Give Me Love

*This is also on my Wattpad account* Della Parson is a close friend of Harry Styles. One night Harry has her and few others over for a little get together. When Ed Sheeran unexpectedly shows up in the middle of her singing 'Give Me Love' they connect. Although they say they don't want to date at the moment, they clearly do. What will change their minds about dating.


1. Ed?


Della's POV

I was at Harry's tonight.He is having a little get together with me and some of our friends. I have known Harry since 2009. We have become very close, like brother and sister. Niall had come over with his guitar, and oh so kindly borught mine. "What should Della play guys?" Harry asked. "Give Me Love! She sings that song amazingly." Niall said. I nodded. I started playing the chorus. "Give a little time to me, we'll burn this out. We'll play hide and seek to turn this around. All I want is the taste that your lips allow. My my, my my, my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y.Give me love." I sang. I stopped because there was Ed Sheeran standing there watching me. My face turned red. 

"Well, why did you stop? It was ver y good." Ed said. Harry turned around. "Ed! What's up!" Harry shouted, hugging him. "Nothing, Niall text me earlier and told me to come by. I can see why your friend here is quite a singer." Ed smiled. I blushed. "I'm not that good. Well, I mean, I'll never be as good as you or the boys, know." I said. "Niall, give me your guitar." Ed said sitting next to me. "ooohhhh." they all cooed. "Shut up." Ed and I said. I giggled. "Beginning?" he asked. I nodded. We started playing. It was so cool. 

"Ready?" he asked. I nodded once more. "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone. Oainted splatted tear drops on my shirt. Told you'd I'd let them go." Ed sang. "And that I'll fight my corner. Maybe tonight I'll call ya, after my blood turns into alcohol. No, I just want to hold ya."  I sang. Ed had a smile on his face. "Give a little time to me, we'll burn this out. We'll play hide adn seek, to turn this out. All I want is the taste that you lips allow.  My my, my my, my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y oh give me love. My my, my my-y.Give me love." we all sang. We played the whole song. 

When we finished Harry poured us all drinks. "You were really good." Ed said to me giving Niall back his guitar. "Thanks, I really like playing that song." I blushed. "You do a good job. I am really impressed." He said. "Ed, stop flirting." Harry said. Everyone laughed. He turned red. "Well, in my defense, I was kind of flirting myself."  I said. Harry smiled, a quirky little smile. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Harry, don't even go there." Ed said. "You two like each other." Harry said calmly. Niall laughed and fell off his chair. I started laughing. "Niall, what the hell?" Ed asked, laughing. Matt helped Niall up. "There is no way Ed could like Della! She's not his type." Niall laughed. 

"Oh jeez Niall! I love you too!" I said. "Sorry Dell, I just can't see Ed dating you. I just can't." Niall said hugging me. I pushed him away. "Who said anything about dating? It's just a friendly crush. Right Della?" Ed asked. "Right. And to be honest Niall, I don't want to date anyone right now." I said. Ed smiled. "Good we are on the same page." Ed said. "Yay!" I said. Harry laughed as he handed me a drink. "Della, you an odd one." Matt said. "How so?" I asked. "Well, you are wearing John Lennon sunglasses and a shirt that says 'Party. Sleep. Repeat. They just don't go together." Matt replied. "So, I can wear what ever I want. John Lennon is a freaking peace legend and I like to party...I'm what do they call it, 'Expressing my idividuality.' I'm sorry you're jelly of my glasses." I said. 

Everyone but Matt laughed. "That was good. And I do really like those glasses. They look good on you." Ed said. "Oh my god, Ed, just..just stop now." Harry said. "Why? I was giving her a compliment." Ed said. I blushed. "It's okay, don't listen to Harry. He is just mad 'cause you're talking to me more than him." I said. "Not true!" Harry protested. "Yes it is." I said. Harry threw a pillow at me. I ducked and fell off the little stool I was sitting on. I started laughing. I laid covered my face with my hands and just laughed. "Is the guitar okay?" Ed asked helping me up. "Oh, yeah, I'm guys. Thanks." I said fixing my glasses. "That's great, but is the guitar okay?" Niall asked. "It's fine." I smiled taking it off. 

"Wait, am I the only girl here?!" I asked. Matt, Niall, Ed, and Harry nodded. "They all left." Niall said. "Oh, they must think I am not cool enough to hang out with them. Well you know what they can just go rape a catus and step on a lego bare-footed for all I care. I rather hang out with the guys instead of hearing them talk shit about other people." I said. "You are so fucking loud Dell. You need to turn the volume down about 12 nauches." Harry said patting my head. "Fuck off." I said. He pushed me. I smacked him in the arm. He put me in a head lock. "Harry, let me go." I said, struggling in his grip. "Nope." he said. Ed was laughing. "You dick, let me the go!" I screamed. "Harry, come on, let her go." Ed said. "No!" Harry said. I gritted my teeth. I pulled my arm forward and punched him in the nuts. He squealed and let me go. 

"Anyone else was to mess with me?" I asked pulling my jeans up. They shook their heads. I smiled. "Shall we sing another song then?" I asked. "Sure. What song?" Ed asked. "The A Team." I said. He smiled. I grabbed my guitar. Niall handed him his and we started playing. It was amazing. I have never felt this way when singing. I had butterflies in my stomach and I was nervous...I am never nervous. Whatever Ed was doing to make me feel this was not okay. I want it to stop.

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