Inked (Punk Louis)

Tatianna lives a life full of rules and order. To tell you the truth she's sick and tired of it. What happens when she meets a punk by the name of Louis Tomlinson? He's covered in tattoos and piercings. Everyone says he's bad news. But can Tati stay away?


12. Morinings Rule

"TATIANNA!" an ear piercing shriek echoed through the house. Startled I fell out of bed taking the sheets with me. "God damn it." I mumbled grumpily from the floor, refusing to get up. I'm never going to be a morning person. I'm fully convinced that those who are, are secretly aliens. "TATIANNA! HURRY UP!" Minerva continued to shout. I swear she could wake up the dead with that voice of hers. "I'm going!" I yelled back not even half as loud. After finally deciding to get up I ran about like a chicken without its head as I prepard myself for school. I grabbed my uniform from my closet and hastily ran to the bathroom, occasionally hopping to put my skirt or my socks on. I was in a rush for I had overslept twenty minutes. That explained Minerva's horrible and frantic yelling. As I made my way into the bathroom the first thing I did was gasp. My hand immediatley rushed up to the side of my neck as I caught my reflection in the mirror. "Stupid prat." I mumbled to myself as I quickly applied cover up. I started panicing as it only began to make it look worse. I wasn't an expert on makeup. I just wasn't really a big fan of it and now I regret that. "Dang it!" I shouted now aggrivated. I gave up and just decided to cover it with my hair and pray to God no one would notice it. That wasn't the only thing that was wrong though. My nose was slightly swollen and my wrist was bruised in the shape of Louis' hand. Great. Just my luck. I finished getting ready and ran down the stairs and past the kitchen shouting my goodbyes. I had no time to spare if I wanted to make it to school on time. As I ran out of my house I was greeted by the person who I least wanted to see at the moment. Louis was in my driveway leaning against his car smugly. "Morning babe!" he shouted over to me. "Morning." I said back as I walked right past him and continued my walk to school. "Where are you going?" he asked looking at me curiously. "Um.. to school? Like normal people." I answered in a "matter of fact" tone. "What do you think I'm here for?" he chuckled. "You'll never make it to school on time if you walk." he did have a point. But to be honest I'd rather be late than be stuck in a car with him again. "It's fine. I could walk." I insisted stubbornly causing him to scowl at me. I started walking away triumphantly. I thought I had gotten away with it until I felt Louis pick me up and drag me back to his car. "Are you kidding me?!" I shouted angrily as I started squirming around like an idiot. "Nope." he answered back before throwing me in the passenger seat and locking the door behind me. I crossed my arms angrily like a child as he made his way into the car. Louis looked over at me with a smirk forming on his face as he noticed the hair I had pulled forward to hide my neck. He reached over and moved my hair away in one swift motion. "C'mon love, don't hide it. You're supposed flaunt it." he chuckled stupidly causing me to roll my eyes. He thought he was so clever. Louis sped all the way to my school making it there with a few minutes to spare. He had spent the whole ride trying to convince me to skip. As he pulled up infront of my school almost everyone's eyes turned to face us. He looked disgusted as he caught sight of the uniforms and all the snotty rich kids that attended school here. "You sure you don't wanna ditch?" he asked for the millionth time. "I"m sure." I laughed back at his expression. "How the hell do you survive here?" he inquired still looking like he was going to puke. "Magic." I chuckled. "Well, bye Louis. Thanks for driving me." I was about to get out of the car when his voice stopped me. "Babeeeeeee. Aren't you forgetting something?" he whined like a little kid. "Where's my kiss?" he pouted. I sighed. "Fine. But only a peck on the cheek."  I laughed nervously not wanting to disobey him again. I leaned in but he turned his head the last second and positioned his hand behind my head like last night. He began to kiss me but I didn't react. I didn't want to. I hated how he wanted to control me. Louis scowled and grabbed a handful of my hair threateningly. Scared I gave in again. But not without menatlly cursing at myself for being so weak. But I have to admit, he wasn't the worst kisser. After a while he pulled away with the biggest smirk on his face. "I've trained you well." he chuckled causing my blood to boil. "Trained? What the hell do I look like, your dog?" I snapped angrily. He chuckled at my response. "Well, come to think of it you do act like a bitch at times." He answered smugly. "Fuck you, Tomlinson!" I shouted as I opened the car door and ran out before he could stop me. "I was only kidding babe!" he shouted after me with amusement written all over his face. I slammed the door shut and made my way over to the front of the school. With that Louis sped away like a maniac as usual. The idea of skipping school today actually didn't seem that bad now that I was here. All the conversations that had been going on stopped as soon as I had stepped out of the car. All except for the occasional whispers in which I was certain my name was mentioned. All eyes were on me and I just looked at the ground praying the bell would ring. I hated being the center of attention. One time I had to read at an assembly and I passed out as soon as I stepped foot on stage. Harry had never let me live that one down since.  Where is Harry? I looked up to see him standing a few feet away from looking at the ground also. He was leaning against the school building with his arms crossed and a mixture of anger and hurt on his face. I was about to walk over to him and ask if he was alright when the bell rang. All hell broke loose as the students rushed into the building and just like that I lost him.

The next time I saw him I was collecting my books for class. "Tati...I thought I warned you about him?" Harry mumbled from right beside me. His was eyeing the ground as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. "Harry it's not what it looked like." I answered sincerely. "Then why'd you kiss him!" He looked up at me and his eyes focused on my nose curiously. "What happened to your nose?" My hands rushed up to my face instinctiveley to cover my injury. "Erm.. nothing, Harry. I'm fine." I assured. "What about your wrist?" he asked accusingly. "Erm..I-" Harry frowned. "He did that to you didn't he? He hurt you." He let out a loud sigh before asking me his following question. This question seemed to take the most effort for him to say. "Did he mark you?"

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