Your love is irresistable

When Eleora leaves Homes Chapel to live back home in Poland, where her mum is utterly ill, she leaves Harry, her boyfriend, behind for 5 years. By-and-by, their love will fade away; Harry would be travelling the world with his band while Eleora found a guy named Fillip that she might be falling for. Promises were made but will eventually be broken. What will happen when they see each other?


2. O n e



Eleora's P.O.V:


This was it. I was leaving the place I loved.The only place were someone told me they cared and loved me, and that person was Harry.

I woke up early in the morning, not wanting my dad to be mad at me for missing our flight back to Poland.My dad and I are going back to Poland because my mom is utterly sick. She has been sick for a while now, but we didn't think that it would be this bad.

I texted Harry that I would be leaving in an hour or so, which made my heart crumble into pieces. He said that he would come to see me before I go. I sincerely didn't want to leave my  boyfriend, I pleaded my dad that I was old enough to take care of myself and pay for an apartment and have a decent job ,but no, he still treats me like I'm a 10 year old. I'm 19 for god's sake.

"Eleora, Harry's here!" screamed my dad from downstairs."Coming!" I drifted my body downstairs, sad and excited to see him. I open the door and see the most gorgeous boy. He amazed how gorgeous he could be anytime of the day. His hair would just be well placed and his smile, oh his smile, it was just irresistible. It makes me completely bereaved to leave him here in Holmes Chapel.

"Harry! I'm gonna miss you, I'm really sorry.", said I while hugging him like it would be the last. I felt warm tears coming down my cheek and staining on Harry's RUSH shirt, which was my favorite. "Babe, you shouldn't be sorry, it's not like you're leaving forever."implies Harry while kissing my forehead.

"I know, but my dad said we would be there for about 5 years, that's incredibly long and I don't know what I will do without you!"

" Elly, don't worry, we'll work things out.Now, go prepare your stuff, you guys might miss your flight babe."

I went back upstairs while my hand was in his. Maybe we could work this out. I mean, we could skype and text.That would be fine, I think so.As we arrived in my room, we sat on my bed while looking into each others eyes. I would miss his green emerald eyes. Harry broke the silence and said "I know something that might cheer you up. I have a gift for you that would remind you of me." He reached into his left pocket and his palm came back with a navy rectangular box.

"Eleora, you don't know how much I will miss you. Even when you were gone that one day to see your grandpa in Manchester, I thought I was about to die. Your kisses that leave me wanting for more,you scent that intoxicates me, your tiny waist that I just love caressing, your hair that just flows perfectly, and all those little things that make you who you are are just the things why I love you so so much." he paused.

I think some tears started to fall. His words were just so touching.

"And to remember us, here's something that you may like." He opened the box and there's an absolutely gorgeous necklace. It was gold with two pendants: one with and infinity sign and a heart.

"I decided to put a heart because it would represent how fondly I love you Elly. And an infinity sign because I will love you forever."he finished while looking at my reaction. I was crying of joy and sadness, because what he just said made me want to stay here forever with him but I know I couldn't.

"I love you so much Harry."

"I love you too Eleora."





"A/N"Hey lovies, this is my first movella, so it might not be good. Tell me if I should continue!

-Hope x

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