Everywhere Without You

Zane Taylor's life was turned upside down, not because his parents started beating him, or because his friends at school turned on him and he is all of a sudden an outcast. No, it is none of those. Instead it is something that he feels didn't only turn his life upside down, but made it... unlivable.


1. The Funeral

     "C'mon, higher!" Katie's giggly squeal sounded from basically the top of the swingset. I rolled my eyes,

     "If I push you any higher, you'll go all the way around!" She laughed, her blonde curls flying in her face. Perfection itself.

     "Should I jump?" Her voice became serious, but I knew she was hiding a smile; knowing I would try to stop her.

     "Sure." The smirk evident in my tone. I knew she would be taken by surprise. I heard her gasp, then quickly recover with a taunting remark,

     "Fine, catch me then." She giggled, switching it around on me... as usual. I moved my feet without a second thought in front of her swing. She raised her eyebrow at me questioningly, I grinned,

     "You gonna do it?" Her hesitation answered my question,

     "No balls, huh?"  I asked, she shook her head stubbornly, closed her eyes, and jumped, trusting I would catch her. I held my arms out, thinking I too, should close my eyes. I decided against it. A weight came crashing down on me and I landed in the soft grass with a thud. Her giggles filled my ears and her curls surrounded our faces. It was just me and her; exactly how I wanted it to be. She smiled at me, her lips connected with my cheeks, repeatedly. I laughed,

     "Babe, quit." I said, smirking.

     "Make me." She said mischeviously.

     "Alright." I crept my hands up the sides of her shirt, her eyes grew wide. She shook her head quickly, disagreeing with my soon to come decision. I began to tickle her as she let out cute high pitched squeals. I flipped us over, our eyes meeting for what seemed like forever. I loved it. Her brown eyes seemed to look through me, every feature, every detail, every secret, she knew it, she saw it. Suddenly I feel a breeze of cool air and a tiny raindrop lands on my arm signaling goose bumps all over my body, and I yank myself into reality. ********

     I look down at the spot where the rain drop was and a tear laid. Everything, numb. I look around at everyone dressed in black, masacara running, stone faced men. All these people Katie gave so much to remember and left them without saying goodbye.

     "- She used to look at everyone with a smile, never quick to judge, and so open- minded. She will always be that little girl who snuck in my bed at night, only to have a poof of that crazy hair for me to wake up too, or those big brown eyes that always looked so happy. She used to dress up in a pink and fluffy dress with a tiara that was WAY to big for her and have little tea parties that she- " Her father paused and let a tear roll down his face, then he sniffled, "That she would make me join, but I am content to know t-that my princess has her castle." He straightened his posture and pulled down the bottom of his suit.

     I hear a stifled cry coming from beside me, I look over and see Katie's best friend, Dana clutching her stomach, rushing out of the church doors. Silence creeps through the room, everyone is stiff, eyes locked on the door. I look at all of the crying faces and I can't find myself to cry as they do. I don't know what to feel, maybe it's because I don't feel.

     "Honey, are you going to need a ride home?" My mother asked me quietly, her delicate hand resting on my shoulder. I didn't look for the words to say, so I nodded once. Her hand left my shoulder and she kissed my cheek. The sound of her heals landing quietly on the carpet was the last thing I heard before I was completely alone. Katie's lifeless body lay in the casket. I stood up slowly, feeling the blood rush from my head. My footsteps seemed uneven and uncoordinated as my body began to move towards hers.

     I looked down at her. Her lips pale, and her eyes closed. I stuck my hand out to push that pesky loose curl from her face for the last time. There she was, more perfect than a picture, and more beauty than words could describe. Her laugh so sexy and her smile made me weak. When she would bat her eyelashes at me whenever she wanted something, made me crazy. How was I supposed to live without that?

     I bent over and placed a kiss on her cold lips, like Prince Phillip did in her favorite Disney Movie, Sleeping Beauty. Maybe, just maybe, she would open her eyes and bat those eyelashes at me one more time...my heart fell when she didn't.

     "I love you, Katie Marie Carter. Don't you ever forget it."

     "I love you too. Forever and always." I walked out silently, not forgetting those words that I would never hear again out loud.



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