My Father's Daughter

Ty Warren is an orphan, always babied, always taught to be considerate. He's sick of this trapped life. He wants to do something. He wants to become something. He runs away. Whitney Patterson is the good girl. She always listened to her parents, never strayed. Her mother and father were divorced when she was very young, and her mother remarried twice. Once her new stepfather and brother die in a horrible accident, her mother and her are left alone. When her mother remarries again, Whitney is sure nothing will go wrong this time. But it does. And Ty and Whitney, after an unfortunate sequence of events are brought together, eventually possibly falling in love. But will either of them accept it? Or will they finally realize their true feelings when it's too late?

This story only has three chapters because it is being entered in the Sony Young Movellist Of The Year competition.(: wish me luck!

and leave a bunch of feedback or what you think should happen next!!


3. Decision Made.

Michael lit a cigarette and handed it to me. "It's nearing your 17th birthday, Ty." He looked down, before taking a drag of his cigarette. "Have you made your decision?"


I sighed and inhaled the poison. "I don't know. I feel like if I go, I won't ever come back."


"That's the point." Michael mumbled. "We aren't coming back."


I shook my head. "And what of Connie? Am I supposed to just leave her here?"


Michael laughed his dark laugh before exhaling a puff of smoke. "She's a grown woman, Ty. You gotta let her go."


"But--" I was cut off.


"Boys!" Ms. Drew called from inside the boys' house.


We both looked at each other quickly before making the silent agreement to run.


"Where are we going?" I puffed, trying to keep up. Michael was fast.


"I'm not sure yet!" He called back, nearly ten feet in front of me.


I thought of Connie back in the orphanage, I had never gotten the chance to say goodbye. Then I thought about what Michael said. I really was a wimp. I didn't need Connie to help me around anymore. I was a man now. So what if I didn't say goodbye? She'd get over it. She was old enough to deal with that. But there was one person who wasn't...


"Michael!" I called again. "What about Ren?"


Michael laughed and slowed a little so I could catch up. "What about him?" Much to my surprise, he still held his cigarette in-between his forefinger and his middle finger.


"We just left him. Alone." I looked at his face, looking for some trace of guilt or sympathy. There was nothing.


"So?" He chuckled. "You act as though he's gonna die or something. We were left like that. Alone and innocent. No one to take care of us." He exhaled a puff of smoke.


"What about Connie?" I hated myself for bringing it back up. Why was it so hard for me to move on? I was doing this for me, I didn't need any extra guilt about leaving her there. Without a backward look... I mentally cursed myself. I needed to be like Michael. Independent. Not giving a shit about anyone about myself.


"She only cared about you. I was jack shit to her." He was bitter.


I paused on this. Is that what he thought? I mean, I understand where he might've gotten that from. She didn't spend nearly as much time as him as she did with me. Maybe that's what made him the way he is now. So rough, so cold. But in the end, I wished she would've done the same for me. Now I'm forever burdened with this feeling of guilt after every move I make. Maybe I wasn't ready for this. I resisted the urge to walk back to the orphanage. No. I would do this. I would prove to Michael I was strong. I would prove to Connie I was strong. I would prove it to myself.


"Are we going or not?" He threw down his cigarette and stomped it out.


"Where are we going?" I mumbled, my heart still furiously trying to move my feet in the opposite direction of where my mind was telling it to go.


"Does it matter? We're going to be rid of this place! We'll find out when the time comes." He scoffed, shaking his head. "Ty. C'mon." He gestured towards the woods.


I knew those woods well. They were the boundary. Something to not go past. The division between this world, and the world I had been taken from. Inside I saw opportunity, wealth, a new life... but most importantly, defiance. Something I had been wanting to taste for a while.


"Are you coming?" Michael asked again.


I looked behind me at Ms.Drew in the window, waiting for us to return. Her scowl was visible from the furthest of distances. I looked back to Michael. He smiled encouragingly at me.


I bit my lip, once again slipping into my bad habit. "Let's go." I responded, barely audible.


Michael smiled in his victory before turning on his heel and breaking into a sprint. I followed slightly behind him, my hair occasionally covering my eyes.


Then we were right at the line of trees. I froze, my palms were sweaty. My head throbbed, my mind fighting internally with my heart. I continued to let them fight for a little while, before the victor emerged, my decision was made.


"C'mon. This is it, Ty. This is freedom." Michael smiled at me before stepping into the forest and disappearing.


I clenched my fists and stood my ground. This was it. This was my new life. And I was ready to begin it.


I took a deep breath and started back into a run, breaking the boundary, entering the forest.


Starting over.

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