Inked (Punk Louis)

Tatianna lives a life full of rules and order. To tell you the truth she's sick and tired of it. What happens when she meets a punk by the name of Louis Tomlinson? He's covered in tattoos and piercings. Everyone says he's bad news. But can Tati stay away?


10. An Innocent Act?

I just stayed there not bothering to try and push him off of me anymore. I was taking in all that had just happened and was lost in a trance gazing into his stunning eyes. His stunning sea colored eyes. From this angle he didn't look dangerous or like he was capable of hurting anyone. Louis was just beautiful. That was just one of the many words I could think of to describe him at this moment. Louis let out a smile as he realized I had given in. Not a smirk. A real smile that lit up his whole face making it more gorgeous than ever before. His eyes had little crinkles next to them as his smile seemed to even be written on his eyes. "You're really beautiful you know that?" I found myself mumbling. I felt myself blush and mentally face palmed myself. I just called a guy beautiful. What a masculine compliment, Tatianna. Louis just let out a small chuckle at my choice of words. Then it hit me. This is the boy that Harry warned me about. This is the boy who hurt me when I didn't do what he wanted me to do. The boy I just called "beautiful" is a controlling monster who basically just violated my space and marked me against my will. I pushed all of the thoughts I just had out of my head. He was anything but beautiful. I caught him off gaurd and managed to push him of the couch. He landed on the ground with thud and I didn't waste a second. I jumped over him and made a run for the door before he had even registered what happened. Just as I thought I had escaped I felt his hand grip my ankle and next thing I knew the ground was rushing up to meet me. "Aughh!" I cried out as I hit the floor face first. I could already feel the blood running out of my nose from the impact. "Dang it" I growled as my hand immediatley rushed up to my my bleeding nose. All of a sudden I felt Louis dragging me backwards across the floor. I tried crawling away but he was just to strong for me. No matter what the situation was I never seemed able to escape him. By now he had pulled me right next to him and held me tight so I wasn't able to move. I was pressed right against him and barely managed to turn slightly and see his face. The once beautiful eyes that seemed to hold the sea itself now looked as though a storm was taking place inside of them. They were dark and filled with anger. His jaw was clenched and looked as if he had, had enough of me. " Don't you ever dare try anything like that again." he managed to say through his teeth. "I'm not going to fall for your stupid little tricks from now on. You're such a liar. You only said that and pretended so you could try and leave when I least expected it. You're nothing but a hypocrite." he tightened his hold on me as he spoke clearly getting angrier. But there was also something else in his voice. He sounded hurt. Like he had actually believed me and I had hurt him. I hurt Louis Tomlinson. Out of no where the sound of laughter and chattering could be heard from right outside the door followed by the jingling of keys. Louis' face softened as the four girls from the pictures I had seen earlier made their way into the house gleefully. All of their brightness seemed to vanish as soon as they caught sight of Louis and me on the floor. It didn't look bad at all. Honestly, it looked as if he was just cuddling me. It was the blood running heavily out of my nose that had them staring worriedly. Did they know of what their brother was capable of? Or did he just play an innocent act for their sake? "Louis.. i-is she alright?" one of the twins stuttered not taking her eyes off of me once. "Of course she is Daisy." Louis fake smiled at the little girl. "She just tripped and took a bad fall. That's all. Isn't that right, love?" he said while nudging me. I nodded quickly and smiled back at her. "You're just like Fizzy." Daisy's twin giggled at me. "She's always falling face first into the ground." The girl I assumed was Fizzy just scowled down at her little sister. "That's enough Phoebe." she warned with a hint of a smile finding its way onto her face. I always wished I had siblings to kind of banter with for a change. Not in a bad way though. Just to kind of joke around with and have a good time. "Lottie would you please bring her some tissue please?" Louis asked hopefully. Lottie let out a sly smile. "Only if you tell me what was going on before she fell." she said while wiggling her eyebrows causing Fizzy to have a fit of laughter. These girls were one of a kind. "Lottie. Please." Louis chuckled. She just rolled her eyes and went off to get what he had asked for. A few seconds later she appeared with a tissue box in hand which she tossed at her brother. "Thanks L." he smiled. "I left you girls some dinner on the stove in case you're hungry." he informed causing Daisy and Phoebe to rush into the kitchen followed by their giggling sisters.

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