a keen interest in math. I had come home that day, excited and anxious to see Connie.


"You're going to do great things, Ty." Connie smiled to me once I had told her of my discovery and kissed the top of my head.


"Do you really think so?" My innocent self responded, frowning. "I'm trapped here."


Then Connie leaned in and whispered, "One day, you'll escape here. You'll go to build your own life, future and even a family. I have faith in you."


I furrowed my eyebrows. "What about Michael?" I looked over to where he was sitting, opening and closing his pocket knife.


Connie sighed. "I don't know about Michael, I hope he has the same opportunities that you will. Just stay true to yourself, Ty. Always remember yourself."


Those words stayed with me all that night, running over and over in my head. I could do great things. I would do great things.


"Connie's lying to you." Michael whispered. "We are nothing. And we will become nothing. We're trapped here, and there is no future for us."


I blinked at Michael's words.


At that point, I remember not knowing what to believe. But I do know that I did make a decision that night.


A decision that led to my life where it stands now. A decision that led Whitney to me.

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