Heartbreak secrets

Haley Rosabella Ashley-Payne, or as she likes to be called, Rose, is not your ordinary 15yr old girl. People outside of her and guardian's London apartment think she is the secret daughter or even niece of some famous band member called Liam Payne, just because her and Liam's last name is Payne, doesn't mean they are related in anyway... Right?
When you meet Haley, she'll be the quiet, mysterious quiet girl inside and out. She doesn't want anyone interfering in her dark life anymore. She has a choice to make, but what if 5 people entered into her life and changed the view of her future... Would one of them break the dark life she is in... or make it even worse? Would dark secrets, be revealed or kept locked inside?


2. Chapter 1

Hot. Salty. Blurry.

Words can not describe how much pain I was going through at the moment. The laughter and teasing were still ringing through my ears. And I just couldn't open my eyes, no one was there to wake me up... So I had to go through the pain, at the end of it, I woke up.

I tried to breathe, but my breaths wouldn't come out or come in.

I tried to only think about how to breathe, but it took me a few minutes to breathe again. Things in my life is becoming more frustrating then I could imagine. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes to make me feel a bit wide awake.

Then I walked over to the balcony, to feel the fresh air against my skin. Shivers went up and down my spine, like a spider suddenly decided to crawl under my clothes. I looked down to see reporters and girls... and maybe boys down on the footpath... Oh no, not again! since I started school this year, every (well not every, more like 3/4) would come and ask me if I am the secret daughter or niece of a famous Liam Payne. I'm going to say this once. I am NOT RELATED to LIAM PAYNE. Well, not that I know of. I haven't seen my guardian for a few months now, as she is on a business trip or a an emergency errand. So I don't know the answer to the question, if I am related to Liam Payne. All she has told me was that my parents didn't want me after 2 weeks old, my dad left me and my mum after a few days I was born, then my mum left me with my mum/guardian, Ella.

A knock at the door distracted me from my thoughts, and I walked over to the door. Before I did, I checked myself out in the mirror. My hair was in a mess, like a bird attacked or arranged my hair for a nest. I looked like a vampire, except I am like the opposite of the beauty from the Cullen family. And I am wearing bright pink pyjamas that has unicorns and rainbows on them. But besides all of that, I looked like a perfectly fine person.

Then I opened the door, and standing in front of me... were 5 creepily smiled boys... Help!

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