I'll save you

Sequel to you saved me


2. School

True's POV:
I woke up to the piglets squealing.I jumped out of bed and got ready for school.I went to this really awesome school that's only for the kids of celebrities.I stuffed my supplies for the talent show today into my backpack.I changed into some black jeans,a plain black shirt,some black sneakers,and some black mesh gloves.I put on some black lipstick and eyeshadow.I pulled out my phone and texted my best friend from school,Sian,she Zayn Malik's youngest daughter.I picked up my backpack and rad downstairs." Hey mom" I said." Hey true" mom said."I think I'm gonna take cookie to school today" I said.Cookie was my horse,she had a stall in the stables at school."okay sweetheart" mom said.I ran outside and tacked cookie.I mounted and rode to Sian's house and knocked on her door."Oh hey True" Mikita,Sian's older brother,said."hey Mikita I'm here to get Sian" I said."oh,ok,I'll go tell Sian" Mikita said.Mikita walked away from the door.I stood silently and Mikita came back a few moments later."she'll be ready soon" Mikita said."ok" I said."so,true,I was wondering if you we're free this Saturday cuz I'm going to Disneyland with some friends" Mikita asked."umm,yeah I'm free Saturday" I said."ok I'll pick you up at nine,wear something pretty" Mikita said."hey true boo" I heard Sian yell."hey Sian" I said."did you ride cookie" Sian asked."yeah" I said."okay,just give me a sec to ride cocoa up front" Sian said.Sian ran off and rode her horse up front.I hopped on cookie and rode along side Sian."so are you still entering the talent show" Sian asked."yeah" I said."good luck,everyone's going" Sian said."I know but I'm ready" I said.We rode to school and put our horses in the stables.We walked into class and sat on our desks to talk."so I heard that Adam really likes you" Sian said."meh,he's cute,but not my type" I said.We sat in our desks and the teacher walked in.
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