Perfectly Imperfect

Rachel gets abused by her father evry day. One day she finally runs away and she meets Harry. They soon become friends......or maybe more. Will there be heartbreak? Romance? Read to find out!



1. I Can`t take this anymore

                                          Rachels POV


        "RACHEL GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!"My so called dad yelled to me. I`m going to get hurt so bad. "I`m coming."I said to him. I started walking down the steps very slowly, but I ran the rest of the way so I can get this over with. "Where did you go last night?"He asked me. "I was at Erica`s house..."I said. "DId I say you can go?"He growled at me. "Well, no but mom did.."I said."Well you should have come to me first."He said. "I`m sorry. I will next time."I said. "There won`t be a next time." The words echoed in my head. "What do you mean?"I whispered. "I mean-" Before he could finish I ran out the door and ran as far as I can. I ended up in a meadow. I  stopped to take a breath when I saw a boy who looked about my age sitting under a willow tree. I waalked over to the willow tree and stood in front of the boy.



                                           Harry`s POV


         "Harry what did you do to Louis?"Liam asked. "I didn`t do anything."I said. "Well your the last one who talked to him and he`s really sad."Liam said. "I`ll go talk to him."I said. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I started getting annoyed and I just walked in the room. There was Louis, laying on his bed..... surrounded in tissues. "Louis what`s wrong?"I asked. "E-Eleanor j-just broke up w-with m-me."HE said. I ran over and hugged him. It`s okay maybe it just wasn`t meant to be. You`ll find someone better."I told him. "Really?"He asked. "Yes you`ll find many girls that you like but only one of them will be the one."I said. "Thanks..."He said. I gave him a pat on the shoulder and left. "Liam I`m going for a walk."I said. "Okay."He said and I started walking out. I decided to go to the meadow. I sat in my usual spot under the willow tree. After a few minutes I saw a girl who had Blonde curly hair, and green eyes. She walked over in front of me. "Um do you mind if I sit here?"She asked. "Sure."I said moving over. "so what brongs you here?"I asked. "Um well uh..."She said. "Oh um I`m sorry.."I said. She smiled at me. "It`s okay.....Well, um my dad. He uh...abuses me."She said whispering the last part. "Oh I had no idea I`m so sorry."I said. She started crying on me. "Oh I`m sorry. It`s probably awkward having a total stranger crying on you."She said. "No it`s fine."I said smiling at her. Even though I just met her, I feel like I knew her forever.

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