Heartbreak secrets

Haley Rosabella Ashley-Payne, or as she likes to be called, Rose, is not your ordinary 15yr old girl. People outside of her and guardian's London apartment think she is the secret daughter or even niece of some famous band member called Liam Payne, just because her and Liam's last name is Payne, doesn't mean they are related in anyway... Right?
When you meet Haley, she'll be the quiet, mysterious quiet girl inside and out. She doesn't want anyone interfering in her dark life anymore. She has a choice to make, but what if 5 people entered into her life and changed the view of her future... Would one of them break the dark life she is in... or make it even worse? Would dark secrets, be revealed or kept locked inside?


5. Chapter 4

"We want to talk about something that you should be concerned about. Is it alright to come inside? So no one outside of this apartment can hear our conversation that we are going to have." The-boy-who-was-laughing-with-the-older-boy explained to me. I guess, he has to be the responsible one in this group.

"How would I know you're the good guys and not some creepy evil boy group in disguise trying to kidnap me? I don't even know if I am suppose to know you guys... Should I?" I asked with curiosity.

"Oh um, well I'm Liam. This crazy person next to me is Louis. Niall is the cute dirty blonde, Zayn is the one with not much hair. And Harry is the long curly/wavey hair. And together we make one direction!" Liam smiled at me, while the other boys were sort of kneeling are now standing up. I smiled back at Liam and I instantly felt a connection between us, a sibling connection. This felt like I have met him before, like we somehow met in the past. I wonder...

"Well, then nice to meet you. I prefer Rose then Haley and I'm sorry for being rude. Please come in and don't wreck anything" I turned around and walked quickly to the kitchen

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