Your love is irresistable

When Eleora leaves Homes Chapel to live back home in Poland, where her mum is utterly ill, she leaves Harry, her boyfriend, behind for 5 years. By-and-by, their love will fade away; Harry would be travelling the world with his band while Eleora found a guy named Fillip that she might be falling for. Promises were made but will eventually be broken. What will happen when they see each other?


4. T h r e e


Harry's P.O.V:


4 years later:


I couldn't believe I was in New York City. I was going to perform at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night , which is our biggest gig ever as a band. Zayn was talking about how crazy are fans are, they've been waiting out our hotel since last night, and we were in November so they must be freezing out there. I was looking through my instagram in bed, till I saw a picture of her. Eleora. It's been almost 2 years that we've lost contact. Through what I saw, she completely forgot about me. She posted a picture of her and her new boyfriend I suppose. 

'Romantic diner with Fillip at Nino's <3' which showed a picture of her and that Fillip guy.

It torned me apart. She was with another guy while I was still in love with her.

"Haz, are you still thinking about that chick when you were 19?"said Louis while texting someone.

"No"I lied.


"Lads, Paul said that we should go check on our fans because they must be rackling out there in the cold! He said that he ordered hot chocolate and we should distribute it to them, I mean it's the least we could do.Sounds good?"said Niall excited.

"Okay, let me dress up first." I guess this would change my mind.


Louis P.O.V:

I knew something was wrong with Harry. He was different. He wasn't the guy who was always cheeky and happy...He was sad. I knew it was about this girl he knew when he was 19 and now she allegedly has a new boyfriend and Haz is extremely sad. I decided Harry needed to move on. I needed to find him a new girl.


Harry's P.O.V:

As we went outside to distribute hot chocolate to our fans, I realized how cold it was in New York in December. I scanned through the crowd of girls, but one of them outstanded  all of them. She looked exactly like Elly; brown-blond wavy hair with big blue eyes and soft pink lips. I needed her.


"Hey, would you want some hot coco love?"I said, trying to convince her.

"Yeah sure, why not."

"It's freezing out here, would you like to go inside our hotel, you could stay there with me if you want, I sincerely wouldn't mind the presence of such a beautiful girl."I winked at her.

She just laughed and nodded.

I grabbed her hand and leaded her out of the crowd.Her soft touch made me shiver.

"I was wondering what is your name love?"

"Sarah"She said shyly.

"That's a nice name" came out of nowhere. Really Harry, "nice name", couldn't you find better?

"Thanks but 'Sarah" is quite a common name"she said while lightly laughing.


As we went up, I couldn't stop staring at her. She was just magnificent as Eleora, but soon then I thought, was she just a rebound girl?



Sarah's P.O.V:


What the heck just happened? Harry Styles just asked me to go to his hotel.What?!  Not meaning I don't want any of this, I'm just wondering why me? I mean I'm not that pretty.Maybe it was because I showed pity?Maybe.  At school I was just that rejected person that nobody would care of. You get use to it more the time goes. I really hadn't had a boyfriend before, well I actually had one, but let's say it wasn't really a "relationship" worthy called love. Anyways, my thoughts were all scattered and crowded in my brain, but the main thing I thought of  was this   a dream and that | would wake up all sweaty in my bed in that ugly apartment I own. I surprisingly slapped myself to see if this was actually true, but I think I slapped myself a bit too hard which lead an "OW" coming out from my mouth. I heard a giggle from behind me.

"Stop laughing at me, it's not funny!"

"I have absolutely every reason in the world to laugh. A normal person doesn't slap itself for no reason" Harry said while cracking up.  

"Maybe I do have a reason"

"Then what is it love?"

Ugh, I hated when he called me 'love'. It gave me butterflies flutter in my stomach."Never mind"I blurted out, not wanting to explain my dumb reason. He would just say the typical guy thing'No you're not ugly, blablabla, you're pretty and you seem pretty nice "sort of bullshit.We reached the top floor and went to his room R-753.Holy shit it was big.Maybe even bigger than my apartment.He offered that we watch a movie to kill time, which I really didn't mind because Harry freaking Styles was next to me.We decided to watch '500 days of Summer',which is one of my favorite movies of all time.It was now 10 pm when the movie ended and I decided to go back home.

"Where do you think you're going?"he asked seeming confused. Didn't he know how late it is? Or did he want me to stay? Sarah stop making ideas in your head, he wouldn't want you to stay. "Home?"I say unsure of his reaction. What else  was I suppose to say. "You should stay, it's pretty late and who knows who's  out there, you might get hurt. I can ask Paul to drop you home tomorrow morning if you want, but please stay for the night?"Harry pleaded. Maybe just one night? "Okay, but are you su-" I was soon cut off by Harry."Don't worry, the boys won't mind your presence, I swear."


We were about to sleep, well to be exact we were both lying on his bed. I said I was going to  be okay if I stayed on the couch, but he obliged me and I wouldn't let him sleep on the floor, it was his room after all. It was quite awkward, because we were just there, hanging out on his bed at 11 pm. I wasn't sleepy at all, I usually slept at 1 am because I needed to finish my homework because I finished worked at 9. He suddenly broke the silence by saying"You know you're really pretty, you know that?" I think I blushed, no, for sure I did. I knew I wasn't ugly of the prettiest girl, but I was average. He knew famous models, celebrities and much more prettier girls than me, so why was he telling me this? I usually didn't really get compliments from strangers, except from my parents. "Why are you telling me this?"I asked, wondering what must be his answer."Well because you look like the girl of my dreams" he said.


Harry's P.O.V:

That's when I kissed her. I just thought it was the right moment, well surely it was. It felt really good, as cheesy as it sounds, there was sparks coming out from everywhere. I think I might be liking her and maybe she liked me back. She finally broke the kiss which lead me wanting more. "Wow, that was amazing"I said showing how good that kiss was."Yeah"she said while grinning.I guess by that she liked it too.

"Well I guess we should go to sleep love"

"Okay then, night Harry"she said while putting covers on her small body and turning herself on the side so her back was facing me.

"Sweet dreams love"I blurted out while closing the lights.


Later that night, I still couldn't sleep. I was mainly thinking about my feelings towards Sarah. Was she the one that will make me move on?









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