Inked (Punk Louis)

Tatianna lives a life full of rules and order. To tell you the truth she's sick and tired of it. What happens when she meets a punk by the name of Louis Tomlinson? He's covered in tattoos and piercings. Everyone says he's bad news. But can Tati stay away?


11. Give up.

There was no way those girls could be related to Louis. They were too bright and adorable to be siblings with someone like him. He was the complete opposite of them. But it was obvious he cared more about them than anything in the world and the thought made me smile. He was actually capable of loving someone. Whether it be his little sisters or not, for once he actually showed he had feelings other than anger. My thoughts were interrupted by Louis wiping the blood off of my nose. "Oww!" I winced. My eyes were getting watery from the pain. Had I broken it? "Does it hurt terribly, babe?" Louis asked worriedly. I just rolled my eyes at him. "Does it?" he asked impatiently. I sighed loudly. "Why would you care? It's your fault to begin with! I've barely met you and I'm already tired of your mood swings." I said while rubbing my nose. Louis just stayed silent and observed me for a bit. "Look Tati, I'm sorry." he sighed. "I really am." I just nodded my head not fully forgiving him. As much as I'd like to, I know he'd do something and make me regret it later. "Louis, I think I should go home now. It's getting late." I mumbled quietly. Without a word he helped me up and lead me outside with his hand wrapped around mine. He didn't let go until he had opened the car door for me sweetly. It was moments like these that I actually wouldn't mind dating Louis, but then there were his horrible mood swings where he could be a gentleman one minute and a total jerk the next.

 After I hesitantly told him my adress, the car ride home was silent. Well, except for the Fray playing silently in the background. Suddenly I felt Louis' hand being placed on my thigh. "Louis, can you please move your hand?" I sighed in annoyance. He got a huge smirk on his face as he began to rub his hand up and down. "You know what I meant you perv!" I said while swatting his hand away. "You know you enjoy it." he said and turned to wink at me. "Shutup you prick." I shot back in disgust. "Well all I'm saying is you didn't deny it." he chuckled causing me to flick him on the head playfully. My eyes widened shortly after. He wasn't exactly the playful type. Louis shut his eyes briefly and took a few deep breaths. "Do that again and I swear you'll regret it." he groweled angrily. He was clutching the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were turning white. Scared I just looked down and stayed quiet. Niether one of us talked or seemed to want to. The radio continued to play and I just put my attention towards the music. I smiled as my favourite song from the Fray came on. "Step one, you say you need to talk. He walks, you say "sit down it's just a talk." I began to sing along. I could feel Louis' gaze on me from time to time as I conitnued. "He smiles politley back at you. You stare politley right on through." I turned to see Louis smiling warmly at me making me blush and stay silent. "Aww c'mon, keep singing, love. I love the sound of your voice." he said with the smile still plastered on his face. I began to smile too as an idea popped into my head. "On one condition." I answered cheerfully and fully content with the thought in my head. Louis eyed me curiously. "What?" he chuckled. "You sing with me." I smiled sweetly. He rolled his eyes and continued to focus his attention on the road. "Pleaseeeeeee?" I whined like a little kid, trying my best not to laugh. "Fine but you start, first." he said after giving it some thought. "As he begins to raise his voice, you lower yours and grant him one last choice." I sang happily. "Drive until you lose the road, or break with the ones you've folllowed." he sang back. He had an amazing voice which left me mesmorized. We continued to sing until my house came into view. I had even rewinded the song a few times making Louis laugh. He pulled into my driveway just as the song ended for the millionth time. "Well goodnight, babe." he smiled. "Night Louis." I smiled back not bothering to argue and say he had no right to call me babe. I had made the decision that after this I would do my best to avoid him in every way possible. He was nothing but trouble except for the occasional times he was nice and it was obvious he'd only hurt me. It's not like I'd run into him anyway. Just as I was about to open the car door Louis pulled me back. I turned around to question what was wrong when I felt his lips smash into mine. He cunningly put his hand behind my head, stopping me from pulling away from the kiss. He continued but I refused to kiss him back. He gave up and pulled away, staring me right in the eyes. "Aren't you going to kiss me back?" he asked annoyed once again. "No Louis." I mumbled. He chuckled slightly. "That's what you think." he said before pulling me into another kiss. This time he began pulling on my hair with the hand he placed behind my head and was about to break the same wrist he had hurt earlier with the other. I tried staying strong and still refused him but he wouldn't give in. By now tears were flooding out of my eyes from the pain. He inflicted so much pain to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and just gave into him. I felt him smile as I kissed him back.Why? Why did this have to happen? The tears continued but it was no longer from the physical pain. It was from realising how screwed I really was. There was no way Louis was going to give up on me that easily. But something in the back of my head told me I didn't want him to...

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