Heartbreak secrets

Haley Rosabella Ashley-Payne, or as she likes to be called, Rose, is not your ordinary 15yr old girl. People outside of her and guardian's London apartment think she is the secret daughter or even niece of some famous band member called Liam Payne, just because her and Liam's last name is Payne, doesn't mean they are related in anyway... Right?
When you meet Haley, she'll be the quiet, mysterious quiet girl inside and out. She doesn't want anyone interfering in her dark life anymore. She has a choice to make, but what if 5 people entered into her life and changed the view of her future... Would one of them break the dark life she is in... or make it even worse? Would dark secrets, be revealed or kept locked inside?


4. Chapter 3

The older boy looked at me weirdly then smiled at me creepily. The 4 boys who were watching the situation between me and the boy, mainly kept looking at me the most, probably because I am wearing pink pyjamas with unicorns and rainbows, and also looking like a mess up vampire... But then again, how are vampires messed up, they seem so perfect and sparkly (hehe see what I did there.. huh? No, ok then...)

"We are so sorry that we came here at your apartment, and making us," The-boy-who-was-laughing-with-the-older-boy pointed to the 3 boys who are slowly standing up, "Fall to our deaths. We didn't know there was some consequences once you opened the door. Better keep that in mind, the next time we visit." The-boy-was-laughing-with-the-older-boy smiled an apologetic smile at me, and then glared at the boys.

"We are deeply sorry, next time we visit you, I would bring Nando's, ice cream, pizza, any food that you want." The boy with the dirty blonde hair said.

"What do you mean, the next time you'll visit me?!"

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