Your love is irresistable

When Eleora leaves Homes Chapel to live back home in Poland, where her mum is utterly ill, she leaves Harry, her boyfriend, behind for 5 years. By-and-by, their love will fade away; Harry would be travelling the world with his band while Eleora found a guy named Fillip that she might be falling for. Promises were made but will eventually be broken. What will happen when they see each other?


6. F i v e


Eleora's P.O.V:


I arrived at Filip's house tired as hell. I spent my night on Tumblr but mainly I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. That book is genuinely amazing. When we arrived at  his house, I saw his mum in the kitchen, cooking some eggs and beans. The smell of the food scattered around the house, which finally came streaming through my nostrils. It smelt splendid and gave my taste buds the crave of food, and because I barely ate last night and I didn't eat breakfast this morning.

"Eleora! How much I missed you!" exclaimed Filip's mum, throwing her arms in the air giving in for a hug. I hugged her back eventually, smiling in the crook of her neck.

"Miss Backzowski, I missed you too. Your food smells so good, I could just dig in right now," I said truthfully.

"Yes, dig in dear, oh but let's wait for Sarah and her boyfriend. They just arrived last night from their late flight. I heard some footsteps, so I guess they must be awake. Let me call them." said Filip's mum, while she went upstairs  knocking in their room.


I didn't forget that I'll be meeting all of Filip's relatives today, which quite excited me but also kept me nervous. I've only met her mum twice, but never his dad, he always traveled because of his job, nor his sister. I guess that soon will be false.

"Babe, let's set the table, shall we?"whispered Filip in my ear, while caressing me from behind.


He got the plates from the upper cabinet, getting five plates: one for Filip,Filip's mum, Sarah and her boyfriend, and finally me. His dad couldn't be here, due to his job, but he will be here tonight.

Footsteps barged on the staircases, leading three people on the same level. There came Miss Backzowski, Sarah and a guy with fairly curly hair. Wait a minute... Harry?!


Harry's P.O.V:


"Haz, wake up!" said a soft voice which streamed through my ear. We arrived at her house at 2 am last night and we were both exhausted. 

"Morning beautiful,"

"Hurry, let's go downstairs, I'm hungry! Oh, and by the way, my brother is here with his girlfriend! Can't wait for you to meet them!" Sarah said jumping on the bed, fairly made me sure to think that she was really randy.

"Okay, let me get dressed babe," I said while getting up and heading in the washroom, grabbing my RUSH shirt and my black skinny jeans from my luggage.

I was done in barely 10 minutes, while I finished fixing my curls. Sarah was already ready. She was wearing a denim wash circle skirt from American Apparel and a white crop top. She amazed me how utterly beautiful she is.

Someone came knocking on our door and soon Sarah's mum was standing there while saying:"Good morning love birds! Filip's here with El, they just arrived. I was wondering if you were ready to go eat breakfast with us?"

"Yes mum, we're ready," Sarah said while looking at me to make sure I was fine. I simply nodded and smiled at her and we headed downstairs with a pleasant smell barging in through my nose.

We arrived downstairs and two figures were besides the tables; one guessing Sarah's brother and the other one a female one.

"FILLIIIPPP!" screamed Sarah, tugging him in her arms. It seems that they haven't seen each other for a long time.

"Sarah, how I've missed you little ass!"said Filip in the crook of the neck.

When they finally separated from each others reach, I knew Filip from somewhere. I know this wasn't the first time I saw him, but I couldn't find where I've saw him for the first time.

Sarah went to see Filip's girlfriend, which I still didn't see because she was behind Filip.

"And you must be Eleora! My brother talked so much about you and you're so much prettier than he described you!"

Eleora? No, this can't be my Eleora. No, no, no.

As my eyes drifted to meet hers, I saw her, it was her, the girl that I haven't seen for almost four years and that kept me from falling in love.

Her mouth was perfectly shaped as an 'O', which meant that she recognized me as well.  She just stayed there, shocked while my girlfriend was hugging her. 

"Oh, and this Harry, my boyfriend. And yes, The Harry Styles from One Direction." she said while pointing at me. I just smiled, my mind was frozen, I coudn't think properly."Hi."

"H-Hi," she stuttered, still frozen. Filip grabbed her hand, leading her to the table and pulled her chair for her to be seated and he sat right next to her. We all directed ourselves to the table afterwards, Sarah next to me, while her mum sat at the end of the table.

There was an awkward silence while we ate. My mind was drifted at the fact Eleora was right in front of me. There she was sitting, passing her fork on the eggs and beans.

Someone finally broke the silence,"Soo, Harry, how did you meet my sister?" said Filip, while pouring some orange juice in his mouth.

"Umh, so basically, we were in New York because we were going to perform at Madison Square Garden," I heard Sarah's mum exclaiming a 'wow' and I just smiled and continued "and then it was freezing outside so my mate told me we should go bring some hot coco to our fans outside, then Sarah caught my eye and I brought her up our hotel and yeah." I managed to say without looking like something was troubling me.

"That is so sweet of you Harry!" said Miss Backzowski while looking at me and I just smile back and finally examining Eleora.  She just smiled, but it wasn't much of a happy smile, more fake.


Filip's P.O.V:

We finished eating and I dragged El upstairs. She seemed different, like somethings was bugging her. We just stayed there on my bed, just enjoying each others presence, but she appeared gone.

"Babe, are you okay? You seem pretty off", I said while lifting her chin giving her a quick peck on her lips.

"Yeah sorry, I was just thinking",She smiled and gave me a kiss.

We just stayed there and watched movies, cuddling in each others arms. My mum barged in my room and said: "Honey, sorry to bother you, but your father just called and he said if we could pick him up at the airport and he wants you to come as well as your sister, hope you wouldn't mind Eleora." 

"Fine, I'll be ready in a bit."

I got up and looked at El. She just smiled. 

"You're gonna be okay? I'll be back before midnight. If you have any troubles, just call me. Don't miss me too much."

"Yes babe, I'll be fine. I'll just sleep." She said while digging herself under the covers. I went and gave her a kiss, but it turned out to be a make out session. She bit my bottom lip while she tug her fingers in my hair. I glided my tongue for entrance and she accepted.

"Oh my god, get a room! Oh what am I saying you're already in a room! Just hurry up!" screamed Sarah while closing the door. El broke the kiss while suggesting I should go. 

"Bye babe, and that will surely be continued when I come back," I said while closing the door behind me.


Harry's P.O.V:

I was alone now with Eleora, stuck here for maybe 5 hours before they come back. I was questioning myself if whether I should go see her, anyways at the end, it was going to happen. I did still have feelings for her, I guess, but I liked Sarah, but I loved Eleora. I lifted myself from the couch and headed to Filip's room, which was down the hall. I heard sniffling, so I guess she was awake.

I knock gently on the door, and she soon realized I was here.

"It's o-oopen,"she stuttered as tears fell down her soft cheek.

I slowly open the door and see her there, tangled in the covers. She looked at me ever so slightly, wiping her tears. I decided to sit next to her and kiss her forehead. "I missed you so much."

"No Harry please. I slowly moved on, but now you came back in my life. I was okay with Filip, but when I saw you, I just-just couldn't handle it, the feelings I had all these years came rushing through, questioning my love for Filip. The fact just seeing you tears my heart and I just don't know anymore if I should ignore the feelings I have for you or shut you out, you just stopped calling me Harry, my mum died and you weren't there for me. I felt so damn sad and who was there for me, Filip. Not you.I don't even know why I still love you, you're just stuck on my mind" she said, pouring all her heart out. 

I drifted my body next to hers, hugging her and kissing her temples. I haven't realized how much I missed her.All these years hooking up with whores, trying to to bear in my mind that everything will disappear  in another world, but at the end of the labyrinth, you encounter these memories that you wanted to drift away, but you need them in your life which makes who you want to be.

"Harry, please go away, it's the best for both of us,"She tugged away from me. I wasn't going to let her go so easily this time.

"No Ely, you're not going anywhere, at least let me explain."I said while brushing my hand on her cheek."I never ever stopped loving you.Never. Remember that promise? When I go to sleep I think of it each fucking time, wondering if ever we'll meet again. And I'm feeling like a dickhead for not calling you and I'm so sorry. Now I got you back, I'm not letting you leave one more fucking time Ely. I fucking love you. I just got so damn sad that you left that I just wasn't myself anymore. You changed me El. The good way. I love you and I know deep down you love me too." 

And I just kissed her. She didn't try to stop me. She just kissed me back eagerly. I missed this so much.


Her touch.

Her lips.

Her smell.

Her everything.

She completed me.


I drifted my hands under her shirt, kissing up her neck. " I see you kept my necklace," 

"Of course I did," she moaned placing her hands on both sides of my neck.

I slowly remove her shirt as she removed mine. "How I love your shirt," she said while throwing it on the floor.

I remember how she loved when I wore my RUSH shirt. She kept on begging me to wear it, she always complimented me, which I didn't deny.

My hands went down her stomach then landed on her pants. I undid the button and softly separated the denim from her soft touch. I kept kissing her, and she slowly undid mine also. I sincerely didn't want to have sex because they could be here soon, and I just wanted to make love; show her how I missed her.

We just kissed. We weren't naked, just in our underwear and her, in her bra. We layed there, enjoying our touch and presence, looking deeply through each others eyes. I caressed her hair, which kept on hiding her pretty face. "Do you know how pretty you are? It fascinates me."

She didn't respond. Just blushed. That was enough for me to be happy.

"Harry?" she said softly.

"Yes love?"

"What about us?" Eleora said, a bit of worry in her words.

"Let's run away"I suggested.

"But what about them? I just can't leave Philip and you with Sarah, they're going to be hurt so badly."

"But what if two people love each so much, what is better? Be with someone you love, or be with someone you just don't want to hurt?"I said questioning her.

"Being with you."

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. "Then let it be."

We got dressed so when they come back they wouldn't see us 'making love', which wouldn't please them much. We fixed the bed and decided to watch Freaks And Geeks on her bed; we could just tell them we where watching TV because we were lonely? Yeah, that will be good. 

"I'm leaving for London with Cara for a month on Monday, we could meet up there." she said.

"You could stay at my flat. We don't start our tour in a month and a half, so that sounds good to me. Finally, all these years, you're back. How I missed you." I reached for her hand and she closed it in mine.

"I missed you too Harry," and bent her head on my shoulder.

The sound of the door opening streamed through the house and we separated from each other. 

Finally, Filip and Sarah barged in her room and we got off the bed and hugged our 'loving partner'. Eleora just looked at me worried, I just mouthed 'Don't worry, soon,' and she smiled. Sarah dragged me downstairs as well as Filip dragged Ely down to meet their father. I was kind of nervous meeting her dad because I will soon break his daughter's heart. 

"Harry, meet my dad, dad meet Harry, my boyfriend," she said while indicating with her hands. I didn't like being labeled as her 'boyfriend' anymore because I belonged to Eleora.

"Hello Mr. Backzowski."I said politely.

"Please, call me Frank," he said. I just nodded.

"Well I guess it's my turn then. Dad meet Eleora, my lovely girlfriend."He said quite proudly. He better shut his trap, she's mine. Soon.

"Hello dear. Filip couldn't stop talking how lovely you are on the drive home. He was right, you are pretty." Eleora just smiled. No blushing, just smiled. 

"Let's eat! The food is getting cold!" said Miss Backzowski.

We all headed to the table and sat on the same places as we did this morning, and Sarah's dad took the other end of the table. This time, there was no awkward silence. They were all talking, mainly Mr. Backzowski about his trip. I just ate my lasagna and looked at Eleora and we just smiled like crazy. She would kick my feet under the table and I would kick hers. I couldn't wait to be in London. Just me and her and our love blossoming.

After we ate, it was fairly simple, I went to Sarah's room as El went to Filip's room. It was about 11 now, and I didn't go to sleep just yet. I made sure Sarah was asleep fairly deeply so she wouldn't wake up. I was texting Eleora typical cheesy stuff.

'Is Filip sleeping?x'

'Yup thank god C;'

'Can't wait for monday, it's kkiiillliiing me seeing him with you babe xx'

'me too don't worry Hazza bear. I missed calling you that.:('

'I love it when you call me that, I missed it x'

'me too Haz. I'm getting quite tired now, see you tomorrow?'

'K, goodnight love, dream about me ;) Love you xxxxxxx'

'I sure will, love you too XoXo'

I turned off my phone afterwards, so if ever Sarah would check my phone, she wouldn't see my messages with Eleora. I slowly drifted to a dark world, where my imagination took place, and made a wonderful place where Eleora and I were happily loving each other in a pretty house along the shore.




I'm really sorry if I hadn't updated it for a long time, I had lots of problems in my life and I was quite depressed. SO for your enjoyment, I  decided to write a long chapter for you guys. Hope you like my story so far. Please comment and like, it would mean the world to me.
























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