Your love is irresistable

When Eleora leaves Homes Chapel to live back home in Poland, where her mum is utterly ill, she leaves Harry, her boyfriend, behind for 5 years. By-and-by, their love will fade away; Harry would be travelling the world with his band while Eleora found a guy named Fillip that she might be falling for. Promises were made but will eventually be broken. What will happen when they see each other?


7. S i x


Eleora's P.O.V:


The next day consisted of chilling at their house, which kind of sucked. Harry went out shopping with Sophia because she insisted him to come. Anyways, I'm leaving soon, which meant in maybe half an hour.  I needed to go back home to go pack my stuff for London, and make sure my dad was really fine with my decision. 

"Fil, I'm gonna go now, I've got to pack, remember?"

"Oh yeah, totally forgot. Anyways, let me drop you home," he said to me, grabbing by arm to join his. I grabbed my backpack, where my clothes where instored  and  left. I didn't get a proper chance to say goodbye to his mum, his dad, neither his sister. They all left the house because they had errands to do. 

Filip opened the door for me and I accepted. He came from the other side and started the engine. 

The ride back to my house was fairly silent, considering I was mostly thinking my trip to London and about Harry. I've had this feeling,it was killing me, wondering if I was doing the right thing. But when you heart is truly gone to another person who you think is the reason why you live, then nobody can tear you apart. Nothing.

"Here we are babe"

"Umh ya, well see you in a month," that sounded completely rude replaying in my head. I was going to exit his Toyota when he reached and grabbed my arm.

"I love you."

Oh no, I was trying to avoid this all along the way. "L-love yoo-u too." It was fairly awkward. I felt bad because there were no emotions under my words. 

I left the car and walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Footsteps came rushing through the door and a 'click' beeped, meaning the door was unlock. 

My dad stood there waiting for a hug which I gave back pleasantly. As I remember, I was a daddy's girl, and I still am. I didn't spent much time with my mum, mainly because she was a thousand miles away and stuck in the hospital. Dad was the only one who supported me during my childhood, but I couldn't blame her.

"So how was your weekend honey?" said his intriguing voice while closing the door behind me.

"Really  interesting. And about that, I need to talk to you about it."

This is the part telling Harry came back in my life and that I don't know what to do. He directed me to sit on the kitchen table while we both sat there, him waiting for me to explain my situation.

"Remember Harry?" I said.

"Of course I do! That charming boy. I wonder where he is now." 

Here we go. "So I arrived at Fil's house and everything was going extremely fine until, his sister came down with her boyfriend. Now here's the complicated part. Her boyfriend is Harry. The Harry that you know. So when we ate, everything was completely awkward dad. Then they went to pick up their dad, leaving me and Harry behind. He came to my room, then we kind of poured our hearts out and we kissed and I love him and he loves me and it's really complicated, he said he never stopped loving me and he missed me and-" I stopped. I felt water starting to build up in my eyes.

"The only thing I suggest is to follow your heart, follow the path he is guiding you to. That will lead you to happiness. That's what I did with your mum, and look at me now, I have a gorgeous little girl falling in love and that makes me a happy dad." He   got up and came besides me and hugged me. 

"Tell Harry to visit me sometime. I miss him. He could help me fix my car like before," he quietly said, comforting me.

"Thanks dad. I love you so much" I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He told me to go back up and fix my stuff for London tomorrow. My dad was genuinely amazing. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't here.

I entered my room and jumped on my bed while checking my phone. I saw I had 3 text from Harry and one from Cara. I opened Harry's first obviously. 

From: Harry asdfghjkl <3

Hey Ely, I miss you :( Can't wait for tomorrow!!! I'll send you my adresse tonight. Don't want Sarah questioning anything. Have a great day babe! Luff youuu. XX

From:Harry asdfghjkl  <3

Hiiiiiiiii. Miss youuuuu so much. :'( xx

From"Harry asdfghjkl <3

It's boring shopping, I prefer going with you love XX

I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach. He was cheeky, but I loved it. I decided to open Cara's.

From: Cara

Yo hot mama, did you finish packing? I'll pick you up tomorrow at 6. 

*Don't forget you passport*


I replied to Harry:

To:Harry asdfghjkl <3

Well I don't miss you. I FUCKING miss you. Don't worry,we have a whole month starting tomorrow. :) Luffff you too Hazza bear XXXX

I smiled while typing that back.Now back to Cara.


I'm packing right now, and no I'll not forget my passport dumbass, I wouldn't want to, this trip is so exciting! BTW, I have really something important to tell you. I'll tell you tomorrow cuz it's quite something. But it's good stuff. K have a great day chummy! xx

I got up from my laziness and guided myself towards my closest, setting my luggage on the floor and filling it with my clothes.

Harry's P.O.V:

I was shopping with Sarah, eventually dragged to. She said it was going to be 'fun'. Well it wasn't. Anyways, lots of fans came asking for a photo. I didn't deny.  Sarah grabbed my hand afterwards. Suddenly, a fan reached to us and said:

"Could you two kiss? I think you both are so cute!" said the approximately  ten year old  girl.

I couldn't deny her request, they would be left hanging why wouldn't I kiss her, so I cupped her face and kissed her. She kissed me back, but it became that the kiss was more of french kissing. I didn't want to,but I was caught up in the moment. 

After a few seconds later, when we were out of breath, she just looked at me and grinned.

"Wow, I thought just a small kiss, but that's okay, it's because you like her," said Charlie, the little girl. She just left with her mum heading out.

I felt anger building up. It was no ones fault except mine. I should have just gave her a little peck on the lips. My mind kept pertaining thought on Eleora. I felt really bad. At least no paparazzi were there to take pictures of it.


Later that day, we came back at the Backzowski's home. Her mum greeted us and offered some tea, but I politely refused. I went to Sarah's room to pack my stuff, my flight was tonight at 10, 4 hours until departure. 

"I'll miss you so much Harry." She said. "Please call me when you can okay?"

"Yeah, sure. But I might be quite busy. We're going to record our third album along the month so yup." I spoke to her, as long as I fixed my clothing.

Time drifted away and it was almost 8 and it was the time that I should leave.

"Bye Filip," I said in the crook of his bedroom door.

"Bye Harry! Have a safe flight!" He said without bothering getting up, which I really didn't mind. 

I said my goodbyes to her parents and she led me to the airport in Poland. We arrived and I got out and went to the trunk and got my luggage. There were a few paps, but they were fairly nice with me. 

Sarah quickly joined my side and locked her fingers with mine. Her mind was on me, but mines was on Eleora's. We stood at the middle of the airport and she put her arms around my neck so I drifted my hands on her waist.

"Have a safe trip babe. Love you and don't forget to call me when you can,"she said while pecking my lips.

"Thanks. Umh yeah miss you too." I said straight forward. I didn't want to put on a scene, I didn't feel comfortable kissing her again, I just wanted to kiss El right now.

She left and I made my way to the checking area.


It was now about 25 minutes before my flight and I decided to text El.

To:Ellllllly. <3x

Hey babe, I'm flying in 'bout 20 minutes. miss you lots. text me back, I'm really bored. xxx

I soon then went on Instagram and scrolled down. I saw a picture by Ely. It was a picture of scattered clothes and a luggage, with a caption saying: 'I absolutely hate packing. #help'

I just giggled a bit and my phone started beeping indicating a text. It was Eleora.

From:Ellllllly. <3x

Heey, I'm flying tomorrow at 7 :) Did you know I hate packing? its freaking annoying :/x 

To:Ellllllly. <3x

ahaha yeah babe, saw your post on Instagram. You should have put packstagram lol :) I've gotta go now babe, my flight is being called. Love you lotssss  <3 xxx see you tomorrow. Before I forget, my place is 724 Boulevard Augustus Brookside xX have a safe trip (:

That's when I left to enter the airplane. 


Hey beauties, hope you liked this chapter :)  What do you guys think will happen? Don't worry drama will be coming rrreeaallly soon. :) please comment back, I would love to know your thoughts :) 

-Hope xxxx














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