Give Me Love

*This is also on my Wattpad account* Della Parson is a close friend of Harry Styles. One night Harry has her and few others over for a little get together. When Ed Sheeran unexpectedly shows up in the middle of her singing 'Give Me Love' they connect. Although they say they don't want to date at the moment, they clearly do. What will change their minds about dating.


3. The Broken Guitar


Della's POV

I took the boys back to Harry's after we got done eating. I didn't want to stay at Harry's tonight so I went home. Well, I took Ed home first. I was sitting outside his house. "Bye Ed." I smiled. "Bye Della. It was great meeting you and sining with you today." he smiled. "Feeling is mutual. Eddy. Anytime you wanna sing with me again just give me a call. Or even if you want to hand out...I would love too Hangout with you again." I smiled. "I will keep that in mind Della. I would love to hang out with you again too. And you can keep the hoodie doll." He said. "Oh, thanks. Well, goodnight." I said hugging him. He hugged me back. "Goodnight Dell." he said. We let each other go and he got out. 

He walked to his door then waved to me. I waved back. He walked in and I drove away. I checked the time. It was 15 minutes to 3 a.m. "Holy shit." I muttered. This is the lastest I have been out in a month. I blame Harry. 

I stoped at a service station and bought a really big bag of gummy bears and 2 big bottles of Coca-Cola. This is my bad addiction. I don't smoke, I barely drink, I don't bite my nails, I eat gummy bears and drink Coca-Cola on a regular basis. I think that Harry keeps me as his friend...Because personally if I didn't drink Coke and eat gummy bears he would befriend me. "One way or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha!" my phone rang. Harry was calling me. "Hey." I amswered.

"Hey, you left your guitar at my house...And ah...kinda...broke." Harry said. 

"IT WHAT?!" I exclaimed. 

"Me and Niall were fucking around and Niall pushed me and I kinda landed on your guitar and I kinda smashed it. My back hurts really bad, and I have a feeling you are going to beat the hell out of me." Harry said. "Is she mad?" I heard Niall ask. I took a deep breath. 

"It-It's okay guys. I will just go buy a new one...don't worry about it." I replied. 

"I'm really sorry Della. Me and Niall will go buy you a new one tomorrow....It will be 10 times better than your old one." Harry said. 

"I need a hug." I said. 

"Della, are you really that upset?" Harry asked. 

"Kinda." I said as tears built up in my eyes. 

"Dellabear...I am so sorry." Harry said.

"Harry, it's okay." I cried. I have had that guitar since I was 12, and now it's just destroyed. 

"It's doesn't sound okay. Della do you want me to come over and cuddle with you?" He asked. 

"If you want...I jsut don't know at this point." I said wiping my face as I stopped at a stoplight. 

"Well, I am." he said. 

"Okay." I said. 

"Bye Dellabear." 

"Bye Harry." I said. I hung up and set my phone in the drik holder. 

I got to my flat. I grabbed my stuff and walked inside. I put my stuff on my kitchen counter and then laid on my couch. I laid there in the dim light and cried. I know it's just a guitar, but it was my life. I had done so much with that one guitar that I don't think I want another one. DING. Someone text me. It was Ed.

From Ed: Hey, I heard about ur guitar...I'm really sorry...I have an extra one that is just like it if you want...

I smiled. 

To Ed: Sure...and it's okay....I guess.... :'(

From Ed: Ahw dear don't cry...

To Ed: I'll try to stop...i have had that guitar for 9 years....

From Ed: it's gonna be okay Della...I promise you that!

To Ed: :D

"Dells? Are you okay?" Harry and Niall asked simultaneously. I sat up, and wiped my face. They walked over to me and hugged me. "Dellabear, we are so sorry." Niall said. "It's okay guys, I swear...I am just being me...Ed is giving me a guitar just like my old one, so no worries." I said. "Oh, okay...Do you like, really like Ed?" Harry asked. "I refuse to answer that." I blushed. "She does! Why don't you go on a date with him Della?" Niall said. 

"Because I am not ready to date again...You guys know about my previous relationship." I said lowering my voice slightly. "Ed wouldn't treat you like that Della...Just one date..please." Harry begged. I sighed. "Fine, just one, at my house, and just one movie.."  I said. They smiled and hugged me. "Will one of you two carry to my room?" I asked. They both picked me up. Harry had my arms, Niall had my legs. It was like they were carrying a dead body. 

They threw me on my bed. I crawled under my thick stack of blankets. They got in my bed with me. Harry on my left and Niall on my right. My two bestest friends making me feel better. 

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