Your love is irresistable

When Eleora leaves Homes Chapel to live back home in Poland, where her mum is utterly ill, she leaves Harry, her boyfriend, behind for 5 years. By-and-by, their love will fade away; Harry would be travelling the world with his band while Eleora found a guy named Fillip that she might be falling for. Promises were made but will eventually be broken. What will happen when they see each other?


5. F o u r


Eleora's P.O.V:


My life has been quite dull since I left the UK. My mum died weeks after we came. I fell in depression for quite a while, mainly because nothing was giving me hope for hapiness, except the calls and texts from Harry of course. I didn't tell him that I was depressed, I would just make him freak out. I didn't even tell my dad.

I was now working in a small cafe in my area, which could help my dad raise money to pay  for our small house. I met this guy named Filip, he also worked at the cafe. He was really sweet  and he developped some feelings for me. I kind of liked him, but I also liked Harry. Filip finally asked me out, I didn't say no, he was also really handsome if I didn't mention. I said yes because he was maybe the only one that could make me happy.

Anyways, Harry didn't call me anymore, checking if I was okay, and he became famous by entering X-factor. It was his dream to sing in front of crowds, and he was making his dream real with his band named 'One Direction'. He seemed to have moved on, gossip everywhere saying 'Harry clubbing with models' and many more involving pretty women.

"Honey, wake up, you're gonna be late for work"said my dad, gently shaking my shoulders.

I gently oppenend my eyes, sun beeming trought my curtains. It was finally Friday, last day of work before I go to Filip's house for the weekend. He said his sister will come, which seemed pretty cool to me.

I finally got up, went to the bathroom to brush my theeth. I realized that my hair was everywhere. I fixed them then I made a braid. I decided to wear my typical skinny jeans and a big chunky sweater. I was now ready for work.


"El, guess what?" said Cara, my best friend. She worked with me at the cafe and was pretty much the blubliest girl I've ever known.

"What happened again?"not surprised of what she is going to say.

"I'm going to London!"

"Oh my gosh, really?! Lucky" I answered quite surprised actually. She would always say that she had a new boyfriend or something.

"But that's not the best part, you're coming with me!"

"Really?"I said quite unsure if this was a joke.

"Yes dummy, I already informed your dad and he said yes and I told Jen that we will be leaving ans she is according us a vacation. We will be leaving on Monday, after you spend your weekend at Filip's house."

We finally finished our shift and I headed home.  I was texting with Filip saying that he will pick me up at 8 tomorrow.


Harry's P.O.V

"HAR-RRY STOPP" she mumbled in her soft angelic voice. She couldn't stop giggling because of the tickles I was giving her.I decided to make a deal with her, "If I stop, I get a kiss" Sarah nodded and finally gave in. She slowly came towards me and pecked my lips. Her lips were soft and leaving me wanting more.

I realized that Sarah is just what I needed. I asked her to be my girlfriend the next day she slept in my bed. It all came up that she was what I needed. I was beyond any doubt in love with her.

We were packing our bags for the weekend at her house in Poland. We had a month off after MSG, so the boys and I separated our ways to go see family, mostly our girlfriends. "Haz, are you done yet?"she asked from her closet. "Yeah, soon babe"I replied, continuing to fold my clothes.


We were now at the airport waiting for our flight to be called. Thank god they weren't a lot of fans waiting for me.

"Plane 209 direction to Poland is now boarding. Please proceed to Gate 9. I repeat, plane 209 direction to Poland is now boarding."

Here we are, direction Poland.










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