Heartbreak secrets

Haley Rosabella Ashley-Payne, or as she likes to be called, Rose, is not your ordinary 15yr old girl. People outside of her and guardian's London apartment think she is the secret daughter or even niece of some famous band member called Liam Payne, just because her and Liam's last name is Payne, doesn't mean they are related in anyway... Right?
When you meet Haley, she'll be the quiet, mysterious quiet girl inside and out. She doesn't want anyone interfering in her dark life anymore. She has a choice to make, but what if 5 people entered into her life and changed the view of her future... Would one of them break the dark life she is in... or make it even worse? Would dark secrets, be revealed or kept locked inside?


3. Chapter 2

I screamed with fright, that my automatic defence skills turned on, and before I knew what I was doing, the 3 boys, dirty blonde hair, brown long/curly hair, and a guy with shaved hair were kneeling on the floor covering their special place. While the 2 boys that both had brown hair, but one of them has some hair showing on his chin and looks older then the 4 boys.

"oh my god! I am so sorry. Just an automatic thing I do when 5 boys creepily shows up at my apartment!" I shouted with annoyance and glared at the older boy (The eldest is always up to mischief)

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