I'll save you

Sequel to you saved me


1. Catching up

Sonya's POV:
I was sitting at the dinner table with hope and true,Nathan was off at some concert.So to recap,true and hope are thirteen now,Nathan still hasn't retired like he promised,as for Amanda and jay,they're married and Amanda is pregnant with her second child,she has one eight year old daughter and is pregnant with a boy.Hope looks more like Nathan,she's really popular and beautiful,true looks more like me,well she would if she would stop dying her hair black,she never talks and only wears black,however she's very caring and she adopts animals a lot."so your father is coming home from tour this weekend" I said."yay" hope said."true,why aren't you eating,it's your favorite,bacon wrapped steak with mushrooms" I said."mom,I'm a vegan" true said."oh" I said."I have to get back to my room,the kits need to eat" true said.
Trues POV:
I ran up to my room and locked my door.I looked at my German shepherd,tonya,who was nursing her 4 pups,3 orphan kittens,and 5 orphan piglets.I looked over at the three skunk kits who's mother was run over.I picked up the girl kit,Napa, and started feeding her.I looked over at my corn snake tank that I mounted on the wall."where's pipsqueak" I asked myself,pipsqueak was an eight day old miniature goat.Pipsqueak jumped on my bed and head butted me."there you are" I said.I walked to the other end of my room where my mother ferret,Gina,who was nursing her 4 babies.then I looked at my mother hedgehog,peanut,who was nursing her 5 babies.I had so many animals,including my pythons,Monte and kila.I hopped in my bed and went to sleep
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