Nico has never had many friends, due to his constant moving caused by his father's military status. He's been in and out of so many schools he normally never has time to form a connection with anyone. After his father's death, he and his mom make their last move, and Nico meets someone he never would've expected.


2. Chapter Two


Chapter Two

Nico woke up and glanced over at his shiny new alarm clock, 11:47 PM. Ugh.

Right as they got home from the store he went back to sleep, and had apparently slept the whole day away. He got up, completely forgetting what he was wearing, or lack thereof, and went to get a glass of water. Seated at their kitchen table, he gulped down the glass of water he’d gotten and tried waking up a little more, rubbing his eyes repeatedly. He filled up his cup back up and brought it to his room, setting it on one of his new coasters on his bookshelf.

He leaned against the wall and swayed a little to Ariana Grande’s vocals flawlessly pouring from his dock. Her voice was so comforting; it made him forget all the hardships he'd endured in the past few months. Then again, she was one of many artists he'd found solace in since the day of the accident. Music was like therapy for him, and unlike people, it was always there for him.

A blur of movement brought his eyes up to focus on his window, and what he saw caused his breath to catch in his throat. Hayden was looking right at him through their windows! It took Nico a second to comprehend what he was looking at, but he blushed ferociously once he realized it was his underwear clad body. Nico started to get up to leave, but stopped when he saw Hayden move his hand to play with the elastic waistline of his boxers, as if teasing him.

He slid his eyes up from Hayden's teasing hand to his smooth stomach, taking a moment to admire the way his chest rose with each breath, before looking up to his eyes. Hayden winked at him before sliding his hand into his underwear and gasping at the sudden contact, making a face that would be etched into Nico's sub-conscience forever. Biting his lip raw, Nico struggled to remain standing even with the support of the wall and ultimately failed, sliding down and hitting the floor.

Nico woke with a jolt as his dream-self hit the floor. He immediately snapped his head up to look out his window, only to see the adjacent room empty. He sighed, both in relief that Hayden hadn't seen him in his underwear, and sadness that he didn't actually express interest in him, no matter in how vulgar a manor. Nico noticed the cup from last night on one of his bookshelves, showing that most of last night actually happened.

"I must've fallen asleep when I leaned on the wall." He pushed himself off the ground, removed his iPod from the dock, and turned them both off before going to the bathroom for a shower; and to relieve himself of the aching hard on the dream had left him with.

"Hey baby! How are you?"

"I'm good mom." Nico replied sleepily, reaching over her shoulder to grab his cereal.

"I think the first of the trailers are getting here today, so that means beds! Yay!!! No more floor!" Nico just nodded. "Well, I expected more enthusiasm...Anyways. You fell asleep before we could put up your new curtains, you want help?"


"Goodness Nico!" His mom exclaimed after she jumped a mile high, "There's no need for shouting." she scolded.

"Sorry mom, just, I'll put them up later."


She gave him skeptic looks, but let the matter drop. "Oh! And I had a meeting with Greenwood's principal yesterday while you were sleeping, you start school tomorrow." Nico nodded. He anticipated that he would be starting school almost as soon as they got here, since it was already well into the second quarter. "Do you need any new supplies?" He shook his head,

"Nah, I'll just use the same ones. No need to spend the extra money."

"You sure? We can always make a trip up to-" Nico cut her off,

"Mom! It's fine." She smiled and nodded, "Alright kiddo, let’s get unpacking."


They finished with all the boxes left in the house just as the first trailer pulled into their driveway, "Nico! Stop yelling about how the universe hates you and help me open the latch!"

"But it does! Right as I place the last fricking picture on the mantle!" He gestures to the trailer.

"Help me!" his mom said as she rolled her eyes.

They got the latch open and started to take the front most boxes in first, attempting to dig out their beds, "I can unpack tomorrow while you’re at school, I just want my damn bed!" She started to take in two boxes in at once, despite Nico's protests, and the top heaviness caused her to start to fall, before a strong pair of arms steadied her and caught the falling box in one lithe movement.

"You really shouldn't carry two boxes at once." the voice said.

"My son told me the same thing." she rotated so she could see who she was talking to, "Aren't you my checkout boy from yesterday?" Hayden thought for a moment,

"That’s right! Your son didn't follow you when you left." She chuckled,

"Yeah, that sounds like him. Would you mind carrying that in for me?"

"Not at all! Ms..." "Rivers."


Nico started to walk back out the front door, but paused as he watched the scene play out before him. His mom was conversing with Hayden! Oh god, and now they’re coming inside! He didn't stop to think as he bolted out the back door and ran around to the front of the house to avoid the duo.

 "Nico?!" He heard his mom call for him and the back door close.

Picking up a box, he ran in the front door, expecting Hayden to be following her, and put it down in the living room, waiting for his mother to pass by the window in his room so he could make a break for it. Nico saw her walk by and was about to bolt, when,

"Excuse me?" Nico jumped out of his skin, emitting an embarrassing high pitched squeal in the process.


Nico turned around, tripped over himself and stumbled into Hayden's arms.

"If I knew you personally, I would assume you did that on purpose." Nico blushed a deep crimson, righting himself and analyzing his options.

"Nico! There you are!" His mother said as she came in the front door, carrying two boxes.

"Miss Rivers!" Hayden scolded as he walked over to take a box from her. Nico saw his opening and bolted out the back door, escaping just as Hayden turned back around.

He heard footsteps creeping towards the door, so he ran around the side of the house, trying hard not to breath as he heard the door creep slowly open.

"Nico?" he didn't answer. "Nico?!" His mother was getting annoyed,

"Well, I guess that's my cue to leave." Nico heard Reign say. Nico’s heart wrenched at the sadness in his voice. He wanted nothing more than to rush inside and comfort him, but his nerves prevented him from doing so. He heard his mother sigh,

"Alright." As he heard them walk towards the front door, Nico slid down the side of the house and hit the ground, trying to hold in tears of anger.


"I was just hoping Nico could meet someone from his new school before he had to go." Nico's mother confessed to Hayden as she showed him out. Hayden's eyebrows hiked up to his hairline,

"He's going to Greenburrows?"

"Yes, starting tomorrow as a matter of fact." He nodded, taking in the information.

"Well, if I see him tomorrow, I'll be sure to give him the grand tour." He flashed Miss Rivers a blinding smile.

"Thank you so much! I really want him to have some friends this time..." She whispered that last part, saying it almost to herself.

"Excuse me, do you mean he normally doesn't have friends?" Hayden asked, sending a hurt filled glance at the back door. Miss Rivers nodded,

"We were an Army family, we moved around a lot. So I could understand having no friends if we were only there for a couple weeks. But this last station lasted a year and a half, and at the end of it all, he still had no friends. Well, except for Ashley. They've been friends practically since birth." Hayden nodded, feeling sympathetic.

"I'll be sure to see him tomorrow." Miss Rivers smiled once again as he walked out the front door.


Nico was startled out of his thoughts by his mother's voice, "He's gone now."

"Oh." She crouched down beside him,

"Why did you run sweetie?"

He didn't want to talk about it, "I don't want to talk about it." he said as he pushed himself off the ground, "Let's go get those beds."

"Nice try! I'm not going to back down, Nico." He huffed in annoyance and turned around,

"I like him okay?" Spinning back forward, he walked into the trailer and grasped the bed frame, his mom coming and doing the same on the opposite side,

"Oh honey, that’s great! But...Do you even know him?" He shook his head,

"Not really...But his room is opposite mine." They both panted as they carried in the frame, setting it down gently in Nico's room.

"Well, I hope you get to know him better!" Nico smiled to himself,

"I do too."


At about 12:24, Nico's underused phone jingled,

12:24 I know you’re up bitch!!

He smiled at the caller ID: Ashley My Sweet

12:24 Yes I am! You finally got your phone back!!

12:25 No shit! And it's about time, right?! I missed my boo <3

12:25 I missed you too sweetie, but we'll have to talk more tomorrow, school night and all.

12:25 A'ight my homiee. Peace!!

12:26 ...Never again...

Nico smiled as he plugged in his phone, exceedingly happy his one and only friend had gotten her phone back. The two had been inseparable since birth, both demanding phones once Nico's dad was transferred the first time. That was when they were seven, and they hadn't seen each other since. But that had no hindrance on their friendship, the texts and phone calls were at such a capacity that their parents were forced to switch to unlimited texting.

Nico sighed and sunk deeply into his bed, glancing out his window once more. Yes, he had gotten curtains. But for the time being, they seemed to be misplaced.

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