Inked (Punk Louis)

Tatianna lives a life full of rules and order. To tell you the truth she's sick and tired of it. What happens when she meets a punk by the name of Louis Tomlinson? He's covered in tattoos and piercings. Everyone says he's bad news. But can Tati stay away?


4. A Friend's House

The sound of lockers slamming and people shouting filled the corridors of Clairmont High School. To be honest I had been dreading the end of the day. Ashley had made me call Minerva during lunch period to let her know I'd be running late due to a "school project". My hands shook as I shoved my  books into my backpack and closed my locker. As soon as I did I let out a loud screech due to what I found behind it. "HARRY! Don't scare me like that!" I laughed and playfully shoved him. He however remained straight faced with a look of concern clearly visible in his eyes. "Tati, I know that boy scared you earlier with the whole following you thing." he sighed placing one of his large hands on my shoulder. "You're never this jumpy about things...And well to be honest I do think you have something to be worried about with him. He's a dangerous prick and there's no telling what he's capable of. I don't think it's good idea of you walking home on your own. At least not today. I was thinking I could give you a ride home if you like? You'll be alot safer as long as Harold the brave is beside you!" He ended with a smile playing on his lips. I however was the one not to return it this time. He looked at me questioningly. I couldn't just leave Ashley hanging that way. As much as I hated the idea and preffered to go home with Harry to look out for me, I couldn't. I wondered if I should even tell him about our planned adventure across town. "Tati?" he asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I sighed loudly and looked up at him sadly. "I'd love you to drive me home Harry. Really I would but I can't go with you." He looked down at me studying my face. "Why not? I'd feel alot better knowing my best friend made it home in one piece." he clearly was not going to give up easily. You know those moments where older brothers are more over protective then parents? Well this was one of those moments for me. Harry looked down at me pleadingly. I bit my bottom lip nervously preparing myself to tell him the truth. I stood there like a child ready to confess somehting to their parents and await punishment. "I promised Ash I'd go to a candy shop across town with her to chill for a bit." I fessed up. Harry looked at me flaburgasted. "What?!" he exclaimed. Here comes the lecture. "Tati, you do realize that you have to cross the bad part of town to get to the shop she's talking about right? The part where Tomlinson and his gang of rats hang out? You'll be lucky if you make it out of their with one piece of your clothes. At least let me go with you?" He finished. Well that wasn't as bad as I had expected. But it was a pretty good idea to take Harry with me. As soon as I was about to say he could come with us a feminine voice interrupted me. "Not a chance Styles. It's girls only. Besides the other part of town isn't as bad as you make it out to be." Ashley smirked. Harry just glared at her. He never trusted Ashley about anything and to be honest no one else did either. I don't understand why though. She could easily be one of the nicest people I know. "Fine." He finally said through his teeth. He gave me a quick hug and was on his way out of the school. Ashley looked over at me triumphantly. "Leggoo!" she shouted and just like that we were on our way.

* A Few Minutes Later*

We were now crossing the "bad" area of our town. It somehow looked darker than any other area I'd seen. Graffiti covered the walls and things like beer bottles, and needles littered the floor. I looked around paranoid that something would happen to us. I was jumpier and more anxious than ever before. Ashley seemed more cheerful and carefree than ever. I looked over at her curiously. "How could you be so calm about this?" I asked her. She just shrugged and let out laugh. "Hey can we stop by my friend's house real quick? I left somthing there the other day and well they live right around the corner?" she asked. Something about the way she said that seemed suspicious. Although I couldn't find anything wrong with what she said it still felt off. "Sure." I agreed without thinking. A few moments later we were on the front porch of a beat up old house ringing the doorbell. I looked around as we waited for the door to open when something in the driveway caught my attention.............An old rusting black mustang.

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